Posted on August 7, 2020

What If Black Lives Really Mattered?

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, August 7, 2020

We would do the opposite of what we are doing now.

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Black lives matter. Those words have been shouted and tweeted and hashtagged by millions upon millions of people. They have been painted on streets in huge letters — as high as the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles. But do the shouters and tweeters really mean it? What they say and what they claim to want are exactly what you would hear from someone who wants as many black people shot and killed as possible. It seems to me that our rulers and the media are so consumed by hatred for “racism,” that they are deliberately blind to the realities of police work, guns, and black crime rates.

It’s not as though people haven’t noticed a lot more dead people these days, but they refuse to notice anything else. Not even the fact that almost all these extra dead people are black.

Here’s a typically idiotic news story from this week: “Kids Getting Caught in Crossfire as US Gun Violence Surges.” This long, Associated Press article starts with nine-year-old Janari Ricks, shot dead in Chicago, while he played with friends. Janari is the 38th child to be shot to death in Chicago this year, and homicides — 440 by the end of July — are up 52 percent over the year before. July was an especially brisk month; killings were up 140 percent of over last July. The AP reports that murder is up in lots of places so far this year: 31 percent in New York City, 34 percent in Philadelphia, 40 percent in Boston, 36 percent in Atlanta.

The AP thinks this is awful, of course, but the only reason it can think of for all this mayhem – the only reason — is that gang members must have decided — for some unfathomable reason — to do be more reckless about who they shoot. Not one word about riots, hatred for the police, what the police might think of all that hatred, and, of course, not one word about race.

Janari Ricks was one of those people whose lives are supposed to matter. And — good news — his killer has been arrested. He wasn’t a rogue cop, he wasn’t a white supremacist, he was Darrel Johnson, someone else whose life is supposed to matter. In Janari’s case, witnesses and family cooperated with the police — and that’s something so unusual it was mentioned in news stores. Blacks often don’t talk to the police when a black person kills someone whose life is supposed to matter.

Blacks are overwhelmingly both the killers and the killed in this surge of murders. And the reason for the surge is obvious – at least to anyone not determined to be as ignorant as the Associate Press. It goes back to the Ferguson riots of 2014. You will recall that a 200-pound black man named Michael Brown got high on marijuana, committed a strong-arm robbery, and was stopped by white police officer, Darren Wilson. Brown grabbed Mr. Wilson’s pistol and nearly wrenched it out of his hand. After a brief chase, he charged back at the officer, who shot him dead. Blacks spread the word that Brown had his hands up and was meekly trying to surrender but was killed in cold blood. That started the slogan, “hands up, don’t shoot.” A US Department of Justice investigation under Eric Holder later determined that this was hogwash, but blacks didn’t wait for the investigation; they rioted, looted and burned.

To this day, people believe the “hands up, don’t shoot” fairy tale. Look at all these white people *singing* it during a demonstration *five years later* — for George Floyd.

Officer Darren Wilson did nothing wrong but his career was ruined.

What do you think police do when an officer’s life is ruined for doing his job? They pull back. They stay away from blacks, as much as possible. And crime goes up. It certainly did in the area around Ferguson, and St. Louis police chief Sam Dotson called this “the Ferguson Effect.” The same thing happened in Baltimore in 2015. Petty criminal Freddie Gray died in police custody. Blacks immediately rioted, and six police officers were indicted to appease them. Every one was found not guilty of wrongdoing, but their lives were ruined. The police don’t want to be tomorrow’s headlines so, of course, they took a hands-off attitude. And crime took off in Baltimore.

University of Utah criminologist Paul Cassell found another example in a paper called, “What Caused the 2016 Chicago Homicide Spike? An empirical examination of the ‘ACLU Effect’ and the role of Stop and Frisks in preventing Gun Violence.” He found that in 2016, there was a remarkable 66 percent increase in fatal shootings in Chicago compared the year before. 66 percent! What had changed? The ACLU had sued the Chicago PD over stop-and-frisk, and at the end of 2015, the department cut street stops of suspects by 80 percent. You see, the police had been stopping a lot of blacks and that was “racist.” It was also effective, so when the police stopped, there were a lot more dead black people.

