Posted on June 11, 2024

John Leguizamo Uses Full-Page New York Times Ad to Urge Emmy Voters to Make Non-White Choices

Stephanie Kaloi, The Wrap, June 9, 2024

The Sunday New York Times include a full-page ad from actor John Leguizamo. He used the space to present an open letter aimed at Ammy voters, asking them to choose and promote Emmy candidates of color. Leguizamo shared the letter in a tweet and wrote, “America is better when it is inclusive. It is more profitable. It is more creative! Let’s not give up. I’m still woke! Are you?”

Leguizamo’s tweet began, “I know everyone is exhausted about inclusion, but not us who are not included. So that’s why I took this ad out in the NYTimes. White peoples are only 58.9% of the population, but overrepresented in top positions across the board. They are the decisionmakers in tech, banking, corporations, medicine and streamers and Hollywood!”

In a second tweet, Leguizamo tagged politicians including Sen. Cory Booker and Rep. Rashida Jones, writing, “I had to speak out! And I will continue to until we have parity!”

“Please let this be the year we finally embrace change,” Leguizamo’s actual letter began. “The year we truly find Equity, and see artists of color represented across not just one category, but ALL categories.”