Posted on April 13, 2021

Sights and Sounds: Business as Usual

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, April 13, 2021

Yelling at Cops with a Megaphone

Protestors demonstrate on April 11, 2021 in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota after the killing of Daunte Wright. (Credit Image: © imageSPACE via ZUMA Wire)

On Sunday, a white woman police officer shot a young black man, Daunte Wright, in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. The police chief said it was an “accidental discharge” and the cop meant to use her taser. City Manager Curt Boganey, who is black, said he would not fire the officer immediately and that she should get “due process.” Mayor Mike Elliot, who is also black, then fired Mr. Boganey and will probably fire the police chief, who is white.

You can watch the video. The woman probably couldn’t overpower Wright, so this could be another case in which “equality” led to tragedy.

NBC recklessly says Wright was killed because he was “driving while black,” his plates were expired. He also had an air freshener on his rear-view mirror, which is apparently illegal.

Wright also had an outstanding warrant. He was accused of brandishing a gun and skipped his Zoom “court hearing” last week. He doubtless knew he was in trouble and tried to escape. This led to his death.

It’s a tiresome story. George Floyd did the same thing, lying to police and resisting arrest, all on a lethal dose of fentanyl. There is a struggle, someone is hurt or killed, the national media push its myth of white supremacy, and cities burn. It is constant. Blacks looted some of the same businesses in Minneapolis they looted last year. When will it end?

Double Middle Finger to the Cops

April 11, 2021, Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. (Credit Image: © imageSPACE via ZUMA Wire)

As I write this, countless people are marching for Daunte Wright all across the country. Ashli Babbit, a young unarmed white woman gunned down at the Capitol on January 6, is all but forgotten.

Brooklyn Center is just 15 minutes from Minneapolis, where there are daily protests over the Derek Chauvin trial. At least one reporter tried to convince the police chief that there were no riots.

Here are some sights and sounds from the last two nights.

Middle Finger to Riot Cops in Minneapolis

A protestor holds up a middle finger in defiance to riot police. Protestors and City of Brooklyn Center Police Officers clash outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department in Brooklyn Center, near Minneapolis after the death of Daunte Wright by police. (Credit Image: © imageSPACE via ZUMA Wire)

Minneapolis last night after the curfew.

After the crowd refused dispersal orders, police used non-lethal rounds.


Brooklyn Center two nights ago:

Nothing says “sticking it to the man” like destroying a Dollar Tree. This is in Brooklyn Center last night.

Rioters and Brooklyn Center police exchange ordinance:

Protestors and City of Brooklyn Center Police Officers clash outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department on April 11, 2021. (Credit Image: © imageSPACE via ZUMA Wire)

People run as police attempt to disperse the crowd at the Brooklyn Center Police Department, late Sunday, April 11, 2021. (Credit Image: © TNS via ZUMA Wire)

Can we just force people like this to live with their pets?

Blacks have every right to protect their property and neighborhoods with firearms. However, what if looters hadn’t “stayed away.” Would a black man who fired his weapon get the Kyle Rittenhouse treatment? Why are police abandoning neighborhoods anyway?

Venezuela? Or Joe Biden’s America?

Meanwhile, in Portland, Oregon:

Representative Rashida Tlaib had a great idea.

I doubt she wants to release the Capitol protesters, nor does she want to abolish the Capitol Police, but let’s take her at her word.

White police cannot police black communities. Every interaction becomes a reason for riots. Whites cannot babysit ungovernable populations any longer. These riots show that many blacks so distrust whites that they do not accept the law’s legitimacy.

It is bad for blacks and whites to have to judge each other on juries. We are not peers and we do not look at the world the same way. This is why jury selection often focuses so heavily on race. Even lawyers who would publicly deny that race exists act like race realists.

Let Rep. Tlaib have what she wants. Let blacks police themselves if they can. They should also leave our towns and escape the “white supremacy” that hurts them so much. Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors’s should leave her new properties in white neighborhoods. Let her live with the “community.”

We still need to explain why looting is wrong. But it’s also time for action in defense of the European-Americans forced to subsidize the destruction of their country. This can’t go on, but no one will stop it unless we do.