Posted on April 1, 2022

Want Equity? Punish White People.

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, April 1, 2022

Legal scholars have the perfect solution.

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I have already made videos on cities and states that have stopped enforcing certain laws only because non-whites – especially blacks – break them so often. For example, riding the subway without paying. Fare-beating has been decriminalized in San Francisco, Seattle, New York City, Washington DC, Portland – in the name of racial justice. Black Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley has introduced legislation to make the federal government pay for free mass transit all over the country.

That would give “Black and brown riders the freedom to navigate their community without fear.”

Without fear of having to pay.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles and San Francisco are filled with tent-city slums because of decriminalization: you can loiter, drink, turn a trick, defecate, litter – do it all night if you like.

In some cities, shoplifting laws aren’t enforced anymore – in the name of racial equity – so stores shut down rather than suffer constant losses.

Some libraries have stopped charging fines for late library books because non-whites don’t turn in their books on time.

Bicycle helmets save lives, but people of color are less likely to wear them. That means they are more likely to break helmet laws and be fined. That is why Seattle, Tacoma, and Dallas have repealed helmet laws. And those traffic cameras that snap your picture when you run a red light – they are catching too many non-whites.

Miami and Rochester, New York got rid of their cameras in the name of racial equity, and Chicago and Washington, DC are under pressure.

But there’s a problem with decriminalization. You no longer have the embarrassment of having to punish all those minorities, but your city may become unlivable. Likewise, bike-helmet laws and traffic cameras save lives, so racial equity has a real cost. Isn’t there some way to achieve equity and still get the benefits of rules? There is. Washington State leads the way.

Last April, the state passed a law that requires training for teachers and administrators so they can root out institutional racism by learning the difference between equality and equity.

The Clover Park School District in Lakewood, Washington takes this seriously.

Like every other school district, it punishes black and Hispanic students more often than white and Asian students. This must stop. The Clover Park district could have followed the examples I gave you earlier, and stopped enforcing the rules for everyone, but students would run wild and schools might be as chaotic as the streets of San Francisco and Seattle.

Clover Park found the perfect solution. At a meeting earlier this month, the school board took a vote, and now, “Washington schools adopt race-based discipline, white students to get harsher punishment.”

If only blacks and Hispanics are slugging teachers and getting week-long suspensions, then you can even things out by giving white kids week-long suspensions if they swear in class. Equity will be achieved.

This is how you can solve all the other problems I mentioned. You get tent-city slums if you don’t enforce certain laws. Well, just arrest the whites. I bet half the bums in Seattle are white.

If you arrested all of them, you would be rooting out institutional racism and achieving equity – and you’d solve half the bum problem overnight!

It’s the same for traffic cameras. Make only whites pay the fines. The city gets revenue, white people drive more safely, and non-whites are not unfairly burdened with enforcement. The same goes for fare-beating, library fines, bicycle helmets – all of these regulations that perpetuate systemic racism.

The Clover Park School District can be a model for the whole country. In fact, the district is putting into practice sophisticated legal theories that make racial equity the very purpose of the law itself.

There are now top law schools that require students to take courses that explain why America’s laws are inherently racist and why they may look neutral but are actually oppressing people of color.

Like laws against fare-beating or public urination. The dean of UC Irvine law school, L. Song Richardson explained the need for these courses: “Dismantling centuries of Anti-Blackness and racism will not occur overnight, but we must commit to action and not simply platitudes.”

As Dean Richardson explains further, “I am passionate about redefining, reinventing and reimagining the future of legal education.”

In case law schools don’t voluntarily redefine, reinvent and reimagine, the American Bar Association, which accredits law schools, now requires two such courses for graduation. As this article notes, “Law students now required to learn about their duty to ‘eliminate racism.’”

Eliminating racism is a lawyer’s duty, and there are many ways to do it.

The Federal Trade Commission is supposed enforce antitrust laws and protect consumers. Commissioner Rebecca Slaughter says, “I don’t think there has been nearly enough discussion about whether our #antitrust laws can play a role in racial equity. I think the answer is YES! #Antitrust can and should be #antiracist.”

As she explains, “There’s precedent for using antitrust to combat racism. E.g., South Africa.”

Just like the South Africans, she would protect some consumers more than others. ­­

How about neutrality on the bench? Meet Shannon Frisson, Massachusetts Superior Court Judge.

During the BLM riots, she promised on Facebook that she would “never be silent or complicit again, in any courtroom or any context.” “As the very keepers of justice,” she wrote, judges “not only stand with the protesters—we fall with them.” She has been arrested for beating and terrorizing her wife, but her zeal for justice is undiminished.

Also during the BLM riots, the Supreme Court of Washington state issued a letter to all judges and lawyers, explaining that blacks suffer from “persistent and systemic injustice.”

It went on: “As judges, we must recognize the role we have played in devaluing black lives,” and urged judges at all levels to strike down “even the most venerable precedent” if racial justice requires it.

In a first-rate article called “The Takeover of America’s Legal system,” Aaron Sibarium quotes a defense lawyer who explains what this means for how justice will work:

“The same people who are anti-incarceration for some defendants will support life plus cancer for others.”

Does that make you think of Jan sixers and BLM rioters? White “racists,” of course, are the most vicious possible defendants, so they are the top candidates for “life plus cancer.”

And this takes us back to the Clover Park School district.

School discipline, like the law, is inherently racist, so it has to be applied in ways that beat down white privilege. That means harsher punishment for whitey.

As I noted, this solves all the problems I mentioned earlier. You get a real mess if you stop enforcing laws for everyone. Just stop enforcing them against favored minorities while you throw the book at white people. You get racial equity and reasonably clean streets. Problem solved.