Posted on July 9, 2021

Verified Hate: Glorifying Death

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, July 9, 2021

Many leftists really do think Ashli Babbitt was a “terrorist” and, presumably, deserved to die.

Breaking into the Capitol was a bad idea. However, an unarmed woman didn’t deserve to be executed for it. Furthermore, when countless rioters looted, burned, and attacked people in the name of George Floyd they got away with their crimes. Floyd himself has become something close to a State Cult, but you can spit on Ashli Babbitt.

Ashli Babbitt died for someone who wasn’t worthy of her sacrifice. That doesn’t make her less of a martyr. It makes her death even more tragic.

Very dangerous? Not as dangerous as being shot in the neck. Or telling blacks everywhere that they are victims of white racism and wondering why crime skyrockets.

Haiti has continued its proud tradition of killing its political leaders. Naturally, this is our fault.

What happened in Haiti explains why Southerners feared emancipation. The centuries since have proved them right.



What wrecked the “wealthiest” nation in the Western Hemisphere, anyway?

Haiti is not important to us. To quote President Joe Biden: “If Haiti just quietly sunk into the Caribbean or rose up 300 feet, it wouldn’t matter a whole lot in terms of our interest.” (Imagine if I said that.)

Plenty of BIPOC tell us to go back to Europe.

Oh wait, we can’t do that. We have no homeland. Wherever you are, my European brothers and sisters, we are in this together.

Here is today’s reminder that American institutions aren’t opposed to racial identity or even racial nationalism. They are just opposed to them for whites.

La Raza in the building!

You shouldn’t be watching professional sports anyway.

Is she saying that whites adopt Indian babies so they can enroll in a tribe and get handouts? How’s this for a solution? No interracial adoptions.

David French, who has his own adopted non-white baby, has gone to bat for the far Left:

If anyone suggests that white racism doesn’t explain black failure, Mr. French has a rebuttal.

This whole thread is worth reading.

One progressive thinks the GOP represents whites.

This is absurd. The GOP panders shamelessly to blacks. A majority of the American public supports voter ID laws.

Some Republican politicos understand that they can win elections only if fewer non-whites vote. That’s why every election night turns into TV reporters drawing sweeping conclusions based on racial turnout. If Republicans understand this, why don’t they stop the broader demographic changes caused by mass immigration? Don’t they know that even strict Voter ID laws will eventually be swamped by demographic change?

Republicans do just enough to offend people, but not enough to change things. We must pressure them to act, if only out so they can survive. If Republicans lose all power, they become irrelevant, no matter how “respectable” they are.

You can wave all the pride flags you want, white homosexuals aren’t part of the Coalition of the Oppressed.

About five years ago, a black nationalist shot five police officers in Dallas. His motivation was racial. The closest thing we have to state media, National Public Radio, thinks the most important thing about him is that he was a “veteran.”

A group of “Moors,” black nationalists who repudiate American law and institutions, recently had an armed standoff with police. Police did not gun them down or treat them like Randy Weaver. The incident ended peacefully and got little media coverage.

You may have missed the story about a reported associate of the “Not Fucking Around Coalition” who shot an officer.

The national media paid far more attention to another story:

It’s nice to know they have their priorities straight.