Posted on October 23, 2020

Biden or Trump? How Should We Prepare?

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, October 23, 2020

It will make a difference, but we keep fighting either way.

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We have a pretty important election coming up. Donald Trump and Joe Biden are not Tweedledee and Tweedledum. It will make a difference who is in the White House. How should racially conscious whites prepare for the results?

If Donald Trump wins, we have to keep him doing the good things he has done. He has to finish the wall, keep suing universities that discriminate against whites, keep the ban on critical race theory, and keep immigration low.

Take refugees. In 1980, we let in more than 200,000. Last year, Donald Trump let in only 20,000 — just 10 percent of the figure for 1980.

Trump has also cut legal immigration every year he has been in office.

As you can see from this table, in fiscal 2017, his first year, 559,000 foreigners came here legally. In fiscal 2020, after a cut of more than 50 percent, it was around 263,000. The Coronavirus helped, but we have to push for deeper cuts. Trump has really cut illegal immigration. The wall helped, but he pressured the Mexicans to control their side of the border and that made a huge difference.

I haven’t completely given up the idea that in a second term, Donald Trump might break the two great taboos of white consciousness. He might point out — just casually — that we can’t expect that many black physicists or gifted students because the races aren’t equal. That would unleash bedlam, and would force the country to deal with the scientific evidence. I can even imagine him asking what’s wrong with white people having their own neighborhoods or wanting to remain the majority. I don’t know what he really thinks, but no other politician will say these things.

You may not know about one of the best things Trump did this year. On May 28, he issued an Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship. This has not yet become law, but if it does, social media platforms will lose vital exemptions — Section 230 exemptions for those of you who follow this — if they censor political content. That would bring back free speech on the internet — a huge gain.

If Joe Biden is elected, all this will go in reverse. He will immediately withdraw the executive order on online censorship — which will get even worse. He will let in record numbers of refugees and legal immigrants, and there will be a tidal wave of illegal border crossings. Without Trump pressure, Mexico will stop controlling the border, so we will get caravans of thousands of illegals — and Biden will let them in. And don’t forget: He has promised free medical care for illegals. That alone will bring in hospital-fuls of sick people, and you and I will pay for their dialysis and cancer treatments.

Joe Biden will immediately reinstate amnesty for people brought here illegally as children. If the Democrats win a majority in the Senate, he will have no trouble passing an amnesty for all illegals. That would mean anywhere from 12 to 20 million people on the road to — becoming Democrats. Even without a legal amnesty, Biden just won’t deport illegals.

Federal employees will go back to getting anti-white indoctrination, and universities and companies will be free to discriminate against us as much as they like. Biden will start the process that would lead to reparations for slavery. If you own an AR-style rifle or a 10-round pistol magazine, you will probably find you have become a criminal unless you hand them over. And watch out for something called Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing. That was an Obama scheme to force racial integration into the suburbs. Trump got rid it; Biden promises to bring it back.

Kamala Harris won’t be the real power. Joe Biden has been lusting for the White House his whole life, and for as long as he can put one foot in front of the other, he’ll try to run the show. But Harris? Biden? It won’t make much difference. Biden knows what he’s supposed to do.

Would there ever be another Republican president? Maybe, if there were a national calamity people blamed on Democrats. Or, the Democrat coalition of blacks, Hispanics, Asians, rich whites, and weird whites might break up. They don’t like each other, and without Trump-hatred to hold them together, the party could split.

So what do white advocates do with Biden in the White House. Certainly, if Congress goes entirely Democrat, there’s no hope for anything sensible at the national level. The federal government will be openly hostile to us, like a foreign occupation. Washington will go all-out uprooting this imaginary plague of “systemic racism:” in schools, housing, the police, courts, national parks, mortgage lending, employment. That will cost billions and, of course, won’t work. *Anything* that’s too white will have to change: classical music, bird-watching, hiking clubs, museums, libraries, chess tournaments, environmentalism, Pilates salons.

Of course, we will support Senators and Congressmen who aren’t bootlickers, but our efforts will mainly be local. As the federal government and some local authorities go steadily more insane, resistance will harden in white areas. Some of us will move to where we can build communities, and campaign in city, county, school-board elections. We will use Big Tech while we can, but you can expect it to become a wasteland of ideas, that is to say, a mouthpiece for the New York Times. We will build up the alternatives: Gab, Parler, Bitchute, Entropy. In our own lives, we will educate our children at home and build groups to share teaching responsibilities. We will get firearms while we can and learn how to use them. Second Amendment groups will soon be hated almost as must as racial dissidents; they’ll be fertile ground for recruitment, alliance-building, and finding spouses.

We must start using the S-word: Separation. It will be hard to reverse 60 years of nonsense about integration, but integration was supposed to be the end to all forms of racial solidarity. Whites kept that bargain — but no one else did. As anti-white hysteria rises, more people will be open to the idea that reconciliation is impossible, and that we must be free to go our own way. At the local level it will be possible to save our way of life. Ultimately, we must think in terms of another S-word: Secession. Only then will be free.

But remember: Even if Trump wins, it’s only a reprieve. We will have a little more time to consolidate locally — but that’s all. Unless we build white strongholds and defend them, we and our civilization will be ground down, denatured, washed away by people who cannot be us and don’t want to be us.

We have the right to be us, and only we can be us. And only we will save us.