Posted on March 24, 2021

Verified Hate: How the Lefties Coped

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, March 24, 2021

Last week, a murderer killed two whites and six Asians. Countless media outlets reported that this was terrorism against Asians. Racial organizers are using the massacre to build political power. The two whites don’t matter.

On Monday, a Syrian-born immigrant known to the FBI and who thought “Islamophobes” were hacking his phone killed 10 people. Few media outlets noted they were all white. The President did not bemoan anti-white violence. Instead, he wants gun control. Barack Obama blamed “racism” for mass shootings. Unless he means anti-white racism, he must be blaming whites for their own deaths.

When whites do something bad, blame their race. When a non-whites do something bad, which they tend to do often, blame the gun. If there is no gun to blame, search for “root causes.”

The corporate media tried to hide the worst scenes of slaughter after the September 11, 2001 attacks for fear of inciting “Islamophobia.” Now they give loving coverage to every crime committed by a white nut against a non-white, even if it had nothing to do with race. The ADL even calls some attacks against whites “far-right” crimes in their tendentious reports, which the media duly cite.

Whenever there is a violent crime, there is a waiting game to see if the killer is part of the “other’s side’s” constituency. The point is to promote guilt and punish enemies, but the campaign is one-sided – against us. Our opponents can’t wait to blame us, even as their attack on policing has led to a historic crime wave that has killed hundreds of the non-whites they claim to care so much about.

Look at how attitudes changed when the latest killer turned out to an anti-American, Muslim immigrant.

Let’s begin with Meena Harris, niece of the Vice President of the United States.

Before the suspect was identified:

Meena Harris White Male Shooters

Insecure men getting defensive


Of course, that is not true.

When this guy thought the gunman was white, he predicted that “mental issues” would be the laughable excuse.

A day later, the psychiatric angle became important after all.

Here is former West Virginia state senator Richard N. Ojeda, II:

Caleb Hull compiled a useful thread showing this kind of behavior.

An editor from Deadspin and USA Today:

Julie DiCaro White Male Shooters


Uh oh. He turned out to be a Muslim:

Actress Rosanna Arquette:

“Health activist” Dr. Oni Blackstock has not yet deleted this:

Author Jared Yates Sexton:

Who is “we”?

Rep. Ilhan Omar:

Here’s a Democratic activist with over 902,000 Twitter followers. His initial reaction:


This is a change of subject, but this whole thread is worth reading; it’s a sign of rising Asian-American victimhood.

Here are two tweets in particular:

Countless white Americans, including my own family, Anglicized their names when they came here. It was a commitment to a new country. People are free not to do that. Yes, names can be signs of identity and heritage, and they are precisely what whites are not supposed to have. At best, we get a lame civic nationalism, while everyone else takes pride in racial and ethnic identities – and gives the country that took them in grudging respect, at best.

Michelle Kim is making a whites advocate’s case. A nation is a people, not a passport, and blood is thicker than paper.