Why Derbyshire Had to Go

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, April 7, 2012

There is nothing hypocrites hate more than men who live by their convictions.

John Derbyshire has now joined the roster of brilliant journalists who have been fired by publications that call themselves “conservative.” Mr. Derbyshire’s April 5 column for Takimag.com committed the usual crime of pointing out something that is not only true but that everyone knows to be true. He noted that blacks are on average less intelligent than whites, that many of them hate whites, and that when they gather in large numbers they can be dangerous. Mr. Derbyshire’s column was framed as a white parent’s “talk” to his children about the facts of race.

Of course, anyone not a tourist from Iceland learns by about age 10 to avoid crowds of blacks, but it is considered “racist” actually to say so. It took National Review two days to fire Mr. Derbyshire—an eternity in the age of the Internet, even if it was Easter weekend—and lefty publications like Atlantic Wire and Huffington Post were yelling for blood long before the ax fell.

National Review’s editor Rich Lowry’s public notice of dismissal started with fluff about Mr. Derbyshire’s “delightful first novel,” but called his Takimag piece “nasty and indefensible.” This is another way of saying Mr. Derbyshire was writing honestly about race, and National Review has a history of firing people who write honestly.

In the late 1990s, the magazine was saying sensible things about immigration, multiculturalism, and even race and IQ. It defended The Bell Curve, called for serious immigration reform and published Philippe Rushton. This was too much for the NR’s founder, William Buckley, who removed the two men most responsible for honesty. He forced out Editor John O’Sullivan in December 1997, and in February 1998 exiled Senior Editor Peter Brimelow to the powerless position of Contributing Editor. Mr. O’Sullivan’s replacement was none other than the Mr. Lowry who now finds Mr. Derbyshire’s work “nasty and indefensible.”

Buckley was jumpy about anyone who got frisky. In 1993 he had already fired Joe Sobran for writing columns Buckley called “contextually anti-Semitic.” Anyone who violated what Buckley liked to call “the prevailing structure of taboos” was out the door.

Just two years later, another “conservative” publication, the Washington Times, fired Sam Francis for remarks he made at an American Renaissance conference:

The civilization that we as whites created in Europe and America could not have developed apart from the genetic endowments of the creating people, nor is there any reason to believe that the civilization can be successfully transmitted to a different people.

It was the usual sin: writing something obviously true.

In 1997, it was Scott McConnell’s turn to be bounced from a “conservative” paper, this time, the New York Post. In a July 14 column he pointed out that Puerto Ricans are poor, live on food stamps, are often hostile to English, and that it was therefore a bad idea to make Puerto Rico the 51st state. He suggested that instead of going on about how wonderful statehood would be for Puerto Ricans we should actually talk about whether it would be good for us. Thirty Puerto Rican “leaders” had a meeting with Post publisher Martin Singerman, and Mr. McConnell was gone.

A more recent example of “conservatives” turning on their own was Human Events’ 2005 firing of Kevin Lamb for editing a magazine the Southern Poverty Law Center called “racist.” All it took was one phone call from the SPLC and in just a few hours Mr. Lamb was out of a job.

In January of this year, the Maine Heritage Policy Center, which bills itself as a “conservative” advocacy group, fired political reporter Leif Parsell after it discovered that he had written that “cultural diversity combines with our increasing racial and ethnic diversity to degrade our society” and had recommended a video by me in which I point out that diversity is not a strength.

And, of course, in February, Patrick Buchanan was fired from MSNBC for his book Suicide of a Superpower, in which he made such common-sense observations as:

Mexico is moving north. Ethnically, linguistically, and culturally, the verdict of 1848 is being overturned. Will this Mexican nation within a nation advance the goals of the Constitution—to ‘insure domestic tranquility’ and ‘make us a more perfect union’? Or has our passivity in the face of this invasion imperiled our union?

MSNBC’s president explained that such ideas were not “appropriate for the national dialogue.” Mr. Buchanan’s case is slightly different, since he was fired from a “liberal” network, but where is the “conservative” network that is rushing to take him on?

Clearly, as an ex-journalist who violated “the prevailing structure of taboos,” Mr. Derbyshire adds his own indisputable luster to a distinguished group. But what does it say about our country that even “conservatives”—and only “conservatives”—suffer from such hair-trigger nervousness about race? When was a “liberal” ever fired for calling whites “the cancer of the human race” or demanding “the abolition of the white race”? It doesn’t happen. There is no such thing as “liberal” excess. You can say the vilest things about white people and be a hero.

Why is this? Part of it is the vicious double standard that protects every group but whites from “negative stereotypes,” but it is also because no one is afraid of obvious foolishness. Even crazed, ethnomasochist whites who say hateful things about their own race clearly do not believe them. They do not repent of “white privilege” by giving up their jobs to pet minorities. They do not “celebrate diversity” in their own lives.

What people like John Derbyshire say is different. He must be fired, silenced, and disgraced because everyone—from the mooncalves at Huffington Post to the “conservatives” at National Review—lives by the very rules Mr. Derbyshire put into print. I don’t even know Rich Lowry but I’m sure he avoids crowds of blacks, does not live in a black neighborhood, and would never send his children to a black school. He may babble racial moonshine to his children, but the real “talk” he gives them is exactly the one Mr. Derbyshire wrote about. Mr. Lowry’s real “talk” is the way he lives his life.

And that is why Mr. Derbyshire had to go. There is nothing cowards and hypocrites hate more than brave men who live by their convictions.

Editor’s note: Mr. Derbyshire now has no job but still has a wife and two children. In the last day or so a “contribute” button has appeared on his personal home page. We think we know why. Please be generous.


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Jared Taylor
Jared Taylor is the editor of American Renaissance and the author of White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.
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  • ed91

    what fools so many have become………….   it’s hard to believe, hard to fathom what nincompoops so many turn in to when they try to contemplate, “dealing with negroes”.
    It makes many crazy, like the wussies that fired this writer.
    Why is it so hard to understand some groups of people might not have the same sharpness of intellect?

    • Oil Can Harry

      Being fired by Neocon Review Magazine is a badge of honor.

      Murray Rothbard, Pat Buchanan, Joe Sobran and Peter Brimelow were just some of the outstanding thinkers these Caspar Milquetoasts decided to distance themselves from.

  • I love to say I told you so. I told you so. See, I never pass up a chance to toot my own horn. I toot that sumbitch like Art Pepper. I called this guy’s firing not even 12 hours ago.

    “In that pool of forty million, there are nonetheless many intelligent and well-socialized blacks. (I’ll use IWSB as an ad hoc abbreviation.) (He uses it because he doesn’t have the stones to say “magical negro”-Ed.) You should consciously seek opportunities to make friends with IWSBs. In addition to the ordinary pleasures of friendship, you will gain an amulet against potentially career-destroying accusations of prejudice.”

    So much for the amulet, huh? So much for the Magical Negro Can’t-Get-Fired Juju Amulet, huh?

  • Wayne Lo

    Derbyshire not a hypocrite?

    Derbyshire by marrying a Chinese women and having two mixed race kids and bringing them up in the United States, has  benefitted from the same very immigration reforms in the 1960s that he now decries.

    Derbyshire also benefits from the repealing of anti-miscegenation laws in the 1960s, and the fact that his mixed-race children can expect equal opportunites in the United States, and an atmosphere relatively free of racial harrassment, and a system to deal with harrassment when it occurs, are all thanks to the brave actions of blacks and whites who fought for civil rights (Asians were largely absent from this struggle).

    Is Rich Lowry, the editor labelled as a hypocrite by Mr Taylor, married to a non-white spouse and have non-white kids? I don’t think so, as far as I know.

    Surely a true white nationalist would find Derbyshire to be a far more reprehensible piece of works than even a white liberal who has married white with white kids.

    From a WN perspective, at least a white liberal with white kids will not contribute to the racial displacement of whites in the US. But Derbyshire, your ally, has mixed race kids,  who will contribute to white racial displacement.

    Again the easy ride WNs give to Derbyshire shows the utter hypocrisy within your ranks. White men with Asian wome is OK, but white women married to blacks would be condemned as race traitors.

    • JJDKII

      Deus Meus! You’re like a better educated, more articulate, wordier version of radical7, but you leave me wondering. Can you possibly be so dense that you can see no difference between a man who marries an Asian and one who marries a Black? 

      You’re clearly too intelligent to stick with such thinking very much longer. Twenty years ago, I sounded just like you. But then, in the mid-1940s, I reached the point where I just couldn’t keep looking away any longer. The O.J. verdict was part of it, ‘The Bell Curve’ was another (I remember thinking at the time, “Well, that would explain a lot”). My discovery of Jared Taylor was the final nail in my liberal coffin.

      I’m 62 now; I was 45 when I woke up. 

    • JJDKII

      I’ll leave you with a couple of lines by Francois Villon (quoted from memory):

      As you are, I was
      As I am, you will become.

      Think about it.

    • JohnEngelman

      Derbyshire can only be considered a hypocrite if he spoke out against miscegenation. I do not believe he has. What got him into trouble was some common sense advice for staying out of physical trouble. 

      • ed91

        I disagree……….  mating with an asian woman is infinitely different than mating with a woman of african bloodline…..
        for starters, you don’t automatically lower the family IQ

    • anmpr1

      Wayne.  How is it ever hypocritical to write the truth?  As far as marriage goes,  has Derbyshire ever written that it is wrong for a white man to marry a Chinese woman?  Also, when has Derbyshire ever presumed to be a “white nationalist?”  Perhaps if he’d have married a black it would have been different, but he didn’t, so that’s that.

      One other point: Asian women are generally adaptable, and at least the older generation have a sense of family and tradition.  They are generally not loud, obnoxious, prone to promiscuity, are gentle, and caring.  And while aesthetics are somewhat subjective, they can be quite attractive to some men.  So at least a case can be made as a personal preference.  

      At the same time, I believe that, like the Chinese, we should honor our ancestors.  Having mixed race children is, therefore, not generally advised from a strictly racial standpoint.  But none of this argues against what Derbyshire wrote about blacks.  If anything, he was too circumspect.

      I think you are just angry because some Chinese women prefer to marry white men.  It is understandable from your perspective, but, again, that does not affect whatever Derbyshire said about blacks.

  • Who do you think canned him? The senior editor-in-chief, the Indian Romesh Ponnuru probably did it.

    He’s got a name like a Dungeons and Dragons spell and he just got a White guy named John fired. Now if that ain’t magic, what is?

    Another leading candidate is that “staunch anti-Fascist” Jew, Jonah Goldberg. C’mon, John. You can’t write that blacks are tremendously dangerous and ferociously hate Whites. What are ya, Johnny, some kinda Blackshirt thug?


    • radical7

      You are a rabid racist and xenophobe.

      • JJDKII

        I knew you’d show up sooner or later, so I will repeat what I wrote in an earlier comment (which was deleted for reasons unknown). There’s nothing ‘radical’ about you. Those New Leftists of the 1960s are now middle-aged if not old. They, and you along with them, have become the new establishment. Or hadn’t you noticed? I guess I’ll have to be the one to break it to you: there’s nothing radical about your comments, you’re just parroting establishment bromides. You’re not a deep or original thinker; you’re a human tape recorder with a playback feature. The name ‘establishment7’ would fit you far better.

        • The_Bobster

          It appears they released Jamal for the weekend.

    • The_Bobster


      Giving Money To John Derbyshire, And Why
      By Peter Brimelow on April 8, 2012 at 12:22pm John Derbyshire, latest victim of what is obviously a co-ordinated drive to purge the MSM, has just added a donate link to his website. I urge readers to help him.Derbyshire writes on his site:”I live entirely, and somewhat precariously, by the pen”. He does not add that his chemotherapy now makes him too sick to work for about two weeks each month.I have long viewed the pygmies at National Review with such contempt that it rarely occurs to me to expect anything of them—but, really, how hard would it have been for Rich Lowry to say that, although he disapproved of this one column (grovel, grovel) which of course did not actually appear on NR (more grovels), he could not fire a sick man, with a family to support, who had given such loyal service for 15 years?

