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Every day, you hear it ad nauseum: “Diversity is our greatest strength!” From the president and the media down to your school administrators and professors, everyone parrots the fashionable view that diversity is a miracle drug that can cure all our problems. But what if diversity isn’t a strength at all? Instead, what if it’s a source of tension and conflict? Decide for yourself.

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In 2007, distinguished Harvard academic Robert Putnam wrote an article about diversity based on his extensive research. Much to his dismay, he found that racial and ethnic diversity destroys community trust. Read more about his findings here.

Also, be sure to read our three-part series on the dangers of diversity. Part I shows the lengths American elites have gone to express their support for diversity. It also describes widespread school violence that has resulted from mixing black and Hispanic students. Part II recounts more incidents of violence that were the result of racial diversity, particularly in prisons. Part III covers the tension diversity brings to the workplace.

Each day, we publish news stories about racial issues from all over America and the world. Here are all the news items related to issues of racial diversity.

The myth of diversity is just one of the untruths aggressively marketed by our politically correct society. We’ve compiled a whole list of heretical racial topics and articles here that would make your sociology professor’s head spin!

You may also be interested in reading White Identity by Jared Taylor, the editor of American Renaissance.

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