Posted on June 6, 2024

School Administrator Equates Teen Saying ‘Illegal Alien’ to the ‘N-Word’ in Newly Released Audio

Lindsay Kornick, Fox News, June 5, 2024

New audio and screenshots from administrators and school board members responsible for suspending 16-year-old student Christian McGhee for using the term “illegal alien” was released on Monday.

The Liberty Justice Center filed a preliminary injunction Tuesday requesting that a three-day suspension be expunged from McGhee’s record as its lawsuit continued. McGhee and his family are currently suing the Davidson County School Board over what they consider a harsh punishment for an innocent question.

The injunction included new evidence, including audio recordings of an administrator explaining the rationale behind the three-day suspension as being otherwise “unfair” to students who served the suspension “for saying the n-word.”

“He swears to me he wasn’t trying to be intentionally rude by asking that, so I talked to him about asking that question by saying ‘illegal alien’ verses ‘those people that need a green card.’ There’s respectful ways of asking that question and there are very disrespectful ways of asking that question,” the administrator said.

He added, “I agree that three days out of school is harsh, but it’s a line we drew in August and even though it hurt to give him that because I didn’t want to go there…but we decided that in August. And if I don’t give him that, then I’m being unfair to the 15 other kids that have served that up until now for saying the n-word or anything else under the sun that’s racially charged that creates a disruption in the classroom.”

In April, Christian McGhee was suspended for three days after asking a teacher whether her reference to the word “aliens” referred to “space aliens, or illegal aliens who need green cards.” After a student allegedly threatened to “kick his a–” for using the term, Christian was referred to the assistant principal who concluded it was a “racially motivated comment which disrupts class.”