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Researchers say the cause may not be genetic.

Writer who gave a good review of A Troublesome Inheritance is fired.

“The greater a nation’s genetic distance from Denmark, the lower the reported wellbeing of that nation.”

As close as fourth cousins, on average.

Chimp intelligence testing is not complicated by bad schools or “other sociocultural complexities.”

Study confirms genes account for “most of the differences” in learning ability.

Admixture with Denisovans gave Tibetans a special gene that regulates the number of red blood cells.

Increased absorption of vitamin D may not have been the reason for lighter skin.

Nicholas Wade answers his critics.

Worse black outcomes are partly due to genetics.

Some groups are as different from each other as Europeans are to Chinese.

America in 2034


“The Narrative” will hold firm.


Researchers say genes contribute to higher obesity rates in Mexicans.

Black survival rates haven’t improved in 40 years, despite advances in treatment.

This genetically isolated group has grown from 200 to 200,000.

Nicholas Wade responds to critics.

The change coding for blond hair doesn’t appear to affect other traits.

A Weekend of Fellowship, Part I


Talks by John Derbyshire, Douglas Whitman, and Jack Donovan.


Graduate student tries to rebut New York Times former science editor.

Darwin’s Duel with Descartes, Evolutionary Psychology

Scholarly journal calls A Troublesome Inheritance “courageous but flawed.”

Stretch Genes, New York Review of Books

Reviewer of Wade book: race “is an especially dangerous subject.”


American journalists are terrified of racial differences.

The kind of objections we expected from anthropologists.

The Times critiques its longtime science writer’s latest book.

“By Giving a Definite Answer, People Will Say ‘Racism, Racism!’”


Nicholas Wade discusses the implications of his book.


Scientific American gives Nicholas Wade a fair shake.

Richard Spencer, John Derbyshire, and Jared Taylor talk about A Troublesome Inheritance.

Even controlling for income, blacks are 1.84 times more likely to get the worst kind of breast cancer.

Adapted from A Troublesome Inheritance.

Nicholas Wade “bravely explores the highly dangerous elephant in the room.”

Reviewer calls A Troublesome Inheritance “simultaneously plausible and preposterous.”

Individualists grew wheat; conformists grew rice.

“Klotho” gene improves intelligence throughout the life span.

Ed West reviews A Troublesome Inheritance.

Reviewer: A Troublesome Inheritance has the facts right, but readers may draw taboo conclusions.

A Troublesome Inheritance


Nicholas Wade’s blasphemous book officially goes on sale today.


Charles Murray praises this important book.

Says this will “threaten our humanity.”

Nicholas Wade’s book on race will be released next week.

It was extinction by miscegenation.

2014 American Renaissance Conference


A weekend of fellowship and commitment.


This may explain why Australian Aborigines are so different from other groups.

SES and physical activity level explain only 10 percent of the obesity disparity in women.

Black/white differences also included.

Penn’s Africana Studies Department to report the latest findings on race.

Intelligence test given to infants moderately predicts intelligence in adulthood.

“The human brain is . . . highly variable across the human population.”

Right and Left are matters of biology as well as ideology.

The Son Also Rises


The heritability of social status.

Reviewed by F. Roger Devlin