Posted on June 13, 2024

UK: Labour Party Runs Anti-White “Wakanda Diaspora” Candidate Against Nigel Farage in 96% White Constituency

Jack Hadfield, The Publica, June 13, 2024

The Labour Party candidate for Clacton, who is standing against Reform Party leader Nigel Farage, once described white man tears as his “favourite drink.”

Jovan Owusu-Nepaul was selected as the Labour candidate for Clacton in April this year, just under a month before the general election was announced. {snip}


However, his previous postings on a now-deleted Twitter account show a very different side of the candidate. {snip}

Maliha Reza, another London-based Labour campaigner, and contributor to the Huffington Post, tweeted in December 2019 that “going into 2020, [she was] going to continue being vocal about how to tackle racism and about the fact [she drinks] white man tears on a regular basis.” Replying to Reza, Owusu-Nepaul said that it was his “favourite drink.”

Further examination of Owusu-Nepaul’s deleted Twitter account shows him complaining about a lack of focus on non-white philosophers in his politics degree, describing himself as “anti-fascist,” claiming that Twitter was “exhausting for non white people,” and identifying himself as being part of the “Wakanda diaspora.”

Clacton is one of the “whitest” constituencies in the UK. Over 96% of the local population is white, which is 15 points higher than the average nationwide. {snip}