Posted on June 2, 2020

Twitter’s Claims About Identity Evropa and Fake Antifa Account Are False

Patrick Casey, American Identity Movement, June 2, 2020

For immediate release: Date: June 2, 2020.

From: Patrick Casey, Last CEO of Identity Evropa.

[email protected]

On Monday, June 1, 2020, an anonymous spokesperson acting on behalf of Twitter issued a statement that a fake Antifa account allegedly responsible for inciting violence had been linked to Identity Evropa.

This highly improbable claim is contrary to fact. It is absolutely false.

The unsubstantiated assertion was made without citing any alleged evidence upon which Twitter based such a dubious and inflammatory statement.

No effort was made by Twitter to verify its contentions. The issuance of such an unlikely claim without any effort to verify it would be the height of irresponsibility even in normal times.

To issue such a statement at a time when the nation is convulsed with violent riots under circumstances in which it could lead to injury and even death is not only irresponsible, it shows a callous and reckless indifference to the potential harm that could result to former members and officers of Identity Evropa.

The fake account in question was operated by a Twitter troll, who was never a member of Identity Evropa or associated with Identity Evropa in any way. This despicable person has a history of putting up false accounts. As part of his gimmicks he is known to incorporate the letters “IE” into the name of his accounts.

The incorporation of the letters “IE” does not provide any legitimate basis for linking this character to the now disbanded organization Identity Evropa. If someone inserted “Twitter” or “Twit” into his Twitter identity and proceeded to send out tweets encouraging violence against the police, would Twitter have believed it responsible to rush forward without a gesture of inquiry with a claim that Twitter was “linked” to the matter?

Identity Evropa suspended operation in March, 2019.

Identity Evropa is a defendant in a lawsuit pending in Charlottesville, Virginia, based on false contentions by the plaintiffs that there was a “conspiracy” to commit violence at the rally held there 3 years ago.

Integrity First for America, a leftist advocacy group which is maintaining and underwriting the lawsuit has already seized upon the untrue Twitter claim and widely distributed it.

This maneuver is calculated to taint the jury pool in the lawsuit, another fallout from Twitter’s recklessly irresponsible issuance of its false claim without any attempt to verify it.

There appears to be an organized effort by partisan politicians, advocacy journalists, and left-wing activists to shield the rioters who have shaken the nation from coast to coast in recent days by pushing a kooky conspiracy theory that “white supremacists” have infiltrated the rioters and are the “real” source of the arsons and attacks on policemen.

Neither Identity Evropa nor American Identity Movement have advocated, incited, or participated in violence or the fabrication of Antifa Twitter accounts. In addition to moral objections to such behavior, there would be no point in concocting such tweets when social media is replete with Antifa approval, incitement to and participation in such actions.

Both Identity Evropa and the American Identity Movement repudiate and condemn crime, violence and untruthfulness.

We demand that these media outlets and Twitter retract their libelous claims immediately.

Twitter’s refusal to withdraw its claim will be evidence of its reckless, irresponsible, malicious and willful behavior in issuing such a preposterous story without any effort to contact those it has accused.

For further information contact:

Patrick Casey

Last CEO of Identity Evropa

President of American Identity Movement

[Editor’s Note: Mr. Casey is reacting to the ridiculous claims made in, for example, this article that appeared today.]