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“Our personality is determined by our DNA and reflected in our face.”

Huge study found associations with 74 genetic variants.

The white Genghis Khan?

Racial comparisons would be instructive.

Study ignored race.

Common gout treatment is more likely to cause severe reactions in Asians and blacks.

This process is known as “sympatry.”

The Intellectual Rot at the Heart of the Beltway Right


Conservatism, Inc. lashes out at what it refuses to understand.


Some “scientists” think data on IQ should be “rejected or suppressed.”

Researchers have made several new discoveries of genes associated with intelligence.

Medical students don’t understand race differences.

Farewell to Henry, Unz Review

Professor Henry Harpending–whom the SPLC calls an “extremist”–has died.

That’s true of Melanesians, at least.

Many experts consider “genetic-evolutionary factors” the leading cause.

“The DNA of blacks cannot be distinguished from the DNA of Asians or the DNA of whites.”

The modern-day Irish may not be Celts after all.

Only 5 percent of variance between students is due to teachers or schools.

Why are “intelligence genes” so hard to identify?

European ancestry has high correlation with intelligence and wealth.

The blank slate myth is surprisingly resilient.

Prolific psychologist was out front on race and IQ, too.

Some have even called for an end to twin-studies related to crime.

The haplogroup they belonged to now appears only in Asia and the Americas.

Gene variation is found only in whites.

Blacks most vulnerable, followed by whites, then Asians.

Science discovers the obvious.

Interview with a Pioneer


Richard Lynn reflects on a career of discovery and controversy.


Scientists find new evidence of a “failed dispersal” from Africa.

So are nicotine addiction and better blood coagulation.

Education’s latest silver bullet is a blank.

An entire haplogroup disappeared from Europe.

New paper claims that “racial classifications do not makes sense in terms of genetics.”

Scientists find gene variants related to being taller, healthier, and smarter.

Along with a new explanation saying race is a myth.

Our “behavioral immune system” may make us wary of foreigners.

But they wouldn’t be allowed to live more than 14 days.

Modern Eurasians kept the best genes from Neanderthals.

4,000 years ago, migration brought blue eyes to Ireland.

Those who study biology and crime are accused of “racist scholarship.”

Cap: As usual, liberals are afraid of the truth.

Gene “networks” may be governed by a common “master switch.”

Breitbart dethrones liberals’ favorite scientist.

Why is diversity necessary if race is a “social construct”?

You may be able to determine a person’s race by the mites on his skin.

Or it won’t be foolproof, at least.

Some want a temporary ban on the technology.

Scientists from 20 countries are gathering to discuss gene editing.

Researchers have tracked evolutionary changes in lactose tolerance and skin color.

Researchers uncovered 14th century remains with signs of the disease.

Researchers sequence 110,000-year-old DNA.