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    A Pyrrhic victory for M. Derbyshire.

    There is no way Derbyshire published these absolute but forbidden truths about black crime rates and the mandate for whites to take precautions without knowing what the repercussion would be.

    I would like Mr. Lowry to point out exactly what Mr. Derbyshire wrote that was false or not excellent advice to give to one’s children in light of black crime rates.  There is nothing in the article that can’t be backed up by hard proof and decades of solid evidence.

    Now that he’s dispatched “the evil racist” and toed the Manhattan PC line,  the metrosexual Lowry can safely go back to his A-list brie parties in 95% White, gated and secured communities and know all is well.

    Take heed Mark Steyn!!  There’s a bus being warmed up for you..


    • robinbishop34

      “Take heed Mark Steyn!!  There’s a bus being warmed up for you..”

      Ha, you took the words right out of my mouth.

    • anmpr1

      “I would like Mr. Lowry to point out exactly what Mr. Derbyshire wrote that was false…”

      Truth had nothing to do with the decision to fire Derbyshire.  Mainstream conservatism has been devoid of truth for so long, that I half suspect that they actually believe their liberal ideology.  On the other hand, they are more likely just cowards who want to appear civil.  Remember this when you go to vote for Romney, their candidate, this November.

      • jackryanvb

        I’ll still vote for White candidates like Romney over Obama, Erick “My People” Holder, Lesbian New York Supreme Court Justices. Chicago’s mayor Daley (the son) was a “liberal” – but he gave us great parks, tore down the all Black public housing projects and even appointed some White directors of the Chicago Public Schools, a tough ex FBI White police chief who got in the face of Black gang leaders.

        It’s just a terrible fact of life that mainstream journalism, from Left to Right is now PC – and racially conscious Whites are persecuted, purged in similar ways to how homosexuals were once treated. That’s life.

        We go on living and have to find other ways to make a living besides careers in mainstream journalism.

  • MikeofAges

     In America, it’s watch your posterior.  At a public event, even when a certain type of white  shows up in numbers, the prudent thing is for their potential victims to leave. Not just non-whites either. It’s not race realism, it’s just realism. realism about your own kind and realism about those who are different.

    I leave myself sometimes when I see potentially volatile people of my own color. You have to have good judgement and keep your antenna up at all times. It’s a matter of life and death. Not a joke. Anyone who is incognizant of the potential dangers around them is a fool. There are rational protocols for dealing with the dangerous situations you may encounter on the American street, or for avoiding them in the first place. People should learn them and children should be taught.

    • Wayne Lo

      You have a point here. It is about class and poverty. Not about race. Russians in Estonia have far higher crime rates than native Estonians. The Irish use to have higher crime rates than the non-Irish in America, and Catholic Irish have lower IQs than Protestant Irish in Ireland.

      Crime rates in Russia are higher than those of many black countries, even though Russia is far richer than these same black countries.

      There are places in Hong Kong I would not go after dark, or bars I would not go to —with dyed haired hoodlums who would want a scrap if they thought you were looking at their girlfriend.

      Marginalized people and groups everywhere in the world, regardless of race, generally have higher crime rates and lower IQs.

      Derbyshire of course simply correlates crime with poverty, and then poverty with race. And then says race causes crime.

      He is the ultimate hypocrite, benefitting off non-racist immigration criteria, the abolition of anti-miscegenation laws that many here would like to re-introduce, a cultural environment which scorns racism, thereby allowing his two non-white children to be able to enjoy life in America without overt discrimination, and all these good things were fought for at great effort and sacrifice by black people and leftish whites.

      Yet he goes and attacks and villifies those on the left without whom he would never have been able to bring his family over here and start a normal family.

      Derbyshire is a coward and hypocrite.


      • Idiot.

        • JJDKII

          I was about to say in far more words what you said in one. “Brevity is the soul of wit.”

          • JJDKII

            Yes, I know I just signed off on name-calling, but how else should we describe a man who claims the United States is rife with “virulent racism” and calls John Derbyshire a “coward”? Would bigot be an improvement? How about delusionsl? I could keep going, but I wont. I’ve already devoted more key stroke’s to Wayne’s comment than it deserves.

      • KenelmDigby

        Wayne Lo,
                             I have read many stories about blacks murdering Chinese food delivery men – apparently because they’d much rather take a Chinese life than pay the few dollars needed to settle the bill.Think about that one – they put the value of a Chinese life lower than the price of a take out chicken chow mein plus side orders.
         One particular case I remember reading about concerned an order taken to a stinking hovel in some housing project. The food delivery man arrived, the food handed over, and in return a high caliber magnum bullet was promptly emptied into the large skull of the food delivery man. His body fell to the floor twitching and bleeding profusely in its death throes. Meanwhile the pack of balck murderes tucked greedily into their take order whilst the twitching, bleeding body cooled down in the stinking room.
          True story.

        • KD, I’ve heard of the same thing. And then the Bantus howl when their neighborhoods are “underserved”.

          It’s the same thing with taxicab drivers. Many of them refused to go into ghetto areas in the big cities. Many cities then passed laws that said every cab driver must take any passenger to any destination, or else face being fired. 

        • The_Bobster

          No, they just set up deliverymen by having them deliver to abandoned houses. They like to eat after a mugging.

          • gemjunior

            Or a murder.  It whets their appetite.

        • radical7

          It seems that many more young White men are murdering Blacks.

          • ed91

             could you prove that ridiculous statement?

          • gemjunior

            Where does it seem so?  In your own pretend version of all the children of the rainbow holding hands and all the black people living next to all the whites and the kids being best friends, just like on TV?    Or in the TVworlds of Mississippi Burning, The Help, Ghosts of Mississiippi, To Kill a Mockingbird?
            That is so NOT radical, you are an Establishment Maoist Red Guard for the Government headed by Our Great Helmsman of Post Racial Utopia.

      • JohnEngelman

        I lived in downtown San Jose during the influx of impoverished Vietnamese refugees. I was perfectly safe. Even when income is held constant blacks have significantly higher crime rates. 

        • The_Bobster

          It seems you and Derb have something in common: you’re both Sinophiles.

          • JohnEngelman

            You are right. Oriental people have earned my admiration. 

        • gemjunior

          Orientals are the least of my problems, as neighbors they are indistinguishable from the Whites in my town (except for their eyes).  However, they have taken over Flushing, Queens which was once completely White and destroyed some landmarks because they have no respect for them.  Flushing is reputed to be a much better place for Chinese food than Chinatown in Manhattan.
          I think we face a much more serious problem in blacks and mexicans than Orientals because they have no interest on preying on Whites, they never act violent or do the things blacks do to Whites.  They do prey on other Orientals.  I don’t really care one way or another – but they are not threatening and seem pretty harmless – they don’t seem pugnacious like the others.  We have a much bigger problem:  feral savage negroes with a vicious hate of Whites and fecund mexicans who want to degrade White areas, and the blacks want more than just that: they want to stick a screwdriver in your eyes after raping you.  No, before raping you so you can enjoy some eye pain as well as a sore ass.  The only threat posed by Orientals is when they become numerous enough to push you out of your old neighborhood, their new one.  Other than that they’re fine. For now anyway.

  • bluffcreek1967

    John Derbyshire’s article in Takimag.com contained several facts about the IQ and character of Blacks, including some common sense in dealing with them (although the part about befriending the good or more civilized ones so as to demonstrate that one is not a racist or something to that effect was just plain weird). Similar, however, to MSNBC’s president who had Pat Buchanan fired, Rich Lowry of National Review appears to also think that any open discussion on the intelligence of Blacks and how they conduct themselves when in large numbers is not “appropriate for the national dialogue.” Why not though? It’s not as if what Derbyshire said in his article was from somewhere off in left field or unproven by science. Even the history and experience of Whites who have dealt with Blacks demonstrates that they are, in many respects, a dangerous race. Thus, the kind of advice Derbyshire gives to his children is one that all Whites should give to their children because  it is true and rooted in human experience.

    Instead of firing John Derbyshire, why couldn’t have others from National Review simply published rebuttals to his article? What would have been so wrong to have an open debate or discussion on such matters? National Review, after all, could have still maintained its opposition to Derbyshire’s views without having to fire a journalist who had obviously contributed so much that was insightful over the years. I thought (perhaps naively) Conservatives were supposed to be the ones more interested in truth, ‘liberal’ in the classical sense and open-minded? What a disgrace!


    • anarchyst

      I will bet the the ADL and the $PLC put pressure on NR to fire Mr. Derbyshire.  Mainstream conservatives (I use that term loosely) are weak when it comes to taking criticism from our adversaries.  Quite often, they fold under the name-calling from the left that invariably results from being right.
      Today’s mainstream conservatives do not have the courage of their convictions.  This is what condemns the beacon of humanity’s (whites) future.

  • Angelo R. Mozilo

    Wow, this site has gotten a make-over or two since I saw it in the old, old days of getting Trent Lott fired, or getting Ron Paul’s newsletter DTP software programmer fired, or Andrew Sullivan getting Andrew Sullivan fired, etc.– you did a nice job.

    For what it is worth I have not heard any shrill criticism of Buchanan from Lowry (they regularly appear on TV together) and he was quite friendly with the late Sobran. Dunno, could be a Virginian thing

  • robinbishop34

    All the world’s a stage. We can’t deviate from our politically correct scripts.

    • Pandemonium

      Oh but we can!! And we must! I ended my subscription to NR years ago when I saw it going PC. We need to boycott, boycott, boycott. Send the message to Lowry, to msnbc, etc. that we are through with their PCness.

  • KenelmDigby

    Of course, it is very easy for the self-styled ‘anti-racists’ to make a big show of proving their credentials – long windy denunciations, a self-flagellating orgy of breast-beating, wailing and gnashing of teeth, tearful speeches, public foot-washings etc , you get the picture (reminds me of shia muslims publicly commemorating the martyrdom of Hussein).
     It’s the pack mentality, basic reptilian-brain animal instinct and dominance displays.In their ectasy of disavowal the self-styled ‘anti-racists’ display their pack hierarchy and loyalty to their alpha or ‘god’. The one who can do outdo the others in ritual acts of breast-beating and denunciation is the most worthy.
     However, despite the breast-beatting and clothes-rending, utter, utter savagery and mercilessness is shown to however is deemed the ‘enemy’. No cruelty or indignation is too heavy to be inflicted on the transgressor , here too the self-styled ‘anti-racists’ display their ardor in a competition to show who is the cruellest and most ruthless. Woe betide the sacrificial victim. It’s rather ironic that this is all happening on Easter Sunday.

    • JJDKII

      Now, really! To be fair you should concede that nobody has yet made demands that ‘racism’ be made a capital offense.

      • KenelmDigby

        It’s only a matter of time.

      • The_Bobster

        It can send you to jail in the UK.

        • blight14

          David Irving………..

      • JJDKII

        Wow! Next time I make a sarcastic comment I’ll make sure to tag it as sarcasm. I’m well aware of the instances cited in the replies – and many more.

    • haroldcrews

      It is because of the acts of contrition that the DWL’s are merciless towards race heretics not despite of them.  That amount of guilt and humiliation creates a great deal of animosity that has to be expressed upon someone.  It can’t be released on the downtrodden minority so it has to be unleashed upon the heretic or non-believer. 

  • JohnEngelman

    When the truth hurts the easiest way to stop the pain is to suppress the truth. 

    • blight14

       That is surely the holy mantra of the lame stream media…………..

