Posted on July 4, 2021

A Declaration of Independence From Diversity

Brett Stevens, American Renaissance, July 4, 2021


When it becomes necessary for a people to separate from others, it should explain why.

We hold these truths to be self-evident: all people are created equal in the sense that we all have a chance to maximize the unequal abilities we are born with. We are each endowed by our Creator (whether God or Nature) with certain inalienable rights such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and when a policy such as diversity thwarts this, it is time to abolish it and separate.

Diversity hurts whites in the following ways:

  • Abolition of culture: When several racial groups share a country, society at large can have no culture, since it must accommodate every culture within it. Consequently, standards relax and eventually disappear, creating a permissive anti-culture based on tolerance for individuals instead of unity in behavior, values, and ideals.
  • Loss of social trust: If you have a single culture in your society, you know what behavior and attitudes are rewarded and which are punished. Without a dominant culture, everything offends someone. When your society goes multicultural, as sociologist Robert Putnam reports, people withdraw and stop caring about what happens to “the commons,” or the vareas shared in common among citizens.
  • Relativism: Culture is a reference point, but when this vanishes and pluralism or “agree to disagree” takes its place, no standards can be enforced since they will be seen as coming from one group and aren’t inclusive. The result is a permissive, amoral, promiscuous, and selfish society where people do what gratifies them and disregard the cost to others, the past, society at large, or the future.
  • Low-grade race war: The constant crime between racial groups reflects not the inherent criminality of these groups, but the constant conflict by which each group tries to beat down the others. In a diverse society, each group must conquer or be conquered.
  • Guilt: No two groups are equal in abilities and actions, so hierarchy is inevitable. This leaves the successful guilt-ridden and the unsuccessful resentful. Those at the bottom of society can then take advantage of that guilt and use it to their political advantage.
  • Loss of history: We cannot have a history because it will fail to include the histories of everyone. Consequently, our history will be awkwardly rewritten to include every group and its own myths. This happens at the expense of whites, which leaves us without knowledge of and pride in our past.
  • Impoverishment: With diversity, every action becomes politicized, because making diversity work becomes the main goal. As in the Soviet Union, the economy comes second to partisan politics, which use the economy to achieve ideological goals. Crime, corruption, quotas, preferences, and nepotism make us all poorer.
  • Instability: When a society is culturally unified, it generates a type of political system we rarely see: coordination without centralization. People know where they stand and what is expected of them. Diversity destroys this.

Our mania for diversity comes from the dominant philosophy of this millennium: egalitarianism, or the idea that humans are equal or should be equal — when we can observe that they are not. If whites want our civilization to survive, we must realize that diversity is one of history’s failed ideas, just like communism. When a policy produces nothing but failure, it must be stopped.

For this reason, we the undersigned — please sign your name, pseudonym, or FBI informant number in the comments below — pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor to overthrowing the cult of diversity. It has already ruined too much for us to refuse to oppose it for fear of being called “racists.”