Posted on June 27, 2021

Why Do Socialists Only Look Up — Never Down?

Chris Roberts, American Renaissance, June 27, 2021

The people who back nationalist politicians such as George Wallace or Ross Perot or Donald Trump are sometimes called “Middle American Radicals” (MARs). They believe the government favors the rich and the poor but leaves them out. I am a Middle American Radical.

As a MAR, I have little patience for the conservative view that the rich and powerful deserve to be at the top. The free market is imperfect, many of America’s elite are incompetent and —most importantly — hostile to us. Hollywood actors don’t deserve to be so dramatically better off than West Virginia miners.

That’s why I often find leftist publications valuable. Conservatives rarely analyze America’s “one percent,” but socialists do. Jacobin magazine recently published a long essay called “Take Me to Your Leader: The Rot of the American Ruling Class.” It brilliantly explains how America’s elites evolved and why some support Democrats while others support Republicans. Socialists also document corporate wrongdoing, such as the role pharmaceutical companies played in the opioid crisis.

However, socialists refuse to examine America’s equally hostile underclass. Corporations don’t make blacks attack whites. Greedy CEOs aren’t behind black anti-white hatred. “Capitalism” doesn’t make blacks and Hispanics more psychopathic and less intelligent, than whites. Middle American Radicals see the complete picture while socialists only look up.

Why is that?