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Police fire teargas to control rioting migrants.

Actor was imploring Britain to accept children from the migrant camp.

“What we endure is unimaginable.”

Prime Minister: Over 2,000 French residents are affiliated with jihadi networks in Syria and Iraq.

Breitbart reports on the French Identitarians.

They’ll just set up camp elsewhere.

A woman he was with fled the scene, but was then caught.

France has thwarted six terror plots since the Paris attack in November.

“Refugees” chant “fuck you” and shoot fireworks at police.

Chinese Reflections on Europe


Why have Europeans lost their racial consciousness?


Migrants are being evicted from the “Jungle” camp in Calais.

“In the wrong hands this footage could be used irresponsibly.”

Mosque closed after Paris attacks will remain shuttered.

He had a picture of the ISIS flag and a fake suicide vest on his body.

90,000 security guards. 940 burned cars.

New details emerge.

They’re suspected of being radical Muslims.

The phony Right and the Left united against them.

Frenchman, European, White Man


Dominique Venner and the fate of Europe.

Review by Jared Taylor

The Socialists have backed rival conservatives to keep her and her aunt from office.

The party had high support even before the Paris attacks.

Party is leading in six of 13 regions in “historic” election.

Police have seized 334 weapons and made 263 arrests.

Party may gain control of several regions.

Big surge in flag sales and military enlistments.

He wants a renewed sense of French identity.

Gavin McInnes finds that the French are living in dreamland.

Marion Le Pen is polling 10 points above her nearest competitor.

Yes, due to dysgenic fertility and non-white immigration.

His female cousin set off a suicide bomb during the pre-dawn raid.

Says it’s the country’s “humanitarian duty.”

NPR runs 4.5-minute interview with Marine Le Pen.

She’s France’s youngest MP.

Officials now say three terrorists may have posed as refugees.

Suggests renewed surveillance of mosques suspected of radicalism.

Interior minister wants “systematic and coordinated checks on borders inside the European Union.”

Terrorists went out of their way to kill people in wheelchairs.

Some were “refugees;” others French citizens.

Police seize a rocket launcher, flak jackets, and weapons caches.

The Paris attacks were just one of many this year.

He arrived on the island of Leros in early October.

Eight terrorists killed 130 people, wounded at least 300.

The only solution is the de-Islamization of Europe.

It is the most deadly attack in modern French history.

Terrorists have taken over 100 hostages.

Calais wants to spruce up its image.

French mayor dares to want France only for the French.

She overwhelmed her accusers.

They now defend both the nation and the working man.

Charity realizes “migrants” are just looking “to get money and a better economic situation.”