Posted on January 30, 2021

Immigration in the Age of Multiculturalism

Lipton Matthews, American Renaissance, January 30, 2021

Celebrate Diversity

Almost every political commentator says diversity is a strength. But can we truly say that diversity is an asset, when nobody expects immigrants to respect America? Historically, civil society and the government encouraged immigrants to view themselves as Americans. But the popularity of multiculturalism has solidified ethnic differences. Contrary to popular understanding, the ideology of multiculturalism does not aim at the equality of all cultures. The aim of the multicultural agenda is to generate contempt for America, and by extension, the West.

Proponents of multiculturalism subvert the traditions of Western societies, and view immigrants who have different traditions, as helpful in weakening the social fabric of American society. Immigrants aren’t just not required to assimilate, they are encouraged to forgo assimilation entirely. Even when certain immigrants display an eagerness to blend into American culture, elites insist on prioritizing cultural differences, and encourage them to identify as outsiders. To prosper, societies require collaboration, but immigrants who don’t integrate doom large-scale cohesiveness. Moreover, there is ample evidence that shows how diversity destroys trust. Human beings are tribal creatures and naturally skeptical of outsiders, so successful assimilation in America is unlikely as long as multiculturalism is viewed as a moral good. Despite the utopianism of leftists, diversity is usually an obstacle to progress of any kind. Without assimilation, immigration will prove to be a burden for Americans.

People who view themselves as strangers in a strange land are more likely to disrupt and damage society for personal gain. Why should immigrants respect the laws of America if it’s inherently racist? If America is unworthy of admiration, cultural cohesion can’t ever happen. Bringing foreigners from different cultures into this country and then teaching them to hate their new home is exceptionally stupid. Diversity is not only correlated with reduced trust but also intra-societal conflict. The radicalism of Black Lives Matter and the rise of other insurgent groups show that a future race war is not impossible — especially with radical leftists and the mainstream media stoking tensions. Adding more peoples unlike the historic American nation into the mix only makes this worse.

If mass immigration and multiculturalism worked well together, there wouldn’t be any hostilities between blacks and Hispanics. But that is not the case. Both groups see themselves as distinct races, not part of the same nation, and America’s school system and media encourage both to create their own communities, separate from anyone else. So instead of viewing one another as fellow citizens, they compete — often violently. Writing about racial tensions in Los Angeles, Professor Tanya K Hernandez notes that even African Americans who are uninvolved in gang warfare have been targeted by Latino gangs  as part of a greater strategy of ethnic cleansing driven by anti-black racism: “Federal prosecutors convicted four Latino gang members of engaging in a six-year conspiracy to assault and murder African Americans in Highland Park. During the trial, prosecutors demonstrated that African American residents (with no gang ties at all) were being terrorized in an effort to force them out of a neighborhood now perceived as Latino.”

Western countries, America included, are uniquely tolerant and inclined to trust outsiders. But other peoples have no problem expressing ethnocentric ideas. Citing researcher Jasmine Haywood, reporter Nicole Acevedo recounts the reality of anti-black racism among Hispanics:  “Anti-black sentiments are ingrained in our cultures in part because generations of Latinos were taught to seek partners that have a certain European or white phenotype or lighter skin to lighten their family trees.” Liberals want to ignore this, and go on believing that only certain whites hold any negative views of blacks, but as a society, America should be concerned about any belief newcomers might have that could cause ethnic conflict.

Maintaining a socially cohesive state under the aegis of multiculturalism is impossible. Although there are some economic benefits from immigration, multiculturalism’s disruptiveness can easily undo those gains. To ensure social cohesion Americans have no choice but to restrict immigration. A liberal immigration system undergirded by multiculturalism is a recipe for social collapse.