Posted on June 7, 2020

A New Home for the Anti-Anti-White Left

Chris Roberts, American Renaissance, June 7, 2020

White advocates sympathetic to labor unions, universal healthcare, and Leftist economics will be pleased to learn of the recently launched website, “The Bellows.”  Their about page reads:

This is a key moment for the left in America. Ordinary people are souring on capitalism and neoliberalism and more are ready to fight in what’s been a one-sided class war against the poor and working-class.

Meanwhile, today’s media sites haven’t adjusted to new realities. What passes for much of left media these days are sites obsessed with identity, geared towards radical liberals, and embrace the worst aspects of cancel culture or read like dry academic journals—it’s just not enough. We want to be class warriors, not social justice warriors. We want free speech.

And we are certain that there are others out there tired of ineffective and theatrical politics more interested in symbolism, moral outrage, and de-platforming than actual material improvement for the vast majority of people.

Clearly, they intend to carry on the banner of what I dubbed the “anti-anti-white Left” in 2016, more commonly referred to as the “anti-woke Left.” As I wrote nearly four years ago:

They are a segment of the Bernie Sanders wing of the Left, socialists who oppose racial identity politics generally and the shaming of poor whites in particular. I call them the anti-anti-white Left. They are vehemently opposed to the Clinton family and mainstream Democratic figures such as Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid — whom they consider part of the exploiting class — and they attack capitalism, war, and almost every liberal pundit.

Needless to say, they are not race realists or white advocates, and they openly abhor what they call “racism.” However, they are so preoccupied with economics and class that they have little respect for theories about “white privilege,” or “authoritarian personalities.” Anti-anti-white socialists despise elite whites who live in “whiteopias” but call working class whites “racists,” and who promote economic programs like NAFTA that benefit them but hurt the working class.

The founding of The Bellows is excellent news. In the last few years, many publications that once promoted (though implicitly) anti-anti-white leftism have distanced themselves from it, most especially Jacobin magazine. The attacks many anti-anti-white writers receive has also taken its toll over the last half-decade. Many of them have largely stopped writing (e.g. Angela Nagle), been kicked off Twitter (e.g. Aimee Terese), and/or stopped using Twitter (e.g. Connor Kilpatrick) because their opinions were getting them in so much trouble. As the flotsam of the Bernie Sanders campaigns regroups into something new, let’s hope The Bellows helps pull them away from anti-white politics as usual.