Posted on October 14, 2021

Verified Hate: Twitter Never Fails Us

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, October 14, 2021

The original movie trilogy of The Lord of the Rings reportedly lacked diversity. The Southern Poverty Law Center promoted an editorial that complained it had too many “manly men who were whiter than white” and “Anglo-Saxon.”

Don’t worry. Amazon’s new version will have plenty of affirmative action elves.

The original book author, J.R.R. Tolkein, was a professor of Anglo-Saxon at Oxford. He wrote books about Middle-Earth to give the English a mythology of their own.

Today, even the name “Anglo-Saxon” has been “canceled” at Cambridge, as the International Society of Anglo-Saxonists renamed itself the International Society for the Study of Early Medieval England. “It has long been recognized [by whom?] that the term ‘Anglo-Saxonist’ is problematic,” the group said.

The J.R.R. Tolkein Society held a seminar this year to discuss themes of “transgenderism,” “diversity,” “anti-racism” and other topics. Essentially, the mythology Tolkein wrote for the British will be turned on its head.

Films like Black Panther are important because they give blacks a positive vision of themselves, but The Lord of the Rings is dangerous because it did the same thing for whites.

Whites must have nothing for themselves. A South African education official said this about Orania: “It will go” even if people “scream and shout.”

South Africa has many problems, most recently riots. The education official might worry about South Africa’s woeful level of reading ability, which is one of the lowest in the world. Instead, he can’t stand the thought of a booming, whites-only town in his country.

There was a minor Twitter controversy when some leftists decided to cancel Clint Eastwood for mocking an attempt by one “Sacheen Littlefeather” to lecture an audience about how to portray American Indians.

Miss “Littlefeather” has half-“Native” status. Her birth name was Marie Louise Cruz. White foster parents raised her. The “native” part comes from her father, who reportedly was an alcoholic who beat his white wife and children. Like Barack Obama, she identified with her more exotic part.

This post received more than 82,000 likes.

He doesn’t understand that we are far angrier at the capitalist and the government that doesn’t enforce the law than we are at hapless scabs imported to undercut the labor market.

“The Great Replacement” again. Suddenly the New York Times understands elections are a racial head count.

The ADL wants a discussion about race.

I have some books we could add.

Author John Scalzi:

I don’t think that if white people become a minority, we would get affirmative action, sovereign status as independent tribal “nations,” or set asides and special protections from the federal government.

Nikki Fried is a Democrat agriculture commissioner challenging Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

What is the lesson? The Spanish-language article accuses Governor DeSantis of “spew[ing] xenophobic rhetoric” and threatening democracy itself. The lesson of those countries is that when you import their people, you import their way of life. Instead of reclaiming “our democracy,” it would be nice if Americans could reclaim Florida. We fought hard for it.

As for this one, I can’t tell if it is satire or not.

The NAACP has found a red flag:

Don’t bother denying you are racist. It does you no good anyway. Don’t join a church that offers no salvation.

Some reliable favorites:

President Trump offered blacks far more than he did whites. By the way, has anyone asked Joy Reid if the FBI ever found those hackers she claimed wrote anti-gay slurs on her blog?

We aren’t the ones attacking Asians. If Asians are willing to be attacked because they think it somehow hurts white people, that’s their business.

Suppressed? That’s all we ever hear, along with Trail of Tears, Martin Luther King, and Japanese internment camps. Any real knowledge about what our people built you have to learn on your own time.

Remember the time a few years ago when a socialist tried to murder Republican congressmen playing ball, and wounded Rep. Steve Scalise? You would think a mass assassination attempt would have been a big deal, but it’s been almost forgotten.

That’s about all they talk about. Has Erin Oberby seen who runs Teen Vogue lately? Or British Vogue? Or Time, Newsweek, or US News?

It’s exhausting, all right.

Most people like where they live. This is a problem if you want integration.

Solving the problem of segregation will end climate change?

Finally, while I don’t agree with Karen (a slur against white women), this is the way some people really act.

Some of our opponents are literally insane. We won’t persuade them with facts.