Posted on June 2, 2020

Sights and Sounds of Monday’s Riots: Day 7

Henry Wolff, American Renaissance, June 2, 2020

Rioters were especially active in New York City last night. Someone rammed his car into a police officer:

Is this New York City or Gotham City?

There was an “officer down” on Madison Avenue:

Some business owners fought back:

Rioters ravaged Fifth Avenue, including several flagship stores:

Times Square looked like something out of Blade Runner:

A police officer and a Good Samaritan were attacked:

A man in a wheelchair was beaten in Portland:

Here are Portland looters in action:

Rioters shot at police in St. Louis. At least four officers were hit:

The Purge continues to be a popular theme:

A business owner who sounds Asian confronted a looter:

To what lows can white people sink? Find out:

A rioter driving an SUV rammed two police officers in Buffalo, New York:

Some “protesters” blew up an ATM:

A Reuters journalist was attacked in the nation’s capital:

The military made its presence known:

Police in Hollywood apprehended a looter on foot:

One white man was attacked after denouncing the lawlessness:

This clip is from a few days ago, but we missed it at the time:

On May 31, a man drove his semitruck into a protest in Minneapolis. The Minneapolis Department of Transportation released this video today. The action starts at 14:30:

The driver has been released without charges.

What did we miss? Post the photos or videos in the comments below.