Posted on December 25, 2020

Do White People Have a Future?

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, December 25, 2020

Not unless they decide they have a right to one.

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What are the prospects for white people? This isn’t a trivial question, because all the indicators are bad. It’s not an exaggeration to say that unless white people start thinking about their future as a people, they’ll have no future at all. Does that sound ridiculous? Well, it’s a fact, and here’s why. There are nearly 7.8 billion people in the world, but as you can see from this table, only 9.59 percent of them live in Europe and 7.6 percent in North America which includes Mexico. If you take out the non-whites who live on those continents, and you add the ones who live in other parts of the world, whites turn to be – maybe – just 13 or 14 percent of the world population (source).

And white people are not having enough babies to maintain their populations. In any group, every woman needs an average of 2.2 children in her lifetime to replace herself and her husband and to make up for people who die before they are old enough to have children. In the United States, the average white woman has only 1.64 children. In Europe, the average woman has only 1.6 children, and that includes the millions of higher-fertility Muslims and Africans who live in Europe. Populations that don’t replace themselves die out.

No other racial group is failing to maintain itself. Black African woman, for example, have an average of 5.1 children each, and the women of Niger, one of the poorest countries in the world, have an average of 6.5.

This graph shows populations on different continents over time. Look over at the left, 1950. The green line in the middle is Europe and the red line below it is Africa. In 1950, there were more than twice as many Europeans as Africans. There are now already a lot more Africans than Europeans and by mid-century, there will be twice as many. By the end of the century, there could be more Africans than Asians, who are the other green line at the top. North America and Latin America are hardly growing at all.

Africa, especially black Africa, is not a pleasant place to live, and a rapidly growing population won’t make it more pleasant. Millions will want to move to Europe – or to the United States – as they already have.

It’s not just Africans. Large numbers of Asians, Latin Americans, and Middle Easterners are constantly moving into traditionally white countries. This graph is a projection of the racial percentages of the US population for just the 30 years from 2015 to 2045. Whites, the blue part of the column at the bottom, drop from over 60 percent to less than half. If this graph went back to 1965, it would show that whites were close to 90 percent. So, whites are going from overwhelming majority to minority status in just 80 years. In the animal kingdom, this is called loss of habitat to competing organisms.

One of the consequences of this change is that every year since 2013, more non-white babies have been born in the United States than white babies. So, although whites overall are still the majority, since 2019, there have been more non-white children under age 16 than white children. America’s future is already non-white.

Whites are also declining in numbers through mixed marriages. Opposition to mixed marriages has dropped dramatically over the years, and the results are also dramatic. As you can see from the top line of this table of black/white marriages, in 1980, there were 167,000. In 2009, more than half a million.

The media promote black-white intermarriage, and it is considered hateful to oppose it. White/Hispanic intermarriage is even more common, so that today, about one in ten whites now marries someone of a different race. Fifty years ago, almost no white people married outside their race.

White traits are recessive, which means that the children of black/white mixed marriages cannot have the coloring of the white parent. Barack Obama, is an example. He had a Kenyan father and a white mother. He considers himself black. If this couple has a child, it cannot have blond hair or blue eyes. It will look a lot more like the father than the mother. It took at least 40,000 years for the light coloring of Europeans to evolve. It could disappear in one generation.

So, what are the prospects for whites in America? I once debated Prof. Wilfred Reilly of Kentucky State University on whether diversity is good for America. He said it was, and one reason was that with increasing diversity and intermarriage, in 200 years there will be no more white people in this country.

I don’t want whites to disappear. But if I proposed any measure at all to keep whites from disappearing that would make me a hate monger. Restrict immigration, encourage whites to have more babies, discourage intermarriage – just thinking about those things makes you evil.

But I think all human diversity is wonderful. It’s a pity that there are hardly any purebred American Indians left, and no one complains if the Hopi or the Cherokee want to maintain their distinct bloodlines. And it’s fine for blacks, too. Here is an app called BLK – Dating for Black singles. Here is Chispa, a dating app for Hispanics. And ChinaLoveCupid, the Chinese Dating App. But if you made a dating program for white people, you’d be a bigot and the app store would ban you. Why is that?

It is true that when there are mixed marriages, the non-white partner’s traits are also diluted, but don’t forget: There are vast populations of blacks, Asians, and Hispanics where there is almost no intermarriage. Those populations are growing and are not threatened at all. Only whites are disappearing, but anyone who cares about that is a horrible person.

Whites would be much better off is we were crocodiles. Yes, crocodiles.

Scientific American worries about Saving the Endangered Cuban Crocodile. Why? Because it can interbreed with the more common American Crocodile. “The concern is that widespread hybridization might eliminate the unique Cuban crocodile through genetic swamping,” says George Amato, a conservation genomics biologist at the American Museum of Natural History. Here’s a Cuban crocodile. I don’t think it looks much different from an American Crocodile, which is what you see here.

I’m sure the Cuban Crocodile is a noble beast, and it would be a shame if it were bred out of existencebut I think the differences between the races are infinitely more valuable and worth preserving.

Naturalists want to keep the two types of crocodile apart so as to avoid “genetic swamping.” But white people? If you care about their survival, you’re a Nazi.

You probably never heard of the Kretschmarr Cave mold beetle. It’s only one eighth of an inch long, so you might have missed it, but our government is so worried about its survival that if a few of these guys show up on your land, you may not be able to cut down a tree or plow a field, much less build a house because keeping these beetles around is important! White people are the only group in the entire animal kingdom that is – disposable.

Of course, I have other reasons besides biodiversity to want white people to survive. They are my extended family, my tribe, and it is normal and healthy to want your family to prosper. Throughout history, people have gone into battle so that their nation would live. And throughout history, every people honored those who died for their nation.

But there is more to it than that. Europeans built the modern world with their Faustian spirit or exploration and inquiry. They created a unique, and I believed unmatched synthesis of music, architecture, art, literature, poetry, drama, science. Wherever they went in the world, they built societies with the same unmistakably Western way living. You can see it in what they build. Clearly, Europeans, and no one else built this building. Can you guess where they built it? In New Zealand. And you can be confident that wherever you find a building like this, you also find freedom of speech, the rule of law, representative government, mutual trust, low crime rates – well, you used to be able to count on finding those things.

Could anyone else have built Western Civilization? We can certainly say that no one else did, and I don’t believe anyone else will sustain it. We men and women of the West must cast off the mental straight jacket of believing that we are the only people who must never take deliberate steps to ensure our survival. And if we don’t, we’ll disappear. As I said before, every indicator is bad, but no one even dares even say so. Some of the beautiful things we created may live on after us. But they will be impressive but lifeless curiosities, like the pyramids of Egypt. This is the Paris Opera. I’m sure Muslims and Africans will think of something to do with the building, but it won’t be opera. They’ll think of something to do with the whole continent. But it won’t be Europe. Our disappearance would be one of history’s great tragedies – I believe it would be its greatest tragedy.