Posted on November 21, 2019

Why Are All the Major Contenders for the Democratic Presidential Nomination White?

Chris Roberts, American Renaissance, November 21, 2019

Democratic 2020 Candidates

Democrats will soon be voting on who should be their nominee for the presidency, and much to my shock, not only is the front-runner white, but the top four contenders are all white: Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren.

From 2016 on, many writers both inside and outside white advocacy circles began saying that Hillary Clinton would almost certainly be the last white Democratic nominee. Some examples:

The two Asian candidates — Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard — though interesting, have remained marginal, and it’s hard to see them breaking through.

The one Hispanic candidate, Julián Castro, won’t even be in the next Democratic debate.

The two black candidates — though neither are especially black — Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, are both stagnating in the low single digits.

It seemed certain that the party of the fringes, the party of “the Squad,” the party of immigration, etc. would run a non-white candidate, but now, it seems certain that a white man or woman will carry the banner.

Why were all our predictions wrong?