Posted on April 5, 2022

Verified Hate: Will Elon Musk Give Us Free Speech?

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, April 5, 2022

Tesla’s “TecnoKing,” Elon Musk, reported Monday that he is the biggest shareholder in Twitter. He has a 9.2 percent, about four times Jack Dorsey’s share. Mr. Musk has hinted that Twitter needs to loosen up its censorship. He is also a Twitter board member, and promised “significant improvements.”

If white advocates can express their views online without censorship, we win. You may disagree. However, the mere possibility that Mr. Musk may allow more free speech made progressives very angry, including some Twitter employees.

Elon Musk had mused in the past about buying or starting a social network to promote free speech. Former Twitter chief Jack Dorsey, who resisted calls for censorship longer than many other Big Tech leaders, recently said he regrets the role Twitter played in “centralizing” the internet. Mr. Dorsey said he is “working on” a more decentralized internet. That is good for us.

That said, many Americans don’t value free speech. President Joe Biden reportedly “assessed” Fox News as “one of the most destructive forces in the world,” and Rupert Murdoch was “the most dangerous man in the world.” The article that reported these comments said many of the president’s supporters blame Mr. Murdoch for “enabling” Tucker Carlson. Progressives are again trying to “cancel” Mr. Carlson, this time because of his views on Ukraine and American nonintervention.

The United States isn’t at war with Russia. Nonetheless, the hunt for “Russian agents” will probably keep leftists busy for a while. Many progressives really believe that certain people can’t be allowed to talk.

This makes progressives’ protests about the Hungarian election and Viktor Orban’s victory seem even more hypocritical and hysterical. Take Yale Professor Jason Stanley:

Academic Yascha Mounk, who writes on the “crisis of liberal democracy.”

Western governments routinely repress dissidents. They have clearly forgotten all about this. They are in no position to lecture others about “authoritarianism.” Still, the Washington Post wants the EU to punish Hungary, calling it a fifth column in Europe. If people vote the wrong way, it seems that a country is no longer a democracy.

Here’s a short vignette of life in post-white America. The whites watching this and the blacks fighting exist in two entirely different worlds.

Everything progressives don’t like is “fascism.” The progressives display the true “paranoid style” in American politics.

My old colleague Oliver Darcy, now at CNN, thinks what Fox chooses to promote is weird.

What’s far stranger is why interactions between blacks and whites become national news. Why was George Floyd anything more than a local story? Why was Amy Cooper, who called the police on a black man, turned into a villain by the press? Why do most national media outlets ignore even the most horrific black-on-white crimes? Still, Mr. Darcy is correct in implying that what stories a news channel promotes tells us a lot about what it wants discussed. I’d only note that  CNN, MSNBC, and others should look in the mirror before going after Fox.

One pro-white account posted a claim that whites may not be around in 500 years. Some non-whites celebrated. No such response would be tolerated if the target were any other group.

Finally, just some minor anti-white statements to motivate you.

Miss anything? Let us know. Stay safe.