  • JohnEngelman

    Affluent conservatives, like affluent liberals, come into contact with few blacks. The few they do come into contact with are exceptional, or they occupy subordinate positions without resentment. This makes it easy for them to ignore certain truths. I say “ignore,” because I am sure they are aware of the truths, but they live in safety, so they can behave as though the truths are nothing more than “ignorant stereotypes.” 

  • JohnEngelman

    The fact that Charles Murray is able to get articles published in conservative and liberal publications is reassuring. Unfortunately, less prominent commentators endanger themselves when they violate the restrictions of political correctness. 

    • The_Bobster

      He’s the next to go. They’re being picked off one by one with no replacements in sight.

      • JohnEngelman

        Charles Murray’s most recent book, “Coming Apart: the State of White America, 1960 – 2010,” has gotten fairly respectful reviews.
        It does not seem to have generated the invective that was directed against, “The Bell Curve.” 

  • anarchyst

    The concept of “original sin” is alive and well, but only applies to white people.  We white people,  who have contributed MORE good to the world than any other race, (bar none), with the concepts of individualism, personal responsibility, and the concept of limited government, have been marginalized like no other race.
    White people, on this Easter Sunday, we need a “resurrection” of our own.  We need to “go Galt” regarding other races and strive to make improvements that benefit us personally WITHOUT regard for those other races.
    In other words, we need to look out for number one (ourselves).
    A “virtual country” is now possible utilizing the internet.  It is time to “work outside the system”.   Of course, there are those who will (attempt to) put “roadblocks” up to deter our successes.  Sadly, many of those who oppose us will be of our own race.  We must do things “by any means necessary” to insure our survival as a race . . .

  • loyalwhitebriton

    “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” George Orwell (though disputed origin).

    Which is why telling the truth can also get you fired!.

    “People can forsee the future only when it coincides with their own wishes, and the most grossly obvious facts can be ignored when they are unwelcome” George Orwell, Partisan Review 1945.

    Sums up the liberal/leftist way of thinking perfectly.

  • Jared, you say you don’t know Rich Lowry. He did a stint as the  inept head of the Republican National Party, during the Clinton regime, I think. Then, HE got canned.

    So-called “conservatives” are just as bad as the liberals – they can’t stand to hear the TRUTH. 

    • Pandemonium

      The Conservatives and the Liberals are two sides of the same coin, namely the Establishment. Notice how they work together when a real threat is mounted against the establishment such as when David Duke ran for public office in Louisiana years ago. The republicrats rose as one voice to denounce him. They did the same thing to George Wallace. And we all know what happened to Hughy Long of Louisiana, a very popular populist.

      This is how they operate. They pretend to be in opposition; actually they are with carefully selected wedge issues. These wedge issues have little effect on their main goals so the republicrats can fight all they want to over these “crumbs”. This gives the lumpenproletariat the illusion that the puppet show is real. Then the “true believers” can go to the conventions and cheer “ra ra ree, kick ’em in the knee, ra ra ras, kick ’em in the other knee”, and feel like they are really a part of the process.

      Meanwhile the borders stay open, the africans keep pouring in, and the dollar keeps getting weaker and weaker as the Fed keeps printing fake money. 

      Nothing substantive ever changes for the better since the Establishment always gets what it wants.

      Divide, Deceive, and conquer.

      • Anon12

        You have stated what I try to say very well, indeed.

        I get so angry with BOTH sides, I cannot see straight. They are being played like a fiddle and they KNOW it, yet they want us to believe differently. Those behind the scenes will never be revealed by these con men/women we have in D.C.,because their paychecks and power will be gone if they do.

        Then I get on here and “ramble” for the most part, but I do hope posters here get the message I am trying to send them, even in my clumsy way at times. Some may call me a simple person and I am not  an intellectual (obviously), but I have more common sense and will stand by my convictions more than they ever will. They don’t have eyes to see, but people such as yourself and I do. We have TRUTH on our side no matter how we phrase it.

        Keep up the good work. 

  • occam24

    I thought it was especially appropriate that Judas Review Online abjured and denied truth on Good Friday.

  • The_Bobster

    To fake conservatives, the truth is no defense.

  • The_Bobster


    Here are the tweets of Jonah Goldberg, on the subject of the attacks on his NRO colleague, John Derbyshire, in which Derb wrote a column about race for Takimag, and people are calling for him to be fired. The pictures, except for the retweet of Ramesh Ponnuru’s tweet, are of Jonah’s actual dog, Cosmo, who is adorable.

  • Lou

     Yes, here is the link to the Lowery story ..http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/294226/al-sharpton-right-rich-lowry
    When you read it now, after all that has come out, you can really see how bigoted this Lowery guy ( if you want to call him that) is.. I mean, he is on that Trayvon wagon going full speed standing side by side with Sharpton. It’s amazing that he can and gets away with calling himself a conservative.. This guy belongs on the otherside in black face.

  • An excellent and perceptive article.

    Joseph Sobran was, in his latter years, far too gracious toward William Buckley.

  • It has been a very long time since I thumbed through a dead tree and ink copy of National Respew.  If anyone here does, can you tell me what kind of people and firms buy advertising in the mag?

  • A letter in support of Mr. Derbyshire from African Problem Solving Radical Honoursty Ecofeminist was sent to National Review to challenge them to adopt Dr. Gedaliah Braun’s definition of Racism: What is Racism; or How Philosophy can be Practical; and anyone accusing Mr. Derbyshire of racism, to prove such, according to such definition; as the pre-requisite for firing John Derbyshire. However National Review appears to have declined (perhaps due to Masculine Insecurity issues) and decided to fire Mr. Derbyshire. http://why-we-are-white-refugees.blogspot.com/2012/04/national-review-blacks-too-inferior-to.html 

  • NGH

    I’ve read and quoted Derbyshire often for over a dozen years; I’ve listened to his homemade broadcasts formerly linked on NRO; I met him briefly at NR’s 50th anniversary dinner in 2005 and chided him about his brief appearance in a Bruce Lee film in the 1970s.

    Derbyshire is an old school English gentleman, caustic and acerbic.  He has made many, many remarks over the years that could be considered politically incorrect.  This column was especially egregious.  I concede that everything he says are thoughts any sensible white person would have based on practical experience.  My father and my son were both mugged by blacks, my son at gunpoint.  I was assaulted twice.  You don’t need to be a Klan-hooded racist to notice a pattern.  I’ve never been assaulted by a member of any other race or ethnicity.

    But as far as NR’s decision to fire him, you have to be sympathetic.  A magazine is a going concern and it cannot afford to let itself become the target of expensive, no-win, bad-publicity  litigation.  Litigation nearly sank The American Spectator in the Clinton years.  Lowry’s decision, however regrettable, was the only choice he could have made.  The alternative was to defend a columnist whose statements could not have been publicly defended.  Just imagine a militant black asking Lowry, point-blank, on television, why he hadn’t fired Derbyshire and you see the problem.

    • Leon Haller

      I accidentally clicked on “like”. SORRY! This comment is disgusting! I cannot believe how fast everything is declining. How could an AR reader make such ass out of himself? What was “egregious” about what Derbyshire said? Absolutely nothing! Get a spine you jerk! Lowry should revel in that kind of publicity -it would be great for NR’s sales. What litigation would NR face? Why could his statements not be publicly defended?

      Even AR is getting liberal now … 

      • So why not  unclick your like?

        • ed91

           thanks – I didn’t know that

    •  Sue NR for what?  First place, Derb’s article was on Taki Theodoracopulous’s website, not NR’s website or magazine.  Second, even if it was, it’s an opinion, not a libel against any particular person by name.  Third, the comparison between this and AmSpec is apples and oranges.  Fourth, when did we get into the business of sucking up to militant blacks?

    • If an Ecofeminist liberal can defend Derbyshire; and ask the National Review to implement a clear Practical Philosophy Definition of Racism, prior to anyone being fired for racism; then how come a ‘conservative’ such as yourself lacks the balls to do so? 

    • haroldcrews

      I have no more sympathy for Lowry or National Review than I would Benedict Arnold.  Arnold I’m sure believed that the Colonials were bound to lose and he had a family to support and advance after all.

    • You made good sense up until the word “but” was inserted. It’s not that these statements “could not” have been publically defended, but rather would not be defended publically.
      One day soon, some “conservative” foundation is going to have to make the effort to defend what should be easily defended, if only the resolve were present.

    • jackryanvb

      Hey NGH.

      How are your animal sound identification skills?

      What goes “oink, oink”?

      A pig

      What goes “bark, bark”?

      A dog

      What goes “meow, meow”?

      A pussy….

      Your post sounds like “meow, meow” – the noise a pussy makes.

      Please do not make these sounds and act this way on public transportation near where I live. Blacks can sense the presence of cowardly pussies – then they act as predatory animals do in the presence of soft, weak, game.


  • joewest666

    The wheat and the chaff are about to be separated gentlemen.


  •  They want no part of diversity in the marketplace of ideas or economy of beliefs–for them, there is only one way of thinking.  We see this throughout our public institutions.

    White liberals are sickening and deserve whatever they get (and I hope they get it good).

  •  And now it’s down to one.

    Make that none.  You can get Mark Steyn’s columns from his own website, or the flagship MSM paper which syndicates his columns, the Orange County Register.

    Also caveat emptor when it comes to Steyn:  He, too, hates white nationalists.

    • ed91

       I may be partially blind but I don’t see these white nationalists.  I know the left would list this site and CofCC probably as white nationalist sites.

      I do see this site and others as being some form of expressing or allowing expression of  the insanity our country and culture has evolved to in regard to race and racial guilt.
      affirmative action and welfare etc have turned into to racial entitlements for those of the black, hispanic or female persuasion.  Now, those groups enjoy the perks but it leaves white males with 2-3 strikes against them. 

      If you get your job from family or friends you’re ok but if not, you had better be super talented or very skilled if you are a white man, or you’re going to be sitting at home wishing you had a job and money.

      but back to the point—  I don’t see a vast white nationalist movement.   Am I missing something?

  • s shadow

    It would seem obvious that a tense controversy would get publicity and a big boost in subscriptions.  Holding onto Derbyshire and featuring him prominently would be great for increased circulation.  Either the SPLC is so powerful that they can wipeout NR in one fell swoop, or Lowry is a plant to have total control of NR, ie they can be the controlled opposition for appearances.  How pathetic!!

  • Leon Haller

    I saw this coming long ago. The West is now groaning under a soft-totalitarianism at least as vicious as the hard Soviet variety.Everything goes back to the cardinal error of refusing to fight for the MORAL basis of the Racial Principle. There is an inner logic to human ideas- if the premise gains acceptance, it will expand (see “liberal egalitarianism applied to”, first Jews, then blacks, then women, then immigrants, now homosexuals, next pedophiles …). Ideas work themselves out ‘logically’ unless they are vigorously opposed. I saw this wrt anti-racism. Conservatives just folded without a fight. The end result will be not only this ever-intensifying totalitarian persecution of patriotic whites, but the extinction of the white race.A species either fights or dies.(AR’s race-realism, however morally unexceptionable, is probably inadequate to the task of saving the white race from extinction. What is needed is White Nationalism, but a WN that finds its justification within, and not in being opposed to, Christianity.) 

  • The real question is — Who is pulling the strings at National Review? It’s all very well calling the present editor a hypocrite and a mediocrity, but the body count at N.R. suggests that persons at the very top have their knees on the windpipe of the publication. Buckley was trying to keep his sponsors sweet; now he’s long gone, but the curious liberalisation of this “conservative” publication continues apace.

  • I do believe that many in the industry are finally coming forward and expressing truth despite the backlash from the media. They are showing us the way. They know the consequences and have likely prepared. 

    Dependency is the key here. It is up to us to NEVER depend on the enabler for anything. Not for love, not for a paycheck and certainly not for advice. 

