Posted on May 29, 2020

Minneapolis Day 3: Sights and Sounds

Henry Wolff, American Renaissance, May 29, 2020

The Minneapolis riots raged through the day yesterday and into the early hours this morning. What follow are some notable sights and sounds.

Yesterday morning, Minneapolis already resembled a war zone:

In the afternoon, armed blacks stood guard outside their businesses:

In the evening, police arrested a CNN camera crew. The media have made much of the fact that the lead reporter is black, while leaving out that the two other arrested crew members are white.

Police promtly released the crew:

Come sundown, the riots picked up in earnest.

A fellow with a Mexican flag bandanna shared his view of white people:

An Amerindian shared a similar view:

Rioters played audio from the movie The Purge:

An Arby’s was torched:

. . . as was a Walmart:

. . . and a liquor store:

One black man asked, “Ain’t nothing left here. When we start coming to the suburbs . . . then what y’all gonna do?”

Rioters evidently hijacked several mail trucks:

The mayor ordered the police to withdraw from a precinct station, which rioters promptly burned:

Rioters chased the police as they left:

Riots also took place elsewhere. In Denver, a car ran through a line of demonstrators and swerved toward one of them:

In Louisville, Kentucky, seven people were injured in a shooting:

In Columbus, Ohio, rioters stormed the statehouse: