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Compares black justice minister to a monkey.

Black French newsreader finds “deep-seated racism” in France.

French novelist: “I have lived in France for 1500 years.”

Caribbean countries want reparations from France, Britain, and the Netherlands.

The US still tops the rankings–only because of our large population.

War of words breaks out in France.

She expects record gains for Euro-sceptics in the next Euro-elections.

National Front could become the leading party.

She says she is ready to be President.

Socialist candidate for mayor wants to fight violent crime and drug dealers.

He doesn’t think the Gypsies can integrate.

The ruling Socialist Party says this is “inciting violence.”

Conventional parties are in a panic.

He dared suggest that France will need immigration reform . . . in ten years.

Why Are Europeans More Racially Aware?


History and national character explain a lot.


Husband tried to strangle arresting officer.

US-based company bows to French speech laws.

A Gallic earthquake in the making.

Dominique Venner’s message to the West.

The socialists threw their support behind the center-right candidate to help him secure victory.

European Parliament legal committee votes to strip her of immunity.

She may be prosecuted for comparing Muslim street prayers to the Nazi occupation.

Victim was told “This is a place for Arabs.”

White Man Visits the Black Republic


Reissue of classic work on Haiti now available through AR.

Review by F. Roger Devlin

Death on the altar of Notre Dame.

It appears to be an attempted copycat of the slaying in Britain.

French Identitarian: “I give myself over to death to awaken slumbering consciences.”

Bill says “the word ‘race’ has no scientific validity. . . .”

For the first time ever.

African priests for white French congregations.

France Laid Waste


Immigration and crime in la belle France.


Bought with stolen money.

Our guess is they are both guilty.

Dual citizens engaged in “black jihad” can move freely in and out of France.

Moroccan-born French minister wants to clamp down on free speech.

“Despairing youths” are to blame.

The amount given to immigrants who want to go home will also be reduced.

“From the looks of it, you could think this is Tehran or Beirut rather than the French capital.”

“Black rights” group wanted one of their own.

“Islamophobic acts” are up 42 percent from last year, according to the “National Observatory of Islamophobia.”

French media were less willing to report.

43 percent of Frenchmen see Islam as a threat to national identity.

Group demands a referendum on immigration and the building of mosques in France.

France’s ruling Socialist Party appoints black “anti-racism activist” as party head.

Interior Minister: “French nationality should not be sold-off or reserved for the elite.”

France to Ban Homework. Really., Wall Street Journal

All in the name of achieving “equality,” of course.

Pointing out cultural clashes is “inflammatory.”

The French are beginning to wake up to anti-white racism.

Aimed at “bringing African talent to a global audience.”

People were stepping on projected verses from the Koran. One woman is slapped because of it.