    We don’t need these enablers in our lives nor writing our paychecks. We have the most brilliant people in the country on our side and it’s time we put that advantage to work. No more ceding  to the problem. No more hiding the truth in fear of being unemployed.

  • jackryanvb

    All American Renaissance readers owe it to John Derbyshire, owe it to our people, to our cause to see to it that Rich Lowry gets to experience up close and in person some very negative encounters with Black criminals. let Rich Lowry’s children denounce him as a liar, traitor, fool. The laws or karma now demand that Rich Lowry reap what he has sown.

  • jeffaral

    It always amazes me how Americans divide their political spectrum into cons and libs.   From a race survival perspective conservatives, especially the ones of a christian persuasion, are far more dangerous than their “opposite”.

    • robinbishop34

      Conservatives (or Republicans) have allowed themselves to be pushed into a corner on race issues. They are so eager to distance themselves from their media/society imposed label of racist that they are willing to commit collective suicide trying to shake off it off.

    • How so? Try to explain you r bullshit reasoning that conservatives are more dangerous than liberals. 

      • jeffaral

        Hi Jerry!    Christianity preaches equality and it’s globalist.   Cons like Richard Nixon enforced racist anti-White Affirmative Action and busing.   Ron Reagan granted citizenship to 10 miilion illegals.   Got it now??!!!

  • saxonsun

    Last night I flipped to CNN and noticed the show, “racism free zone.” There was an Arab comedian stating that the majority–whites–can’t be insulted. He said that words like “honky” & “cracker” are jus not insulting. A white man with the title of “diversity expert” said he wouldn’t ne insulted if called “cracker” because he hasn’t been subjected to decades of racism. I was outraged, of course. A few things to note: The Arab telling white people they shouldn’t be offended!!! Imagine that, some moron having the  arrogance to even think this way, telling us how to  feel! And  the white guy  idiot buying into the whole lie. Witnesses state that before the Florida savage killed 2 British men he called them “crackers.” Clearly, this is  a racial epithet, as is “gringo.” Scary. But don’t be offended.

    • robinbishop34

      He is a clown, a brown Yakoff Smirnoff. The problem is that most white people will reflexively applaud him like trained seals.

      • ncpride

        I know what you mean. If you’ve ever see a George Lopez stand-up routine, he often makes fun of White people, degrading and humiliating us, while talking about how mexicans are gonna take over the US….Take a look at his audience and it’s almost totally White with them laughing and clapping, thinking it’s all in good fun. It’s not. He means every word of it.

        • The_Bobster

          Here’s a disgusting show that has “wise” latrinos dumping all over Whites:


          Rob—which was previously known as ¡Rob! but, for reasons known only to CBS upper management, the network dropped the upside-down exclamation point, making copy editors everywhere sigh with relief—stars Rob Schneider as Rob, a sad sack and OCD-prone gringo who marries Maggie, a drop-dead-gorgeous Mexican-American woman (Claudia Bassols), after dating her for only six weeks. Their wedding—which, naturally, takes place on the spur of the moment at a Las Vegas chapel—comes as a terrible surprise to Maggie’s sprawling family, who never envisioned her with a short, white husband. Hilarity, as they say, is meant to ensue.

    • ncpride

      I watched a few minutes of that segment (which was all I could stomach) and the dishonesty, nonsense and outright LIES coming from the mouth of that “diversity expert” were truly breathtaking in their magnitude. I can’t for the life of me understand how even the most racially unaware White person would not have been offended. Incredible.

    • I have never been offended by anyone attempt to insult me. I think only people with fragile ego’s get offended. Why would you get offended? Getting offended only says that you highly value the opinion of the person who insulted you? Seems oxymoronic. 

      • ed91

         not the point……….. 

         if you allow people to call you degrading names, e.g. gringo, cracker, honky, then these people think less and less of you until they are morally able to take a couple of innocent honkey’s out back and put bullets in their heads……  doesn’t matter, just a couple of crackers…….
        it’s very important what and how people are allowed to put you down or think of you…….  it affects their thinking……..  lara, above, is only dwelling on the fact it doesn’t bother her……..   who cares?

    • OldAtlantic

       Evidently words like cracker coming from a black should not be ignored or taken lightly.  The result may be death.

      • ed91

         I’m not sure how serious you are, but I’ll bet the black thinking of the symbol, “cracker” is much worse than how I feel about it……….

        I don’t even know what a cracker would be as far as a derogatory name…….

        • ed91

          does it mean that whites, like crackers?
          or we are white, like crackers

          I just don’t get cracker or even honky for that matter…….
          on the other hand, I do understand the hate behind it when
          they call whites that………

  • HaywoodGiablomi

    Spot on!  Whites are waking up and getting fed up with the double standards!  I can’t wait until November!

  • TeutonicKnight67

    The Great Reckoning is coming folks. Sooner or later we will all have to pick a side. Mine is with my own kith and kin. Let the Lowry’s of the world cringe in terror before the monstrous diversity beast that they have created and continue to falsely worship. All he did was reveal what a milquetoast he is and how non-“conservative” NR is.

  • Faustus

    The beginning of our epilogue has begun; now  it is time to bring to the attention of our fellows a comprehensive and decisive change in both Policy and our Thinking. Let’s Occupy an Ethno-State, without fear or favor.



  • sbuffalonative

    Another conservative excommunicated for saying the earth revolves around the sun.

    How to succeed in racism without really trying: John Derbyshire tells his children to stay away from black people


    It’s odd that blacks can rant about how evil and dangerous white people are (while demanding to live and work among whites) yet we can’t even cites facts on black violence.

    CNN did a group discussion yesterday. The subject concerned whites using facts and figures to call attention to the fact that black on black crime is rarely reported while blacks are using a single incident of white on black crime to tar whites as ‘racists’.

    The consensus was that whites are doing so because they don’t want to face up to their own racism and whites just don’t get it.

    The panel included two comedians. Yes, comedians.

    They defended people like Bill Maher for his comments about Zimmerman because Maher is a comedian. Apparently there’s an attack on comedians for speaking their minds. Apparently, comedians enjoy a special right of free speech that others do not. Apparently if you’re a registered comedian like Maher or Lenny Bruce you can engage in honest and insightful social commentary while remainng  immune to criticism.

    Maybe Mr. Derbyshire can take up a new career in stand-up.  Then he will be free to say anything he wants.

  • MekongDelta69

    Besides sounding off here (and on TakiMag and everywhere else where it’s brought up on the Net), one thing you (anybody) can do, is send John’s article (and Jared’s and anyone else who tells the truth) to every single person you know. Maybe they’ll read it and maybe they won’t.

    Remember the AmRen poster who used to say (and I’m paraphrasing, b/c I have a mental block on his exact quote) something like, ‘More is better’? He wanted The Messiah to be elected with the hopes that it would FINALLY wake up some people who didn’t want to see Africa in action here in America. (Same principle as some liberals won’t wake up until they’ve been PERSONALLY mugged.)

    Well, we got our half black dictator and you see the results. You think this is bad? Just wait if this black muslim marxist is reelected. There won’t be ANY constraints on him. (And that goes for every one of his leftist causes, not just racial ones, although they will be high on the list.)

    That’s another (tiny) thing you can do – no matter who the Republican nominee is, vote for him even if you’re choking on your own vomit (which I will). Last time we had McCain and the rap against him is he’d institute the same causes as NoBama, but more slowly. Maybe so, but if someone gave you the chance to drown in one hour or one year, which choice would you take?

    You can either fight for that one year and do everything in your own respective powers to do SOMETHING or choose the one hour and fight for NOTHING.

    There’s a prominent ‘conservative’ radio talk show host who said he’d vote for a can of orange juice over Dear Leader. I met him once and joked that that was a perfectly good waste of orange juice. I said I’d empty the can, drink the juice and THEN vote for the empty can. He got a laugh out that.

    Vote for that can – empty or full…

    • holyflower

      Excellent post, MekongDelta69.   There are several who haunt these precincts — trolls, plants, or just ignorant, who can say?  But it is their purpose to promote the idea there is no difference between the two political parties or the presidential candidates.  They are wrong.  Maliciously so, I cannot say. But your post goes along way toward exposing their argument for what it is.

      • ed91

         the only problem I have with MekongDelta69 is that the real men were up
        in I Corps, outside of Danang and Hue. 

        • MekongDelta69

          Nah – IV Corps son. IV Corps. 🙂

    • jeffaral

      The multimillionair Mitt Romney is even more pro Wall Street and pro Israel than Obongo.  Vote for the lesser evil, vote Obongo.

      • MekongDelta69

        You think NoBama is pro-Wall Street/business and pro-Israel?!!

        You’re an ‘offal’ troll….

      • ed91

         not true………… obongo hates whites and all of his staff does too………..
        you’ll see it this summer if you haven’t noticed it yet.
        flash robbing, black on white crime, black on black crime, black crime.
        looting, stealing, hating…….

        obongo condones and even encourages all that……..  I don’t much care for romney-  he seems to have little idea of what it’s like here on the street, but still, he is better than the white hating administration we now have.

  • JohnEngelman

    The fate of John Derbyshire should be a cautionary tale for those of us who are in some way connected to American Renaissance. For giving common sense advice on how to avoid becoming a crime victim he was fired by the leading conservative magazine in the United States. Beyond this website, and perhaps a few others there has not been a collective outcry of anger. No other conservative publication has given him a position. FOX News has not stepped forward with an employment offer.
    This tells me that in the United States there is little future for a political movement that is seen as overtly anti black. I can think of two reasons for this. First, since 1992 there has been a steady decline in the rate of violent crime.
    Second, the persistence of de facto segregation means that most whites come into contact with few blacks. Most of these do not seem to want to be told bad things about blacks, even when they know they are true. 
    Most liberals hate Rush Limbaugh and Charles Murray. Nevertheless, they they have not been able to take Rush Limbaugh off the air. They have not been able to prevent Charles Murray from publishing.  Charles Murray gets articles published in prestigious journals, including liberal ones like The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The New Republic. 
    In addition, Thomas Edsall, whom I consider to be a moderately liberal Democrat, has made a career explaining the Republican domination of the United States. His argument is that during the 1960s the Democrat Party became identified with the defense of black interests, and blacks remain identified with social pathology. 
    In the twenty-first century Rush Limbaugh, Charles Murray, and Thomas Edsall seem to illustrate acceptable limits on criticizing blacks in the United States. 
    One does not get places in politics by changing person’s minds. One gets places by articulating and channeling sentiments that already exist. If one feels something strongly it is easy to overestimate the number of people who feel the same way; it is easy to underestimate the difficulty of converting others to one’s persuasion.

    • StivD

      Rush Limbaugh doesn’t criticize blacks as blacks; he criticizes liberals who happen to be black.  Democrat and liberal are always the points he stresses and calls blacks victims of them both. That’s why he is able to get away with mentioning blacks in a negative sense at all.

  • JohnEngelman

    What passes for “conservatism” in the United States amounts to little beyond the defense of the economic interests of the well to do. Since 1980 the Republican Party has solicited the votes of the religious right. Nevertheless, it has done nothing to advance its agenda, and seems privately to be embarrassed by it. 

  •  “J Lo” is Puerto Rican.  Not that that makes the situation any better.

    • anon

      They are just as bad, if not worse. To me they are a cross between a mexican and a black in their bad behavior and attitudes  about Whites.

  • Hirschibold

    On average, a Takimag.com article seems to attract 100-150 comments (at max). After this bit of vilification, the Derby article has gotten over 1000 responses; so keep trying to suppress him, leftists and men who have the gall to call themselves conservatives. Just like the magazine article on Amren, it will backfire. 

    • MekongDelta69

      It’s over 3,000 comments now (including the usual trolls)…

  • holyflower

    Those wishing to comment on this international story can go to “Google News” search, type in “John Derbyshire” and pick from an array of publications running stories about the Firing of John Derbyshire.

