Posted on December 11, 2020

Separation Is the Solution

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, December 11, 2020

What appears to be a political divide is actually a racial divide.

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Last week, my video was called “They Really Do Hate Us.” It was about the venomous, spiteful things Democrats have been saying since the election about Trump supporters. These Dems are very generous with a single-syllable word that rhymes with “duck,” and they make it clear they think anyone who voted for “the fascist” is barely human. In case they haven’t noticed, they are writing off the majority the white electorate.

This hatred takes the form of a political divide – Democrat vs. Republican – but it’s really a racial divide. If race weren’t mixed up in it, there would be nothing like this level of hostility. That’s because the main reason Trump voters are said to be despicable is because they are “racist.” The great anti-racist guru Ibram Kendi wrote this about the two sides in the election: “It is hard to imagine the enslaver and the enslaved being together in any elemental sense. . . .” Note the gentle blacks mourning George Floyd on the left and the crazed white supremacists on the right. Then he adds, “There’s no fighting for the soul of America. There’s no uniting the souls of America. There is only fighting *off* the other soul of America.” Whites are the soul that has to be fought off.

Jameelah Nasheed, who writes for Teen Vogue has a different view. “This election has proven that America doesn’t have a soul; it has Black people. We don’t deserve the weight of this nation and its moral failings, and this nation doesn’t deserve our grace.” White America has no soul, but black people will wash away our sins and save us through their grace.

Again, this isn’t a political disagreement. It’s about race.

The other great black guru of our time, Ta-Nehisi Coates, also thinks whites are hopeless. He says we believe in a demon religion called white supremacy, and adds, “I would like to tell you that such a day approaches when the people who believe themselves to be white renounce this demon religion and begin to think of themselves as human. But I can see no real promise of such a day.

These people clearly think white folks – especially if they voted for Donald Trump – are unspeakable. We can’t be saved. They’re beginning to sound like Thomas Jefferson. The man who wrote “all men are created equal” also wrote that once black slaves were freed, “the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government.” Isn’t that what these people are saying? We are so horrible, we can’t live together?

Ta-Nehisi Coates writes that “In America, it is traditional to destroy the black body—it is heritage.” If he believes that, why is he even here? He’s got enough money to live anywhere. Why isn’t he leading his people to safety, away from us? Surely, the only way blacks can be free from the menace of us soulless worshippers of a demon religion is to live apart from us.

There is another version of the whites-are-monsters view that is promoted by whites, the minority of whites who hate Trump supporters. They think the rest of us have to be reeducated so that we understand that we’re inherently racist and just can’t help propping up white supremacy.

The school district of Edina, Minnesota, hired the Hackman Consulting Group to train white employees in what the Hackman people call  “deep diversity, equity, and social justice issues.” This was the central message: “Whiteness is composed of White Privilege plus White Supremacy.” Stop the video and read this if you like. White people are the cause of all our racial problems and white people have to solve them.

You know who got this training? White janitors and bus drivers. Edina is 83 percent white and 2 percent black. But even the white janitors are propping up white supremacy and helping oppress the 2 percent. Wow. Wouldn’t this be all the more reason for non-whites to get away from us as quick as they can?

The odd thing is, they can’t seem to get enough of us. They keep insisting on moving into white neighborhoods and going to white schools. They want what white people built – and they can’t – but when they get it, it sure doesn’t make them like us. Here are black woman cadets at West Point in 2016, making black-power fists. Here’s the separate graduation ceremony blacks have every year at Harvard.

It’s the same with the non-whites pouring into the country. Why do they keep coming if white people are so appalling? Why do immigrants bring in their parents and children and brothers and cousins? Why aren’t they telling them: “Stay away from this ghastly place”?

It’s because they are much better off living in a country that white people built. They come because we made a better country than the ones they left behind. But once they’re here, they quickly learn to complain about how awful we are. They want America – but without those pesky whites.

Most people, like these members of a youth choir at a Korean-American church, prefer to be around others like themselves. At the deepest level, what unites people is not the color of their passport, but tradition, heritage, language, culture, and ultimately, blood. Foreigners come here because they want to be better off economically *and* keep their identities. This isn’t some place in the Middle East. This is a mosque in Dearborn, Michigan. Do these people look like they are trying to assimilate and become Americans? I don’t think so.

So far, I have been talking about the people who hate us, and especially hate white people who voted for Donald Trump. What are we supposed to think about them? Do we want to live in a country with so many people who think we’re inferior?

Although whites almost never say so, they are far more justified in wanting to live away from non-whites than the other way around. Blacks and Hispanics, especially, have high rates of crime, poverty, and welfare dependency. Any given black person is 47 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white than the other way around. A Hispanic is 6-1/2 times more likely, and an Asian is 16 times more likely.

Are whites better off – happier – because those people are here? No. Whites are angry and bewildered. After half a century of civil rights, affirmative action, welfare, minority role models, quotas, a black president, and now a black vice president, we still keep hearing that whites are miserable racists and that our country is nothing but a series of crimes. In their bones, millions and millions of whites want their own culture and community, too. They have a deep yearning to live with people who share their values, aspirations, and way of life.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a community or a state – or a country – in which you didn’t have to apologize for being white? To go to college and not be told that you are some lower form of life?

So, wake up, white people. There are millions of people who hate you, who think you’re immoral and unsalvageable. Well, if we’re so, so terrible, let’s work out some way to leave them on their own. Some marriages are so bad, it’s better to end them. In divorce, it’s called having irreconcilable differences. In America, we need a divorce. We need to stop trying to achieve the impossible. Next week, I’ll talk about how we can go our separate ways.