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More possibilities for eugenics.

“James Watson is one of the greatest biologists in the history of mankind.”

A fourth of the gene variants were never previously identified.

He was fired from all his corporate board positions and needs the money.

New crimes for a new era.

Charles Murray reviews two new studies that show parents have little effect.

36,000-year-old genome gives up its secrets.

Family dinners and bed-time reading don’t raise IQ.

In Central Europe lactose tolerance may have appeared only 3,100 years ago.

A Troublesome Inheritance: A Conversation with Nicholas Wade


Eugenics, the future of genetic research, and academic closemindedness.


Liberals Deny Science, Too, Washington Post

Many sociologists doubt evolutionary underpinnings of human behavior.

Scientists find two variants associated with violent crime. At least one varies by race.

Gene variants in Inuits that help digest fats also lead to hypoglycemia.

Those with two copies of the variant are 80 percent less likely to get breast cancer.

Dr. Murray says the “roof is about to crash in” on race deniers.

White lesbian mistakenly gets black sperm. Sues sperm bank.

$1.1M grant for a video game to “combat stereotype threat.”

It has to do with more than just intelligence.

This is a step toward race-specific drugs.

Maps portray racial mixtures of blacks, whites, and Hispanics by state.

Whites seem to have more visceral feelings of empathy.

But other scientists blame people for chimp violence.

Asians in America are more likely than whites to get type 2 diabetes.

Geneticists unravel some of them mystery of European origins.

Conservatives and liberals may smell different.

Modern humans arrived in Europe earlier than previously thought.

Race affects the progress of the disease.

Geneticists find three gene variants linked to IQ.

Races differ in fat distribution.

Conservatives have stronger reactions to negative stimuli.

The Flynn effect has probably been masking dysgenic trends.

What killed off the Dorset people?

Anthropologists battled Indians and the government for the right to study the 9,000-year-old skeleton.

Researchers critique one criticism of twins studies.

A single base pair mutation adjusts red blood cell production in Tibetans.

The guardians of orthodoxy are angry.

The more they practice, the more their genes make a difference.

Norwegian documentary explores racial differences in ability.

Lincoln read an 1854 book called Types of Mankind.

Researchers say the cause may not be genetic.

Writer who gave a good review of A Troublesome Inheritance is fired.

“The greater a nation’s genetic distance from Denmark, the lower the reported wellbeing of that nation.”

As close as fourth cousins, on average.

Chimp intelligence testing is not complicated by bad schools or “other sociocultural complexities.”

Study confirms genes account for “most of the differences” in learning ability.

Admixture with Denisovans gave Tibetans a special gene that regulates the number of red blood cells.

Increased absorption of vitamin D may not have been the reason for lighter skin.

Nicholas Wade answers his critics.

Worse black outcomes are partly due to genetics.

Some groups are as different from each other as Europeans are to Chinese.