    Here, for example, is the “best rated” comment at the Politico.com on the Derbyshire brouhaha:

    Jack Donovan · Top Commenter · Portland, Oregon

    “Someone must have yanked the purse strings. The reality is that most of these people send their kids to private school and roll down [up?] the windows in black neighborhoods, and they will tell you so over drinks. You don’t have to think you are superior to everyone of another race to speak honestly about race in America. You just have to have an honest bone left in your body. These ‘respectable publications’ will fail within a generation, because they don’t have anything to offer but a handful of talking points and sanctioned opinions. I hope the editors die in state funded nursing homes run by brown people who hate them and spit in their food. But they probably won’t. They’re privileged and will be able to afford the finest care. The rest of us will be treated to the results of their cowardice, lies, and hypocrisy.”

  • BO

    What a wonderful opportunity for a Mark Steyn, Victor Davis Hanson, or Andy McCarthy to resign from National Review in support of their silenced colleague.

  • Baloocartoons

    Excellent summary.  I’ve linked it here, where I’ve also reposted Derbyshire’s article temporarily because Takimag has been intermittently unavailable for the past couple of days.

  • Wayne Lo

    I have read Derbyshire’s stuff over the years, some of it is entertaining and good value – particularly has math and science writing, but he gives the impression of not being a real dissident. He is in a sense an approval seeking dissident; in his interviews he frequently contrives the image of the curmudgeonly english eccentric, but his attempts at humour often fall flat, eliciting only sporadic and forced laughter from his audience. His reaction to the audience non-reaction to his feeble attempts at humour are a sort of half-grimace —it is really noticeable.

    As an aside he also has this tendency to tell porkies to support his arguments —among these his claim that rafts of corpses of those killed violently use to float down into Hong Kong from mainland China during the Cultural Revolution, and that Chinese border guards would machine gun mainland escapees to Hong Kong —-all of which is complete unadulterated rubbish (it is common knowledge that many ‘refugees’ would try swimming to HK, be rounded up, sent back, and re-attempt coming back in many times).

    Derbyshire understands he has a real cohort of support among white supremacists and white ‘nationalists’, but even more so he understands he has the silent assent of a large part of the white population – which is sad. Even Lowry’s dismissal note was only half-condemnatory, in fact it was almost flattering in nature, and really, Derbyshire will be fine. He is well past retirement age, has cancer, and really not much to lose anyway.

    The people who are the really brave ones are those who do not have the assent of the ‘silent majority’ —the likes of Tim Wise, who says things to white people which really does enrage white people inside.

    What Derbyshire has said will not induce real rage and antipathy –even among many so called liberal whites, and particularly not among conservatives. There will only be feigned disapproval, not visceral disapproval. So Derbyshire is actually safe, and he knows it.

    Unlike Mr Taylor who is a real dissident, Derbyshire is a bit of a bandwagon jumper.

    • MikeofAges

       As noted elsewhere, doing what you need to do to stay secure on the street isn’t race realism. It’s just realism. Sometimes people have to stay away from certain people of their own color and descent. All of us, realistically, are most likely to be assaulted or killed by someone of our own kind. Nevertheless, the reason why there is not more interracial violent crime than already occurs is because people do learn to watch themselves. It’s not idiocy, and everyone had the right to practice self-preservation.

  • Wayne Lo

    The first–as I recall–was the presumably-widespread “lynching” of
    blacks by whites during some period in the US (no statistics or
    documentation given, of course).

    There are the official statistics of lynchings, the recorded ones, and then there are the others.

    What do you think would have happened to a black man walking down the street in some small Alabama town in the mid 1930s, kissing a black woman?

    Are you really going to say that he would not have run into a really good chance of being violently assaulted or even worse?

    • Ingsoc

      Pathetic Wayne/John.

      Who cares what happened in Alabama in 1930?  What does that have to do with any pro-White issue?

      You being racially Chinese, how would you like it if your homeland were being inundated with millions of non-Chinese who were putting an end to your historic culture and your way of life? What if you woke up one morning and saw that the president of China was ethnically Pakistani? What if you suddenly found that the Chinese people are literally threatened with extinction through genetic annihilation? Can you even imagine that? That’s what we Whites face.
      But you can’t sympathize, because this is not happening to you. Your race and your culture are secure. Ours is not. We Whites are literally losing our nations and our identities, and people are actually cheering it on.

       Our issue isn’t what happened to blacks in 1930, our issue is White Survival.

      • Wayne Lo

        No. Youre response is pathetic.

        Firstly you bring up the laughably absurd trope about whites facing ‘extinction through genetic annihilation’.

        There are 1.2 billion whites in the world, and about 1.4 billion East Asians. Whites have always held their own in terms of numbers against East Asians, and as recently as the 1950s slightly outnumbered them.

        Whites are the second most numerous race in the world – there are about 300 million more whites in the world than there are sub-Saharan African descended people.

        Whites control vast swathes of the world’s territory out of all proportion to their actual numbers. Much of this territory, in fact most of this territory, was until very recent history non-white.

        Whites are the ones who forcibly globalised the rest of the world, using the human and non-human resources of the non-white world, and built up their societies atop the blood and treasure of non-whites.

        India itself was wealthier than Europe and the US combined in the early 19th century. As was China, which was the wealthiest place in the world.

        China is barely the size of the US I think, and smaller than Canada. Yet it is whites who work actively to remove Tibet from China, Xinjiang from China, Inner Mongolia from China, reducing China to what would be about 1/3rd of her total land mass now. This is in spite of the fact that Chinese have been in these lands, and have sovereign claim to these lands than whites have been in North America!

        So tell me. Why do whites always go round the world, lecturing to others on how to conduct their own internal affairs? Invading other countries? And trying to wreck other countries? In fact if you had not wrecked half a dozen countries in the Middle East, there is a good chance that your muslim immigration ‘issues’ would not nearly be as serious as you now consider them to be.

        “What if you woke up one morning and saw that the president of China was ethnically Pakistani?”

        Well basically almost the entire non-white world was controlled by whites up until only four or five decades ago. China was effectively ruled by whites for a full century, and whites even forcibly made the Chinese legalise narcotics (opium), resulting in a drug addicted population of hundreds of millions —all to enrich white nations.

        If whites want not to be around non-whites, perhaps they should have thought of this before foisting themselves on the rest of the world these past few centuries. If those whites who want an all white enclaves now, just tell everyone else how much of North America you want, and I am sure non-whites and non-racist whites will be happy to grant you a state or two.

        Or perhaps you can all pack up and return to Europe.

        Another thing….Mr Obama is descended from white Americans on his mother’s side. He probably has deeper roots in North America, than many whites whose ancestors only came out 80 to 100 years ago, or even less. Certainly his wife has. So he is neither a racial or ethnic alien. He is as American as apple pie –like it or not.

        Now you fellows are always trumpet the fact that you base your arguments on empirical evidence and take a facts based approach. Tell me now. Do you disagree that there are about 1.2 billion whites in the world, and that whites are the world’s second most numerous race?

        • Ingsoc

          Wayne/John, you are anti-White and advocate for White genocide. You know it, everyone knows it.

          There wouldn’t be such hatred of White people if White haters like you didn’t preach hatred against Whites.

          White haters like you pretend to have problems with identifying who is White and who is not when people who want to preserve the White race confront you. But at the same time you have no problems identifying who is White when you talk about slavery, colonialism, wars, discrimination, r-word, and so on.

          As an anti-White can you name an Asian country that you believe must bring in millions of non-Asians and assimilate with them until Asians become extinct?

          You can list as many countries as you’d like.

        • Ingsoc

          We European Whites are anywhere from 8% to 10% of the earth’s population, which any 8th grader who wasn’t SILLY would say is a minority.


Japan is RICH and has a horrendous colonial history, especially against the Chinese. Do you know about The Rape of Nanking, John?

          In December of 1937, the Japanese Imperial Army marched into China’s capital city of Nanking and proceeded to murder 300,000 out of 600,000 civilians and soldiers in the city. The six weeks of carnage would become known as the Rape of Nanking and represented the single worst atrocity during the World War II era in either the European or Pacific theaters of war.

          –Genocide in the 20th Century


          Are you calling out the Japanese on their past atrocities against the Chinese and demanding that Japan atone by flooding their country with non-Whites?

          If not, why not?

          No one is Demanding the Japanese in Japan, be replaced with a blended humanity to end their past “racism” and colonial atrocities, are they Wayne? . They only Demand this of White countries. 

          You are the very definition of a hypocrite, especially by marrying White, here let me define it so you don’t have to think:

          Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary

          noun ( pl. -sies)
          the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.

        • Ingsoc

          Sorry genius. Every nation on earth was founded by conquest, genocide and dispossession of the aboriginal inhabitants. Anti-Whites like you are not telling any non-Whites that they don`t belong in their own countries because their ancestors took the land from other non-whites centuries ago.

          No, you only ever try to justify the genocide of White people in White countries. History is replete with examples such as this and it’s obvious from reading your comments that a knowledge and understanding of history are not your strong suits.  

          The first Americans were stone-age Europeans, according to recent archeological evidence. It’s been in the papers the past two months. Didn’t you get the memo? 

          It’s becoming more and more clear that proto-Europeans came to this continent from SW Europe anywhere from 19-25 THOUSAND years ago. That’s around Ten THOUSAND years before the Asian Tribes came over that land bridge.

        • bobfairlane

          If we controlled these territories, there wouldn’t be a bunch of non-whites camping in them, demanding a free ride, free jobs, and free legal protection for their shenanigans.

      • Wayne Lo

        “Are you calling out the Japanese on their past atrocities against the
        Chinese and demanding that Japan atone by flooding their country with

        Anyone with even a superficial knowledge of China would know that that Japan  is routinely villified and attacked in the media, in popular culture —the government actually has to put a lid on anti-Japanese sentiment.

        Now you ask, why am I not demanding that Japan be flooded with foreigners? Well because Japan’s immigration policy is for the Japanese people to decide on. Not me. Nor do I make demands in respect of the immigration policies of ‘white’ countries.

        You see, if a white country had a zero immigration policy, they would not be attacked for racism. That would be perfectly acceptable. Same with Japan. Japan has a zero immigration policy, but Japan does not say, they will accept yellows, but not whites, nor browns – –which would definitely be racist. Japan simply says they are too crowded and do not need people at all. That is perfectly OK and non-racist. Get it? White countries could do same and also get away with it.

        Another point. The Japanese invaded China. But now they have gone back to Japan. If Japanese had remained in China, and set up shop there and decided to stay, it would be deeply hypocritical for them to complain about other peoples who might want to also live in such a hypothetical Japanese polity in China. But the Japanese were booted out and went home. 99% of Japanese descended people live in Japan.

        But that is not the case with white people – particularly Anglo Saxons. I’m sure that probably over 70% of Anglo Saxon Celtic people live outside of the British Isles. You see, they invaded other lands, but unlike the Japanese, did not return ‘home’. So it is a different story. Get it?

        • ed91

          don’t leave out what the japanese did to korea from 1910 -1945——-unbelievable atrocities……just for starters…….. made korean women ‘service’ the japanese soldiers….and we’re talking of thousands and thousands of women…… cut every frickin’ tree in s korea down to ship to japan as a resource…..  etc etc

        • gemjunior

          But that is not the case with white people – particularly Anglo Saxons. I’m sure that probably over 70% of Anglo Saxon Celtic people live outside of the British Isles. You see, they invaded other lands, but unlike the Japanese, did not return ‘home’. So it is a different story. Get it?