The Associated Press may not have noticed, but ever since the death of George Floyd on May 25, there has been terrible rioting, arson, and looting, along with hysteria about alleged police racism. Everywhere, you see ACAB, which stands for All Cops are Bastards. You also see “No good cops in a racist system.” And, of course, the craziest slogan of all, “Abolish the police.” I don’t think there has ever been a time when more people were determined to hate the people who protect them. Once again, black people — and this time, a lot of white people, too — aren’t willing to wait for an investigation of what happened to George Floyd. The more body-cam footage that comes out, the clearer it becomes that the Minneapolis offices followed procedure. They may have made some mistakes, but the idea that this was a “racist murder” is preposterous.

And so now, we have what Heather Mac Donald of the American Enterprise Institute calls the “Minneapolis Effect.” It’s a lot worse than the “Ferguson Effect.” She notes that in the weeks following Floyd’s death on Memorial Day, for example, homicides rose 100% in Minneapolis, 200% in Seattle, 240% in Atlanta and 182% in Chicago. Virtually all of the additional murder victims are black.

Police saw the kind of hatred they got for active, aggressive policing and pulled way back. At the same time, they were busy trying to control rioters and keep the peace. And the Associated Press thinks the problem is that gangs have mysteriously started doing more shooting?

There actually is a “woke,” blame-the-police explanation for rising murder rates. You see, now that the police have been unmasked as racists, blacks have lost faith in them and have stopped calling 911. Are we really supposed to believe that black criminals, who so often shoot each other at the slightest provocation and who refuse to cooperate with the police even when they’re victims, suddenly decided to stop calling 911?

Heather Mac Donald of AEI has tried to calculate the death toll that followed the anti-police backlash from the Ferguson shooting in 2014. She says that “by early 2015, the resulting spike in shootings and homicides had become patent and would lead to an additional 2,000 black homicide victims in 2015 and 2016, compared with 2014 numbers.” That’s 1,000 more dead black people each year. And the Minneapolis effect is likely to be much worse.

So, what would the country do if black lives really mattered? First, the media would widely publicize the statistics that show police are not persecuting blacks. I have done a whole video on this that you can find on Bitchute called “Police Racism: A manufactured Crisis.” Blacks have a lot of unpleasant experiences with the police because they commit a lot of crime. And you can’t expect every one of 800,000 police officers in this country to do a very dangerous job perfectly every day. Police racism is not the problem; it’s an excuse.

Second. Blacks have to stop resisting arrest and fighting the police. The black martyrs we are supposed to be grieving for – Michael Brown, George Floyd, Philando Castille, Eric Garner – all committed a crime and then resisted arrest. If they had followed lawful police commands, they’d be alive.

We hear that all black parents give their children “the talk.” They tell them vicious white policemen are looking for any excuse to shoot them, so they better be extra good. Really? From the way blacks behave around police you’d think their parents told them, “Insult the pigs and fight them every chance you get.”

Third, if blacks really think black lives matter, they have to cooperate with the police. The snitches get stiches mentality makes it much harder to catch murderers. Telling blacks over and over that all cops are bastards sure doesn’t help.

Fourth. Stop insulting and persecuting the police. Do you think anyone with brains or ability wants to become a cop these days? Veterans are getting out, and police departments have to beg people — often borderline incompetents — to apply for jobs.

Fifth. Don’t defund the police. Unless you really want more dead black people. The research is clear: active policing gets illegal guns off the street and puts killers in jail. But now it’s the fashion to say we can fire thousands of police officers and train civilians in de-escalation techniques who will go into “the community” and stop violence before it even begins. If black lives really matter, we need more police, better paid, better trained, with stiffer qualifications.

Sixth. Recognize that black crime is not caused by systemic racism or the legacy of slavery or white privilege. Black crime is committed by black people. It’s not going to be stopped by white people shouting slogans only a moron could believe. I don’t claim to have the solution there may not be one — but I can tell you one thing: You can’t solve a problem by blaming the wrong people.

Is anything I recommend going to happen? No chance. The lunacy is too deeply entrenched. The black cadavers are going to keep piling up. White cadavers, too. And I will take no pleasure in saying, “I told you so.”