Posted on September 13, 2020

Why I Am (Reluctantly) Voting For Trump

Peter Bradley, American Renaissance, September 13, 2020

Finish the Wall

(Charlotte Cuthbertson/The Epoch Times)

After 25 years on the losing side, I finally voted for a winning candidate in the 2016 presidential election. It was my eighth vote for a president and my first vote for a Republican in the general election. Of course, I voted for Pat Buchanan in the Republican primaries but was never tempted by the John McCain-Mitt Romney-Bob Dole type nonsense typically offered by the GOP. I usually voted third party before 2016.

Donald Trump changed that. While certainly not a white nationalist, he proposed a Buchanan-like platform that appealed to many on the dissident right. “Build the wall” was the most popular chant at his rallies, and he sounded the right notes on many issues such as crime, immigration, and political correctness. He was not afraid to say “Muslim terrorism.” At one point he insisted on “All Lives Matter” rather than “Black Lives Matter.”

This might be about the best we can expect from a mainstream politician.

Mr. Trump has been a disappointment as president. We still have no wall. Affirmative action reigns, and he even campaigns on “criminal justice reform,” which lets felons out of jail. As Gregory Hood has noted several times at AmRen, President Trump has mostly governed like a standard Republican. He pushed tax cuts and de-regulation, paid for a “strong military,” and never misses a chance to single out and spotlight his few black supporters.

Mr. Trump was seemingly paralyzed by the Black Lives MatterAntifa riots that, along with the coronavirus, shaped 2020. Several speakers at last month’s Republican national convention even offered prayers and sympathy for George Floyd, the criminal whose death sparked the rioting. While Mr. Trump did condemn the rioters and vowed to declare antifa a terrorist organization (another empty promise) he looked weak and ineffective. He should have studied Pat Buchanan’s “Take Back Our Country” speech in the wake of the 1992 Los Angeles riots.

Partly because of this, I considered a write-in vote, but after more thought, I have decided to pull the lever for Donald Trump again on November 3.

Mr. Trump’s reelection at least offers the possibility of an immigration cutback, less affirmative action, a fight against big tech censorship, prosecuting antifa thugs, and weakening the leftism that controls every aspect of the nation. Last week, Mr. Trump ordered an end to anti-white, “critical race theory” training in the federal government. A small step, but is there any other Republican who would do this?

Speaking of Republicans, they have evolved into the de facto white party, despite not doing much to help us. Unlike the Democrats, they are not (yet) openly anti-white. If Mr. Trump is defeated, the GOP will blame his “white nationalism” and “racism.” It will start pushing and funding candidates such as Nikki Haley, Marco Rubio and other empty suits who have no hope of winning and will ensure Democratic dominance.

Finally, Mr. Trump is one of the few voices with a large enough audience to make headway against the dominant anti-white culture. He defended Confederate statues, put the blame for the riots on antifa, highlighted some anti-white racial attacks, and always defends the Founders. It’s enjoyable to watch his critics throw tantrums.

A Biden win would be disastrous. He wants free medical care, handouts and amnesty for illegals, “reparations” for blacks, more legal immigration, and would blame whitey and the police for black degeneracy. Just last week, he claimed a black man invented the light bulb.

Mr. Biden apparently wants to appoint the first black woman to the Supreme Court. She would no doubt be a race activist and rule against whites. The soon-to-be 79-year-old has also set Kamala Harris up to be his successor. As Republicans lose more and more seats in Congress due to population changes, who will be left to stop her?

As Jared Taylor has said, an America that is majority Third World cannot be made great again. I have no illusions about an American revival or the GOP becoming a voice for white activism even if Mr. Trump wins. But perhaps Donald Trump can learn from his mistakes, stem dispossession for a while, and actually start using state power to benefit the people who vote for him.