          Why is it always that “Europeans INVADED other lands?”  Actually, they were starving, many of them.  Their countries had much in the way of fish and game, but anti-poaching laws prevented the peasantry of many countries from feeding their children.  Their were many “famines” (crop failures) in Scotland, Ireland, Sweden and others.  The English peasantry were hard-workering, rough living and a far cry from what you probably have in your own predjudiced mine (WASPs like Jeeves and Wooster, probably…) and these people emigrated to other countries for a better shot at farming some arable land and feeding their families, bettering themselves in some way.  With, I might add, NO WHINING!  No asking for handouts, no demanding to bank in their own native languages or be taught in them, or have any “special” demands or social services.  They wanted to be Americans, not to make – change America over to  their new country by conquest such as the Muslims are doing in Europe or the Mexicans in America.  Usually when Europeans “invaded” other lands it was as the result of EXPLORING, something an energetic, intelligent, industrious, lively people did – the very opposite of those that were sitting there waiting to be “invaded” (chuckle) – which could be viewed as indolent, apathetic, idle, indifferent, flagging, dull, inert, torpid and a million other descriptions for lazy and unconcerned with the world around them.  I think that why people hate Europeans is that old green eyed monster of feeling that we got there FIRST about nearly everything – how convenient that we could be cast as the bad guys nearly everywhere after simply doing what any other people would have done, had they the capability and speed – but somebody beat them to it – dammit!  Curse ye Whitey, foiled again….
          So all I can say to your observations is that they are bullshit and spring from envy.  When people watch the bloodlust of black violence, I don’t think it is comparable in any way to anything Europeans did.  Neither does Amerindian tortures such as skinning alive, South Seas eating their missionaries as thanks for their troubles, and of course the Chinese tortures called the “tiger bench” – lovely.   
          So many people in so many continents BENEFITTED so much from the presence of these savage “invaders” (sorry but it makes me roll my eyes).  Invaders makes it sound like they were men and women running in forests with machetes and torches, rather than the skilled men and women setting up missionaries, building churches and hospitals and schools.  You can try and make it sound as bad as you can but the truth remains.  And you can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear.  That is unfortunately still something most Europeans need to learn.  Some people like to wallow in simplicity and are best left there.

        • loyalwhitebriton

          “..over 70% of Anglo Saxon Celtic people live outside the British Isles. You see, they invaded other lands..”

          It was good that we did, too. I’m thinking America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand…

        • Snowhitey

          “But the Japanese were booted out and went home.”  Well, where were they going to go after being booted out, as you say?  When the Dutch were booted out of Africa, where did they go?

          Whites are being dispossessed right out in the open.  Many of us see it and are trying to stop it.  Others are supporting it because they are downright stupid.  Attention stupid whites: once you lose your country, you’ve lost it forever.  Wayne Lo loves multiculturalism because he benefits from it.  Stupid whites only think they benefit.  That feel good talk worked wonders.  Caution: reality is right around the corner folks.

          First of all, the American people were betrayed by the scum in Washington when it came to the Immigration Reform Act of 1965.  Ditto with the Civil Rights Act.  It’s called betrayal.  If you want to talk about traitorous whites, I’m game.

      • Wayne Lo

        We European Whites are anywhere from 8% to 10% of the earth’s
        population, which any 8th grader who wasn’t SILLY would say is a

        The actual percentage is 1.2/7 or about 17%.

        At this point European whites are the second least endangered race, after only East Asians.

        East Asians are also a minority. In fact every distinct race in the world today is a ‘minority’ in that none has more than a 50% share of the world’s population.

        If we are talking of racial preservation, there are surely more urgent cases to deal with than whites. Polynesians, Native Americans, Pygmies, the San, Andaman Islanders, Melanesians, Papuans, Australian aborigines…..and many others, all have vanishingly small numbers compared to whites.

        Many of these groups actually were almost ‘miscegenated’ out of existence by whites.

        In fact there about 200 to 300 million fewer sub-Saharan Africans in the world than whites. Don’t hear them bleating about ‘racial extinction’.

        You people are a joke, with an enormous sense of racial entitlement.

        • ed91

           east asians don’t have half of their population (or more) indoctrinated to allow their extermination…..
          japanese, korean and chinese have very sensible immigration and emigration laws….. usa does not!!

  • Ingsoc

    Who would you rather appoint the next Supreme Court justice, maybe two?  Romney or Obama?

  • Ingsoc

    They expect to escape to a small Middle Eastern country that the United States is making safe for them by bombing the hell out of its neighbors and “encouraging” regime changes such as in Libya.

    They are sorely mistaken if they think they’ll be safe there surrounded by a billion or so hostile neighbors who want nothing less than their annihilation, just as they wish for us whites.

    They will suffer a fate worse than the one they have inflicted on us whites in our homelands. I only hope I live to see it.

  • Xanthippe2

    “Having turned American society upside down and inside out in order to demonstrate the thesis that black deficits in cognitive ability and behavior are context induced, we have succeeded in demonstrating the REVERSE, yet we refuse to learn anything from this painful and expensive experience.”

    Here we are with that “we” problem again.  The “we” I am a part of (White racialists and separatists) acknowledges all you state above and deplores it.  There are others who kind of see it,
    but are still confused.  Then there is a third group who also see it but WANT American society turned upside down.  “Refusing to learn” has nothing to do with the problem, unfortunately.

  • ViktorNN

    Mr. Taylor never fails to get to the heart of the matter.

    Most whites live EXACTLY the way Derbyshire says they should in his piece. And this especially includes white liberals. 

    Most white liberals do not live in majority black cities, run by blacks, nor do they live in majority black parts of town. Most white liberals do not send their kids to majority black schools. Most white liberals avoid events where most of the people there are black. And so on and so forth.

    As sad as it is that Derbyshire has lost his job, this episode does contain seeds of opportunity.

    The GOP right is falling all over itself to disavow Derbyshire and the Dem left has been equally fast to try to make Derbyshire seem like some sort of spokesman for what conservatives really think and feel behind closed doors.

    The opportunity here is to point that these white libs and white cons engaging in their usual partisan scrimmages are really no different at all in the sense that almost ALL of us whites live more or less the way Derbyshire advises. The brilliance of his piece is that practically any white critic of his piece becomes a hypocrite as soon as they open their mouths. Not much consolation in that fact now that he’s unemployed, I suppose, but brilliant nonetheless. The least that we Derbyshire supporters can do is to hammer home this point in his defense.

  • radical7

    Two White men in Tulsa, Oklahoma have been arrested for going on  a wild shooting spree that resulted in the murders of more than a dozen Black people. If I recall correclty, this is the same city where Whites burned down the financially successful Black part of town in 1921. In another city, neo-Nazis have vowed to inflict violence on any Black people if necessary.  Such behavior demonstrates that many Whites feel that they can wantonly murder and attack Blacks and other non-Whites without facing any consequences. Sad to say, such examples validate such a mindset.

    • ncpride

      There you go spreading your lies again. They were NOT both White, Jake England is identified as a Cherokee Indian by his family, whose father was shot and killed by a black man 2 years ago. And really, more than a dozen black people murdered? Hardly. The total was 3. And what other city are you refering to where these neo-Nazis vowed to inflict violence on blacks if necessary? Necessary for what? Their own survival? You’re pathetic… 1921… REALLY?

    • StivD

      The Neo-Nazis are reacting to the threats of the Black Panthers and the blacks they are stirring up in Sanford. I’m not a Neo-Nazi, but I think that a show of force without violence isn’t always a bad thing. It’s the one thing that blacks will understand without a doubt. You can’t reason with blacks when they are fixated on an idea. 

      Are white people supposed to tolerate any and all threats and hostility against us without showing some form of resistance?

  • radical7

    Jennifer Lopez is fantastic!

    • ed91

       I don’t see any black in her…………   has she proclaimed she is black?

    • The_Bobster

      I saw a black in her. His name was Pee Doody.

  • Wayne Lo

     This is quite mind-warping. The editor (I suppose Mr Taylor) is asking for donations for Derbyshire:

    Editor’s note: Mr. Derbyshire now has no job but still has a wife and two children. In the last day or so a “contribute” button has appeared on his personal home page. We think we know why. Please be generous.

    The mind boggles. It really does.

    You mean WNs are really going to donate to help support what is to them a racially alien Chinese women and her mixed race kids (who will compete for jobs and college places with their own children)???????

    I suppose you lot would similarly pass the hat around to support a hypothetical blonde white women, her black husband, and her half-black kids, had such a woman wrote an article that was mildly approving towards Amren?????

    I really don’t understand.

    What is the difference betwen say Klum+Seal and Derbyshire + mainland Chinese woman?????

    • anmpr1

      “What is the difference betwen say Klum+Seal and Derbyshire + mainland Chinese woman?”

      I don’t know for sure, Wayne, but I’m guessing one difference is that John doesn’t beat his Chinese wife, or otherwise abuse her to the point that she is terrified of his violent temper.  Again, you’re just being stupidly argumentative since it has been explained to you time and time again that many here are not “white nationalists,” but simply race realists.  Your lack of comprehension belies the general stereotype that all Asians are intelligent.  Or maybe you are just the exception to the rule?

    • KenelmDigby

      The point is this:

      I very much doubt if John Derbyshire is, in fact, what you would describe as a ‘White nationalist’, I doubt if he has an ideological committment to White ethnic genetic interests or any of the other such topics that can be found in the more esoteric recesses of Amren.
       I would guess that Mr. Derbyshire is a ‘liberal’ in the true sense of the word, in that he tries to see the best in everyone, tries not to ‘judge’ on the basis of their ethnicity people and considers himself to be fair, unprejudiced and reasonable.
       But, and it’s a big but, there is great big fat elephant sitting in the living room, defecating away and causing one hell of a big stink. To pretend this elephant doesn’t exist in order to give yourself an easy life is simply not an option to a man of integrity, honesty and vision.
       Facts are facts and need to be stated. To see, acknowledge but to willfully ignore is the real crime.

      • ed91

         I have never seen a beautiful black woman.
        I’ve seen some attractive blacks that had more refined features, but with
        basic black mouth, nose, hair……. to my taste it is never beautiful

        •  Halle Berry’s mother is white.

    • ed91

       if you don’t know the difference, you aren’t smart enough to be posting without your mom nearby.

  • OldAtlantic

    Anon12.  Do I get 12 guesses as to who you are?   NR fires him and Takimag is not accessible easily for days and someone with the name Anon12 says don’t donate money to Derb. Anon12 really is a troll.

  • OldAtlantic

    First God sends a voice to warn you.  Then he sends Rich Lowry and Ramesh Ponnuru to fire you.   This is another wakeup call.  Join NumbersUSA for free and free fax Congress to stop immigration.  Participate in their current drive to call Eric Cantor to push e-verify.  Contribute to Amren, Vdare, Derbyshire.  Even small symbolic donations of 5 dollars or 10 dollars are important.  The total number of donations is a vote that makes a difference and increases their advocacy.

    • DelmarJackson

      I tell everyone to  join Numbersusa, which is free, find the voting record of your weasel in washington and in every election, vote the weasels out, regardless of party.

      I read vdare daily and amren too. I don’t agree with all the contributors but can say the same for NPR.

       I try to leave a plug for vdare and numbersusa in every viewer and blog response, every little bit helps.

       Educate yourself, vote, join groups working for your cause and speak out and act up.
       While you still can.

      • OldAtlantic

         Thank you. The faxes and phone calls help change votes of those there as well.  They matter.   You have to tell your reps and everyone in the parties what you think.   If you vote without telling them, they give credit to the money they get for ads from people who want cheap labor.  You have to tell them explicitly you don’t want legal immigration,green card conversions, guest worker and student visas.

        • I’ve been doing this forever yet all I’ve ever gotten is lip service.  I’ll keep going like I always have but I have no hope.

  • MartelC

    what does it say about our society, our elite, when telling the truth is fast approaching becoming a criminal act?
    We’re at the point of ideological bankruptcy that soviet union reached before its fall. Of course, those in power in the soviet union continued to suppress, murder and avoid reality for seventy years running.We haven’t even gotten around to the violence and political imprisonment (at least wide scale) yet – and believe me that’s the next step for the neocon/liberal alliance. 

  • anarchyst

    Look at who the “enablers” are. Primarily of one political (and ethnic) persuasion, they are the TRUE “supremacists” and have been spouting their vile filth for
    generations (if not centuries).These “enablers” reserve the right” to uphold their “cultural insularity” while demanding that the rest of us succumb to their false gods of “multiculturalism” and
    “diversity”. The “Tower of Babel” of biblical lore WAS NOT a physical structure, but the twin evils of “multiculturalism” and “diversity”.

  • I’ve made a donation. I’VE NEVER made a donation before. But I made one today. He deserves it. He’s earned it. He speaks for me and millions of others like me. 

  • Detroit_WASP

    Starr Parker wrote a great book called “Pimps Whores and Welfare Brats”  which outlines black poverty, dependence on public assistance, out of wedlock births, and depravity in general.  Starr wasn’t fired….’cause she’s black!   The world hasn’t gotten backward enough (yet) that a white person will fire a black for telling the truth about blacks.  

  • MekongDelta69

    One additional name to add to the above list from Mr. Taylor. Ann Coulter (no matter how you feel about her), was also let go by NRO right after she wrote an article about Muslims after 9/11.

  • gemjunior

    “Truth is something most Whites have forgotten. I would wager that our “new” history books are full of deceit. We know our “schools” are nothing but indoctrination centers. So is talk radio and TV. WW2 and 911 also comes to mind as two examples of the PC way of spreading universal deceit”
    Very true, very frightening.  It’s a must for parents to de-brainwash their kids every day after school.  As far as 9/11, that really freezes my blood.  The whole idea that that story was sold the way it was and the whole idea that people believe it is insane.  The screaming that ensues between people having that discussion causes people not to allow it’s discussion in polite society.  People are essentially Cowards because when the topic comes up their eyes shift around the room as if they’re being interrogated by their parents.  It’s really amazing. 

  • ed91

     not true………  the only real problem with mating with blacks is you lower the family IQ- as for the white race?  also you have culture and family problems as blacks are so disfunctional, or at least 95% of them.

          Turkish, Norwegian, Hispanic,  Germanic, etc. ——- very different………….actually many japanese are whiter than american whites…..  and the japanese culture with the samurai and customs and traditions is very beautiful, as are several east asian cultures…….. 

    this pure white thing is a waste of time……..  now, having said that, it bothers me greatly that whites would mate with blacks……..  it seems to end bad for all involved…….  the other situations——   hey, those are common and work out pretty well……..

    • StivD

      Japanese are whiter in what way? If you mean skin color solely; then, so what? If you consider their behavior to be ‘whiter’ that’s a matter of opinion. There’s more to whites, and being ‘white’, than slavish obedience to authority and study habits.

      • ed91

         white as in the color white……..  like this page is white……..
        I don’t desire to argue with you……….  I’m very much a person for white rights……. and I understand what white men are going through, I am one and I’ve probably gone through more discrimination and job opportunity loss from AA etc than you, since I’m older. 
        However, I very much admire Asian culture and thought and I don’t group them in with the problems I see in the horrible american black culture or the criminal part of the hispanic culture that flaunt our laws……..
        I am not a ‘pure’ white advocate as I don’t really understand what that is.  Many of my posts have asked the question about how far white extends as to norwegians vs turkish for example……..
        If you think the extent of Japanese culture is ‘slavish obedience to authority’ then I think you are ignorant on the subject.  Live a little and do some traveling around the world and you might learn something. 
        Do you have a problem with ‘study habits’  or are you just looking for a fight?

    • You sound like another disgusting Asian fetishist’s 

  • ed91

    bs……… there is no ‘strictly white race’
    are you aware that southern europeans have some african blood from the past?   that most muslim countries have african blood from their past?
    India?  are they caucasian, mongoloid or negroid?
    are swedish more purely white than the turkish or italian?
    I could give you 100’s of more examples

    • StivD

      What do you precisely think you’re in a racial sense, Ed?

    • ed91

       StivD——-  for some reason there is no reply clic under your post below, I’ll answer from here.
      I don’t worry about my racial sense except when I’m avoiding blacks or hostile hispanics……..   which would be groups of mexican youths…….they may or may not be hostile, I don’t want to find out………..   other than that, I’m fine with all the peoples of the world…….. once they let it be known they are hostile whites –  I avoid them

  • ed91

     the colors you use in your argument are not real……..
    are you really white?    pure white?  of course not

    are asians yellow?   of course not……….

    “this website has supposedly been created to protect the interests of White  men”?

    I had not heard that ——- I figured it was a racial common sense site.

    • StivD

      Protecting the interests of white people IS common sense. 

      • ed91

         I’m not arguing with that……..

  • ed91

     not only that, but the point with phasing out the n word is that a name like that eventually makes the person less than human……….. like killing gooks makes fighting the japanese less offensive to a soldiers basic goodness…(for lack of a better phrase)
    the problem with the n word is that blacks have now embraced it affectionately but only they can use it that way, or any way for that matter. 

  • ed91

     wait a second……….  there are no white jews?

    I didn’t realize that……..

    I’m not jewish and don’t know many—
    I’m not sure I believe you…… could you elaborate?

  • better_times

    Accurate. “Thou shalt not steal” is not a part of their culture. 

  • gemjunior

    I wouldn’t be bothered asking for references, since it’s totally unlikely – both of the peoples are from extremely similar DNA.  It is often common to find sometimes that those who would like to break up strength within a group will throw in a divisive bone to set the group fighting among themselves.  God forbid that the group should stay united and strong.  I wouldn’t believe that such close genetic kin could differ significantly in IQ, nor should you waste another second searching for a single credible study. 

  • The_Bobster


    Only 25% Asian but they still look like they have Down’s syndrome. Good job of throwing away your White genes, Kate.

    • Wayne Lo

      Taylor is asking for donations (underneath his article), to support  Mr
      Derbyshire’s Chinese wife and two mixed race children.

      How much have you donated Bobster?


  • YouthDecay

    Conversely, white liberals loved the Herman Cain candidacy because it gave them a pretext to vent their true feelings about blacks.

  • Wayne Lo

    Are you dense? The question you should as is how many whites were lynched by blacks back then. The answer is zero.

    As for crime since the 1960s, what has that got to do with it? Crime is punished, and by definition illegal. Blacks and whites are actively prosecuted and punished. So there is no ‘injustice’ here.

    The reason why lynching is brought up is not because blacks were simply the victims of a common crime. It is because blacks were the victims and the authorities did nothing about it.


    • Snowhitey

      Like Barack Obama and Eric Holder?  Blacks were victimizers pre-1960’s.  The difference was whites fought back.  They’re mostly cowards today.

  • Wayne Lo

    errr…..Mr Taylor is asking for donations (underneath his article), to support  Mr Derbyshire’s Chinese wife and two mixed race children.

    You gonna donate Johnp?

  • Heinrich24

    Why wouldn’t you expect this from conservatives? They’ve been of this Lowry-esque mindset for as long as I can remember!! When it comes to race, the difference between a liberal and conservative is essentially non-existent!

  • ed91

     too general………..  those ‘facts’ you state are not always that way…….

    if fact many times it is the opposite..

  • ed91

     very interesting and true……… 

    ‘the powers that be’ have been effectively limiting the power and earning ability of white males for 50 yrs at least.

  • ed91

     that’s where it gets tricky.  What’s he supposed to do?  
    Disown every family member that happens to be involved with a mexican…………  it is california, where most of the residents are mexican……….

  • Maybe its time to hi jack anouther thread and turn it into a thread on this.

  • Ingsoc


    Snowhitey, LeGaulois, ed91, loyalwhitebriton, Anonymous, gemjunior, the Bobster, Leon Haller, johnP, MacCluskycharlie:

    Such people as WayLo are militant pro-Genocide idiots, and should be shunned wherever they hide and creep out from the rocks they hide under.

  • Wayne Lo

    Why is there over 50 minorities living inside China? Well because in spite of overwhelming numbers, and the power to do otherwise, China has encouraged these minorities to thrive. These minorities are far better off than minority groups in the US, have far more generous affirmative action programmes than any in the US, and unlike Han Chinese can have as many children as they want.
    Whereas of course the indigenous under Anglo Saxon and Spanish rule, were basically miscegenated out of existence, or physically exterminated (indigenous of US and Canada abotu 1 to 2%, Australia 1 to 2%, NZ 12%). And even within Europe itself whites have extinguised other whites—where have the Baltic Prussians gone, or the Polabian Slavs, or the Furlanians, Ladins, or Sorbs gone?

    China has far more legitimate claim to Tibet, Xinjiang, and Inner Mongolia, than whites have to be in the United States. And these claims are older than the histories of white settlments in the Americas and Australasia. In fact the Taiwanese government also recognises these claims, and wants all of Mongolia as well (the PRC settles for Inner Mongolia). Furthermore these claims are recognised as legitimate by the entire international community, in the case of Tibet – the US recognised China’s sovereignty as early as 1942.

    You talk of ethnic cleansing. Well common sense would tell you that no such thing ever happened. In fact the minorities have grown in numbers over the past 60 years. And are encouraged to do so by not being restricted by the one-child policy.

    Also think of this. Tibet had about 1 to 2 million people in 1949. China’s population over the Maoist period ranged from 500 to 900 million. Do you think if China’s intention really was to ethnically cleanse minority areas, they could not have done so very easily during the first thirty years of the PRC under Mao, and during her most intense period of isolation from the rest of the world. If the Chinese were like Anglo Saxons, the Tibetans, Uighurs, and Mongols would simply have disappeard by now. But instead, the facts are these groups have increased in numbers, and retain their languages, folkways, and customs to a far greater extent than any indigenous peoples under white rule. And have far lower rates of imprisonment (refer work by Barry Sautmann).

    White rule for indigenous peoples was mainly a holocaust in the real sense of the word.

  • Carney3

    Because of the important megaphone that his association with NR gave him, Derb had a responsibility not to be reckless and play into the hands of the multi-cult left by making sweeping negative group assertions without a way to back it up.  

    But then, perhaps emboldened by years of pushing the envelope, he claimed that 5% of blacks have it in for whites and (even worse) that half of blacks will often go along with the 5%’s hostile agenda.  If he had not said that he might have gotten away with the article.  Unlike many of the other things he said, which have a basis in empirical data or common sense, he himself admitted that claim was based on nothing more than his own feelings.  

    I might believe that one in twenty of any given group (not just blacks but also whites or whoever) might have strong animus toward another given outside group.  But if you’re going to say that, especially about a group you single out by name, you need to back it up with credible and preferably peer reviewed numerical evidence; he didn’t.  Reckless to the point of arguable slander.  

    And as I said, what was worse than that was when he said half of blacks would go along with the supposed 5%. Casting HALF of a given race as willing to join in on injustice and aggression of some kind, in a signed article by a supposedly serious journalist an an article meant for publication, come on.  That’s not brave truth-telling.  That’s not reciting proven statistics that confound lefty taboos.  That’s just stupid, pointless, rudeness, like yelling slurs.

    Yes, much of what he said about IQ and crime seemed is nothing new to the well informed, and is solidly backed up by evidence that he provided links to.  He went out of his way to note that the spectrum of human behavior and talent exists in all groups, including that geniuses and the most positive traits and personalities exist among blacks.  In the comments I’ve seen about his article I keep running across claims that he claimed that “all” blacks are violent or stupid, that’s clearly demonstrably false and at least as unfair to him as anything he has been accused of saying about others.

