Posted on September 18, 2020

Here Comes Joe!

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, September 18, 2020

He has big plans for you.

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There’s a chance Joe Biden will be our next president. What would he do in office? Let’s start with his website, which is called The first thing it wants from you is money, but there’s a section called Joe’s Vision, with pages and pages of promises. He is going to be a busy guy.

A lot of this is standard lefty stuff. He says “housing should be a right, not a privilege.” When he’s president, *everyone* will get a home. It will be “safe and healthy, accessible, energy efficient and resilient, located near good schools and with a reasonable commute to your job.” Sounds like a better place than the one I’ve got. Joe will spend *$640 billion* over the next 10 years on all this “accessible, energy resilient housing.”

And Joe does not like guns. He’d make it illegal to manufacture or sell “assault weapons” and high capacity magazines. If you have any already, he’ll buy them back or make you register them. He would make it illegal to buy weapons or ammo on line, and make you store weapons so securely that it will be hard to reach them when you need them. He would also pass laws to make firearms manufacturers take legal responsibility if a weapon is “misused,” whatever that means. That would probably put them out of business.

And he gave a solidly Democrat answer to this question. He is fifth from the left. [[0:00 – 0:09]] It looks like he was maybe the last to raise his hand, but that could be because he thinks slowly. If every illegal in the country can get dialysis or a heart transplant on your dime, it will be worth hopping the border just for that.

Uncle Jose wants a Smithsonian museum that’s all about Hispanics. We already have one for American Indians – obviously modeled on a teepee – and two for blacks. Why not one for Asians, too?

Mr. Biden is stumping hard for Muslim votes, and in this video claims to be an amateur theologian. [[48:55 – 49:19 “Look – basic beliefs.”]] It’s reassuring to know that Christians and Muslims have the same basic beliefs. Joe also says, “Muslim-Americans are essential to the American fabric.” We would completely unravel without them. President Biden would resume Mr. Obama’s practice of celebrating the Muslim feast of Eid al-Fitr in the White House. The tradition is for each family to slit an animal’s throat, butcher it, and eat it. Joe could do it in the rose garden.

Mr. Biden also promises to, in his words, “Combat the epidemic of violence against transgender women of color.” I didn’t realize there was an epidemic. I did find that an estimated 27 trans and gender-nonconforming people were killed last year. I don’t know how many were of “of color,” but if 27 cases makes an epidemic, we have an epidemic of hate crime hoaxes. I’m sure Mr. Biden will combat that, too.

Mr. Biden promises to set up an independent Task Force on Prosecutorial Discretion. It will be outside the U.S. Department of Justice, and will fight discrimination in decisions to arrest people or charge them with crimes. This means deciding *not* to arrest or charge certain people. I don’t like the sound of that. We’ve seen a lot of it lately, with hundreds – thousands – of people not being arrested or charged for rioting and looting.

Mr. Biden has good news for convicts. He says that as soon as they’re out of the big house, they’ll get guaranteed housing, every welfare program, and the right to vote. He will immediately reinstate DACA, which means children smuggled into the country can stay for ever, *and* he would make sure their parents can’t be deported either. All illegals would get what he calls “a roadmap to citizenship,” and he would raise refugee admissions from the current 18,000 a year to at least 125,000 a year. And he says chain migration – not admission based on skills – will be “the foundation of our immigration system.”

This is because turning the country brown is a great thing: [[ 0:44 – 0:56 “fewer than – “our strength.”]]

He’s got other big plans: [[1:42 – 1:45 “We have to root out the systemic racism”]] He’s been in public office – part of the system – for 50 years but what suddenly woke him up to systemic racism? [[“Maybe George – breaking point.” 1:49 – 1:53]]. “Murder.”

And so, when he emerged from his basement for his first in-person campaign event on June 1, this was it: [[ 0:37 – 0:44 “like many – in that photo.”]] Earlier, a reporter asked him if Donald Trump is a white supremacist. [[ 0:17 – 0:24 “whether he is or – take them on.”]]

How would President Biden deal with “white supremacists”? [[0:30 – 0:38 “I don’t convince – inappropriate.”]] Watch out, all you white supremacists. Don’t do anything inappropriate.

And, finally, one more plank in the Biden platform. He says he will “give local elected officials the tools and resources they need to combat gentrification.” Gentrification means white people moving into a dodgy neighborhood and spiffing it up with latte bars. How is Uncle Joe going to fight that? Put up signs that say “no dogs or white people allowed”? Refuse to recognize a sale or lease to a white person? The poor, bloody white man just can’t get it right, can he? When he left, that was “white flight” and it was awful. When he comes back, it’s “gentrification” and that’s awful. Uncle Joe will keep white people in their place.

There is bound to be a lot I’ve missed in the Biden platform, and I haven’t come near listening to all his public statements, but you get the idea. And I’ll leave you with another idea. If you type into your browser, you are redirected straight to Joe’s campaign page. It’s been that way for months. His people could block that traffic any time. I guess they have high hopes for the antifa vote.