Posted on November 29, 2019

Should White Advocates Vote for Donald Trump in 2020?

Chris Roberts, American Renaissance, November 29, 2019

President Donald Trump has been for two and a half years. It has been depressing and infuriating. His betrayals have been so many that American Renaissance has now twice published thorough examinations of his tenure worthy of the title, “The Tragedy of Trump.” Here is Jared Taylor’s video:

Gregory Hood has written: “President Trump has governed like a moderate, while speaking like a hardliner — the worst possible combination.” Indeed, AR Staff even very nearly considered the man worthy of our “White Renegade of the Year” last year.

Yet, it is hard to see any reason how his defeat in 2020 would do us any good. Frequent American Renaissance contributor Robert Hampton tackled this issue last month at Counter Currents. Mr. Hampton asks: “If you think censorship and deplatforming are bad now, just wait until the state pushes it under President Elizabeth Warren.” He added:

Arguably, the best reason to want Trump to win reelection is the persecution issue. It’s true that Trump hasn’t done enough on this. Big Tech continues to ban his supporters and suffer no consequences, even though the President could use his executive powers to hit back. His Department of Justice has also unjustly pursued Right-wingers, such as the Rise Above Movement (RAM), while doing little about the antifa.

You may think this is bad, but it would get a hell of a lot worse under a Democrat. A Democratic president would probably pressure tech companies and banks to deny all service to suspected “White Nationalists.” Association with the Dissident Right could mean the loss of your gun rights under a Democratic president’s new red-flag laws. The Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security would be ordered to make White Nationalism their primary target, and investigate and prosecute many non-violent identitarians. . . .

If you believe greater persecution will lead to more resistance, then why haven’t we seen more resistance thus far? The answer, sadly, is because most whites simply don’t care, and they think it’s only a few “Nazis” who are being affected. There is zero evidence that Middle Americans will care more once we have President Warren.

Not only will the persecution not turn us into martyrs in the eyes of white America, but we won’t have access to the platforms we need to spread our message. The Rightists who want a Democratic administration the most will be the first to lose their social media accounts and domain hosting. Nobody can hear your message if you’re offline.

I find the these arguments irrefutable.

But maybe I’m missing something. Opinion on these matters in our circles is varied. In 2012, for instance, Gregory Hood was adamant that Mitt Romney must lose. In 2008, an entire issue of the American Renaissance magazine was devoted to the question of whether or not dissidents should support the McCain/Palin ticket. Before that, readers and writers had long been debating the relative merits of Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan, and the Constitution Party.

So, readers: what are racially conscious whites to do? How will you vote in November?