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One brother was arrested previously on terrorism-related charges.

The problem is elites who refuse to act.

A kebab shop was attacked.

Anjem Choudary explains why Muslims kill.

They shouted “Allahu Akbar,” and “The prophet is avenged.”

Charlie Hebdo has been infuriating Muslims since 2006.

The Real Threat Is Islam


How many corpses will it take before our rulers recognize the obvious?


French unite against Islamic terror.

Book is about France under Muslim rule in 2022.

Éric Zemmour says Muslims should be deported “to avoid civil war.”

May be another Muslim attack.

They will be fighting Muslim terror.

. . . who are opposed to replacement by aliens.

On Saturday, another Muslim attacked police officers with a knife.

Says all Europeans have a common enemy in multiculturalism.

The National Front has forged close ties with Russia.

Europeans converting to Islam.

Forty Years that Unmade France


French bestseller chronicles decline of La Grande Nation.

Review by F. Roger Devlin

One analyst says she will make the second election round “without a doubt.”

He says it was a problem of “imperfect semantics.”

Mayor of Calais blames Britain’s “attractive regime.”

“It’s time to wage war on this phenomenon.”

French film that fights “racist stereotypes” is still too hot for Americans.

Marine Le Pen’s party goes from strength to strength.

“We want to stop the immigrant invasion not just in Calais but in the whole of Europe.”

54 percent to 46 percent.

Photo of pre-school students included only one white face.

Africans trying to sneak into Britain riot.

She is one point ahead of Nicolas Sarkozy.

Party and former candidate will appeal.

French activists are facing criminal charges for occupying a mosque construction site.

Al-Qaeda operative also wanted to target “the modest and poor French population.”

A Weekend of Fellowship, Part 3


Talks by Adrian Davies and John Morgan.


Other countries are refusing to be displaced by immigrants.

The National Front will be the fourth largest party in European Parliament.

An estimated 2,000 “Europeans” are fighting in Syria.

Unlike the protests against homosexual marriage.

Neither wants to associate with anyone too “extreme.”

The European Elections


A promising shift to the Right.


Nationalists find inspiration in Russia, not the US.

His party is polling behind the Front National for the EU elections.

2014 American Renaissance Conference


A weekend of fellowship and commitment.


At least the police have the right attitude.

But some Frenchmen are fighting back.

New rules in the 11 towns the National Front controls.

Gains could be significant in the May elections.

The Front won 1,200 municipal seats and probably have mayors in 8 cities.

Secession and independence movements are flourishing.

More detailed results of the French elections.

Could win mayoral elections in 10 to 15 mid-sized towns.