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For the first time ever.

African priests for white French congregations.

France Laid Waste


Immigration and crime in la belle France.


Bought with stolen money.

Our guess is they are both guilty.

Dual citizens engaged in “black jihad” can move freely in and out of France.

Moroccan-born French minister wants to clamp down on free speech.

“Despairing youths” are to blame.

The amount given to immigrants who want to go home will also be reduced.

“From the looks of it, you could think this is Tehran or Beirut rather than the French capital.”

“Black rights” group wanted one of their own.

“Islamophobic acts” are up 42 percent from last year, according to the “National Observatory of Islamophobia.”

French media were less willing to report.

43 percent of Frenchmen see Islam as a threat to national identity.

Group demands a referendum on immigration and the building of mosques in France.

France’s ruling Socialist Party appoints black “anti-racism activist” as party head.

Interior Minister: “French nationality should not be sold-off or reserved for the elite.”

France to Ban Homework. Really., Wall Street Journal

All in the name of achieving “equality,” of course.

Pointing out cultural clashes is “inflammatory.”

The French are beginning to wake up to anti-white racism.

Aimed at “bringing African talent to a global audience.”

People were stepping on projected verses from the Koran. One woman is slapped because of it.

71 percent of Frenchmen support the ban.

Will Muslims decide what can and cannot be published in France?

Ex-police chief said the city had suffered 50 years of immigration.

Breivik was responding to dispossession.

Most will be deported back to Romania.

16 officers injured during mass “youth” riot.

Even socialists send gypsies home.

Four arrested after defying police released because of Ramadan.

Perps released by French police as “a gesture of appeasement during the holy month of Ramadan.”

Document reveals US Embassy’s goal of spreading egalitarianism in France.

She won one of two seats for the National Front–their first in parliament since 1986.

Exit polls show the party more than tripling its support since the last parliamentary election.

Patriots and police beat back the thugs.

“Anti-white racism against the native French is causing havoc.”

French Christians attacked by young men of “north African descent.”

But mostly right.

Socialist candidate pretends to care about the French.

Strange tales of “conservatism” in France.

Nationalist right growing all across Europe.

Too little, too late, it seems.

Probably not, says the Economist.

One in five French voters chose the National Front candidate.

When it comes to national identity, Sarkozy “betrays his increasingly impotent opportunism.”

More than any other French presidential candidate.

The French taxpayer supports foreigners.

“The results [of the poll] are extremely worrying.” But what of the violent “youth”?

The ones he considers radical, at least.

The side lefties ignore.