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SES and physical activity level explain only 10 percent of the obesity disparity in women.

Black/white differences also included.

Penn’s Africana Studies Department to report the latest findings on race.

Intelligence test given to infants moderately predicts intelligence in adulthood.

“The human brain is . . . highly variable across the human population.”

Right and Left are matters of biology as well as ideology.

The Son Also Rises


The heritability of social status.

Reviewed by F. Roger Devlin

Whites’ brain lipid concentration differs from other races because of these genes.

Gene Linked to Low IQ, Medical Xpress

It negatively affects four percent of the population.

It has become impossible to ignore the biological basis of race.

The Biological Reality of Race


AR reissues our video on this important topic.


It can distinguish even between people from different parts of Finland.

Europeans were darker-skinned 5,000 years ago.

Science again confirms common sense.

They edited the genes to match an HIV-resistant variant found in 10 percent of whites.

Tall people are smarter on average.

Nicholas Wade Takes on the Regime


The troublesome persistence of genes and race.

Review by Jared Taylor

White children think black children experience less pain.

Mixed breeds are subject to more diseases.

Large study of surnames finds that, because of genes, “large-scale, rapid social mobility is impossible to legislate.”

Some ancestors of the 12,600-year-old Montana skeleton probably lived in present-day Germany.

Notes for Revolutionaries


Why the regime must fall.

Review by Jared Taylor

Small differences in genes can have profound biological–and political–consequences.

Harvard senior thinks “academic freedom” should be abandoned in favor of “academic justice.”

Science is making racial reality undeniable.

The oldest genome found in the New World is ancestor to 80 percent of American Indians.

Fascinating map explains genetic consequences of historic events.

They say it accounts for 0.5 percent of total variation in intelligence.

Are some taboos beginning to fall?

Genes from two groups help Tibetans survive at high altitudes.

The method is already being used to screen for genetic diseases.

There is some Spanish and Italian admixture in isolated East African tribes.

“If we ever do decide to genetically modify people, this is the tool to do it with.”

Some Neanderthal genes affecting skin and hair are common in non-Africans.

Light skin may have spread later than we think.

Bacterium strain is more likely to cause cancer if it evolved in a different region than the human host.

Race Differences in Intelligence


Jared Taylor discusses the evidence.


We hope to see you in Nashville this April.

So is adult aggression.

Is this why blacks in temperate climes have high blood pressure?

This is not controversial in China.

Study finds genes associated with intelligence vary by race.

Genes associated with intelligence are also linked to latitude.

There are detectable differences in their DNA.

Adolescent brain reorganization takes place up to 10 years earlier in girls.

Whites share a gene mutation for light skin with some Middle Easterners and Indians.

Amerindians and Hispanics are most likely to have the variant.

Nicholas Wade’s book–to be released in May–is sure to cause a huge stink.

Black women have slower metabolisms.

A British study has some surprises.