Posted on May 16, 2024

Mass Brawl Took Place in the Only ‘Weapon Ban’ Zone in Entire German State of Saxony

John Cody, Remix, May 15, 2024

A new shocking video from the German city of Leipzig shows foreign groups battling each other, including with machetes, in broad daylight on Sunday in a notorious crime zone — one that has the only “weapon ban” zone in the state of Saxony.

In one part of the video, one of the suspects can be seen hitting another man with a machete blade, with one police investigator saying that the use of machetes is becoming increasingly common.

Two men, both aged 26, were injured in the mass brawl, with one of them requiring hospitalization.

It is unclear what sparked the incident, but the brawl took place in a crime hot spot, on Eisenbahnstraße. The area is known for battles between drug trafficking gangs and its large population of Kurds, who own the majority of shops in the area.

Police are reviewing the video footage and searching for suspects in the crime.

One witness, a Kurd living in the area, told Bild newspaper that the fight was between “family.”

“They’re all a family,” he said. “Two young adults had an argument and that was it. The families have already sorted things out and come to terms with each other.”

The use of machetes is also becoming more common, with a police investigator specializing in migrant clans telling Bild:

“Particularly large knives and especially machetes, sometimes also kebab knives, are used in the clashes because they are frightening and represent a demonstration of power. However, there is a very high risk of potentially severing body parts if you strike with the sharp side.

That is why we are observing the trend that machetes continue to be used, but only strike with the blunt side. Or the machetes are sometimes only dragged across the ground to threaten, the resulting loud clanging noise is intended to intimidate the opponent.”

Notably, the attack occurred in what was the first and so far only “weapon ban” zone in the German state of Saxony. The area of Eisenbahnstraße has had this special ban on weapons since November 2018, with the whole area as large as approximately 70 football fields. In this zone, no weapons are allowed, including pocket knives, and police are allowed to conduct searches without any reasonable suspicion.

Despite the violence in the area, authorities are planning to lift the “weapon ban” designation once a police station is built in the area, but so, far the Ministry of the Interior has been unable to find a suitable property.

As Remix News previously reported, violent crime has hit record highs in Germany, while at the same time, the share of foreigners committing these serious offenses has also hit a record high, jumping to 41 percent of all offenses despite making up a tiny share of the population.