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DNA finally proves it.

Researchers find a causal relationship between genes and education level.

Northern Japanese are smarter, taller, and lighter-skinned.

The alleles they don’t have are as important as the ones they do have.

It genes, not lifestyle, that make smart people live longer.

Some mature faster than others.

New book is a tribute to J. Philippe Rushton.

Study of 12,500 twins finds academic performance is between 54 and 65 percent heritable.

They pulled ahead in the last few centuries.

Drug companies seek cures in the DNA of people with rare genetic mutations.

Researchers discern race by brain shape.

British Pakis: 3 percent of births; 30 percent of genetic disease.

Men are over-represented at the extreme ends of the bell curve.

And those genes differ by race.

Race is not a mere “social construct.”

Homo Sap and Neanderthal were interbreeding for at least 10,000 years.

He was an Indian despite the shape of his skull.

The Anti-Science Left, Real Clear Politics

John Stossel says liberals are afraid of race differences in IQ.

“Racists” in study could say they have no Arab ancestry.

Study tries to answer whether it was a migration of people or ideas that created civilization.

Researchers may be able to develop treatment tailored for those with Mayan genes.

New gene-editing technique is “turning everything on its head.”

Gene technology could be used to create “designer babies.”

Leading science journals cited ethics in rejecting paper on editing human embryonic genes.

Genes associated with intelligence have high correlation with national IQs.

Study of income and brain size does not control for IQ of parents.

Scientists draw genetic conclusions about the entire population of Iceland.

MRI measurements are highly correlated with tested IQ.

Researchers find more genes tied to intelligence.

Researchers say genes influence likelihood to commit sex crimes.

It may have happened less than 8,000 years ago.

Researchers find correlation, media report causation.

Genes explained 54 percent of variance in injuring a partner.

They found out he had written for unauthorized publications.

The British remain sons of the soil.

Mozart promotes gene activity related to learning and memory.

The Feel-Good Gene, New York Times

Not equally distributed in all races.

Andean population is particularly good at ridding the body of arsenic.

Article on the Flynn effect cites Arthur Jensen and Richard Lynn.

White Advocate Has Genes Crunched


Gets (mild) surprise.


Americans have the right to know their genetic profiles.

East Asians have between 15 and 30 percent more Neanderthal DNA than Europeans.

Americans don’t think a baby’s genes should be altered to increase intelligence.

New study finds more genes that are partly responsible for intelligence.

A second woman would supply healthy mitochondrial DNA.

It will include gene sequencing for a million volunteers.

55,000-year-old skull found in Israel resembles those of the first inhabitants of Europe.

Two Paths, Unz Review

Whites and East Asians evolved different senses of justice.

Determining a suspect’s appearance will no longer require a witness.

Want a beautiful, intelligent, blue-eyed baby? Science could let you choose.