    And much of the rest is what amounts to common sense (stuff that is the equivalent of, stay out of Anacostia, or if a “flash mob” style event with lots of them suddenly arriving seems to be happening, leave; etc.).  Taboo, and normally not broadcast to a universal audience, but still as he says, the kind of thing most people would try to drill into their naive teenagers especially if they’ve been indoctrinated by leftists.  Some of the rest (respond politely but keep moving if someone greets you, don’t be a Good Samaritan) is painful but may be wise – the ancedotal evidence he provides (links to crime stories) may be merely anecdotal and un representative but it’s pretty compelling.  Arguable at the very least – worthy of stripping a cancer patient of his livelihood?  I don’t think so.

    Again, though, just mouthing off and saying that half of blacks are willing to endorse injustice and aggression against whites, that really was a bridge too far.

    Now it’s the worst of all possible worlds.  He put NR in a position of keeping him on and associating themselves with that out-there talk, or looking cowed by firing him.  Also by having gotten himself fired by getting careless, he also helped create a precedent and has made it that much harder for more vulnerable, less established people with un PC views to find or retain employment. 

  • 4teepee

    I know from experience that liberals know how to use euphemisms when they talk with their kids about such things. They say such things as avoid “high-crime” areas, avoid “gangs,” attend a “good” school. The kids get the drift.

  • Wayne Lo

    You lot are rather pathetic. The US murder rate is now less than half of what it is during the 1930s (when the country was 90% whites and blacks held down), and if blacks are really conducting some sort of race war against whites (which they are most certainly not), it is, statistically speaking a somewhat tepid one.

    Given the history of cruel treatment of blacks by whites, not just the lynchings, the castrations, but burnings, the cutting off of fingers and toes and genitals, but the daily overt humiliations up to only a few decades ago, whites have got off pretty easy. All in all blacks are pretty forgiving.

    Consider other groups with historical grudges against one another. Here are just three intra-white examples. The Serbs killing Bosniak Muslims. Croats killing Serbs. Ukrainians massacring Poles.

    This is extracted from an article on the Urkainiain massacres of Poles in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia during WWII:

    “Villages were torched. Roman Catholic priests were axed or crucified. Churches were burned with all their parishioners. Isolated farms were attacked by gangs carrying pitchforks and kitchen knives. Throats were cut. Pregnant women were bayoneted. Children were cut in two. Men were ambushed in the field and led away. The perpetrators could not determine the province’s future. But at least they could determine that it would be a future without Poles”

    Timothy Snyder describes the murders: “Ukrainian partisans burned homes, shot or forced back inside those who tried to flee, and used sickles and pitchforks to kill those they captured outside. In some cases, beheaded, crucified, dismembered, or disembowelled bodies were displayed, in order to encourage remaining Poles to flee”.A similar account has been presented by Niall Ferguson, who wrote: “Whole villages were wiped out, men beaten to death, women raped and mutilated, babies bayoneted.”

    Almost all of the current borders of Europe were established through large scale ethnic cleansing. Europeans are the most racist people in the world, even among their own, and of course when they come across non-whites they behave even more badly.

    Again; blacks have been pretty forgiving of whites. And only whites have carried out mass genocides against other whites. Whites have more to fear from one another than they have to fear from non-whites. The historical record proves this.

    • KenelmDigby

      No you are absolutely and totally wrong.
      The differential rate of blacks victimising Whites as opposed to Whites victimising blacks is enormous, of the order of an order of magnitude or so.
      We are not talking about Europe or Ukraine here – any more than the Tai Ping Rebellion, it’s a different issue.
       In fact Whites volutarily atoned for slavery by fighting a war on behalf of freeing blacks, a war that devastated the states and killed hundreds of thousands of Whites.
       Contrary to what you write, there never was a mass campaign of Whites, the KKK or whatever killing and mutiliating blacks for te sake of it. A very small number of ‘lynchings’ occurred each years, during the height of ‘Jim Crow’, and the victims were invariably murderers or rapists (not that I condone extra judicial punishment). The number of such murders were but a tiny fraction of the annual black killing White murder toll that is generally accepted these days, or indeed the toll of black on black murders.

    • ncpride

      Blah, blah, blah….. Let me sum up this same old tired rhetoric from Wayne. What it boils down to is we White people today (and who knows how many more generations to come), in THIS century should just shut up about black on White crime, stop complaining about the daily murder, rape, assualt and robbery, and thank our lucky stars blacks have been so forgiving for any and all past injustice (no matter how far back) because we have it coming, we deserve it, and we should be ashamed of ourselves forever and ever amen! I suspect that’s what he really wants to say, but he knows that would sound a bit cruel to even the most rabid liberal.

      • Wayne Lo

         Nope….you should perhaps stop attributing every crime carried out by a black person to his race. In the same way you do not attribute white atrocities to some sort of defective genetic makeup of white people, neither should you do it for black people, or any other race for that matter.

        Historically whites have been every bit as violent as blacks. Blacks are over-represented in crime in the US for a variety of factors —past atrocties against them being one reason. Rightly or wrongly.

        • Carney3

          We’re not the most violent race.  When we do commit violence we’re very effective at it given our technology and organization.  But Stone Age primitives historically and today have a far higher death rate to violence than whites today or since the emergence of civilization.

        • ncpride

          You know what Wayne? I don’t give a sh!t about ‘historically’ this or that, or what same tired excuses are offered up to explain their criminal behavior… I just know that in 2012, they are still acting like a bunch of savages despite every effort to ‘fix’ it, and more and more Whites have had enough. If it makes you feel any better, I think mexicans are just as bad with their taste for chopping peoples heads off and such.

          • StivD

            Here and now is a lot more important than history. History can be hashed out later.

    • czynik

       You forget that during the ’30s we had Jim Crow laws and the KKK keeping black criminality in check. Today we have none of that, instead we have 4th July celebrations attacked by black mobs and people injured. And shameful tolerance of black criminality because we refuse to call it what it is.

  • Wayne Lo

    In case any of you have forgotten, this is what whites use to do to blacks – with utter impunity from prosecution:

    “Two thousand people watched as Sam was chained to a tree, stripped of
    his clothes, and his faced was skinned. Then parts of his body such as
    his genitals, fingers and ears were cut off. Afterwards, his heart was
    cut out along with his liver and and eventually sold in pieces. While
    being finally being doused with kerosene and set on fire, the rest of
    his body was cut into pieces and fought over as souvenirs. His bones
    were crushed and sold. Even the tree was cut done and sold in chunks. A
    grocery store displayed his charred knuckles. A sign was put up next to
    his ashes the next day that read, “WE MUST PROTECT OUR SOUTHERN WOMEN.” A
    local newspaper defended the lynchers, describing them as, “people who
    are intensely religious, and just. There is among them no foreign or
    lawless element.”

    Now tell me. Who are the real savage beasts? Blacks….or whites?

    • KenelmDigby

      In no way I’m defending the horrible actions described here.
      But was ‘Sam’ a rapist or a murderer?
      Suffice to say in those days there was very little black on White crime.

    • Afrikanerhart1

      Flagged for trolling.

  • Don’t forget the god-like reverence that is accorded the chairman of the Federal Reserve, by both Democrats and Republicans. Up until Bernanke’s reappointment vote, the Fed chairman was unanimously confirmed. When Bernanke was confirmed by an 86-14 Senate vote, more than a few pundits said how that was the “smallest margin of confirmation”, a Fed chairman was given.

  • Ingsoc

    Would you rather have the likes of Zerobama and Holder lord over these issues?

    Look at it this way:  Which is better for Whites?   A White man (weak as he may be) or avowed White haters like Holder and Zerobama?

    I’ll take my chances with Romney as the lesser of two evils, and you can bet if Zerobama and his gang of White-hating thugs gets back in it WILL be open season on Whites, the First and Second Amendments, the Economy, taxes on our wealth and earnings, more war… 

    If Zerobama appoints even ONE more to SCOTUS, perhaps two, we Whites will REALLY be in trouble.

    Is that worth the risk?  These people have got to be voted OUT or it’s curtains for us.

  • Wayne Lo

    Agree with you 100%. So why pick on blacks only?

    • StivD

      Because they’re here in the U.S. and they’re aggressive, often hostile to whites, and have a very corrosive subculture. They tend to be obsessed with white people in a dangerous way.

      Besides, plenty of people bring up the subject of harmful illegal Hispanics and the overall numbers of non-white immigrants.

      • JohnnyRussia

         You are one stupid cocksucker.

  • ed91

     you must be very young to think that……….. the system is very intricate.
    if you stand up and state your thoughts and feeling the media and the cops and most everyone else will label you a whack job racist………
    look at David Duke…………  stood up said what he believed,  and he was very quickly marginalized into a whack job………..  actually, much of what he says is very true…….

  • gemjunior

    Same here, I have nothing against Orientals but seriously believe Whites should be with Whites.  And not just because we badly need to increase our numbers, but I believe it is ordained by God.  I believe miscegenation is an abomination.

  • ed91

    I don’t believe very many asians think of being directly opposed to whites or white rights……..   I only have a problem with the horrible black culture of the u.s………..  I have met blacks from other countries and they are, for the most part, honorable people……  the usa black pop. goes all out in their hatred of whites to enrich themselves and they hate whites because it works and trying to compete with whites in other venues
    does not work………. so somehow, we have this horrible situation in the us……  but asia and asians?  I don’t like the politics of china but I have no problem with the individual chinese……. I can’t say that about blacks in the u.s…..

  • ed91

    I don’t live or think in your world……..

    to me that sounds not true, unsubstantiated and even foolish in some parts………

  • ed91

     perhaps I’m naive but I believe Western civilization can live in harmony with Asian culture/civilization.
    that’s not to say there isn’t problems now and then but asians are a remarkable people and have no reason to hate whites as a whole.

  • ed91

     not sure what a hapa is.
    yes, I would be the first to tell you we have a huge problem with mexico……..  the main problem is they just want to steal our wealth, and they are doing that.
    the la raza aspect is despicable….. 

  • Carney3

    What?  Why Australia?  Derbyshire has no connection to Australia that I know of, other than common British Isles ancestry.

  • ed91

     you need to travel the world a bit and you might smooth off some of your hard corners.

  • MekongDelta69

    Read my post again. I’m not deluding myself into anything. I know what Romney is and I know what NoBama is. Since those are the ONLY two (real) choices we have, I’ll hold my nose and vote for Romney.

    If you have a (viable) alternative, let’s hear it. Jared Taylor (and people like him) aren’t running, so that’s not viable. You can stay home if you want – I’ll take your vote and vote twice (like blacks, illegal aliens and dead people do). Whatever it takes to get this black muslim, white-hating marxist out of office.

  • JohnnyRussia

    You are a sick, twisted, racist motherfucker. 

  • KenelmDigby

    Is the moderator asleep or has the position vanished?

  • Yes, that advice to make a token Best Black Friend or two as a talisman against charges of racism was just plain silly.  It didn’t work for George Zimmerman, did it?  And he’s a genuine True Believer – or was; it remains to be seen whether he’s capable of learning from experience.

    I don’t believe Derbyshire ever admitted to being a racist, and especially not a “homophobe”. If he’s nothing else, he’s literate.  “Homophobe” is not even a word. If it were, it would mean someone who is afraid of people like himself.  I don’t believe such a condition has ever been  identified.

    He never said you shouldn’t help black people when they’re in trouble. He said you shouldn’t stop on a highway for black people who appear to be in trouble. That’s sound advice.  Many people who didn’t live by it, paid with their lives.  Yes, I endorse it wholeheartedly.  I go further.  Avoid all black people, all the time.

    Yes, I’m a racist. At least, I’m not a fool. And I’m not afraid of people like myself, either.

  • czynik

    Why does Yahoo show a “dangerous download” warning under the link to this website – is it an attempt by the leftists to keep people away or is there really a danger of virus programs etc