Posted on January 24, 2024

Poll: Biden’s Migration Is Number One Issue in U.S. Politics

Neil Munro, Breitbart, January 23, 2024

President Joe Biden’s easy migration policies are the top issue in U.S. politics, according to a January 17-18 poll for Harvard University.

“Immigration is now seen as the top issue facing the nation, up +7 [points] and ahead of inflation,” according to a summary of the poll of 2,346 registered voters. The poll was conducted by The Harris Poll and HarrisX.

The poll also reported that 57 percent of the voters said, “I miss Donald Trump’s policies on the economy, immigration, and crime.”


Many polls show that Biden’s reelection plans are threatened by his deputies’ eagerness to welcome millions of poor workers, taxpayer-aided consumers, and apartment-sharing renters.

For example, a new poll of 807 registered New York voters by Siena College Research Institute shows that Bden has only 44 percent approval in the state, partly because 61 percent believe that his migrant inflow is a “very serious” problem for the state.

The 61 percent includes 74 percent of Catholics, 67 percent of Jews, and 61 percent of Protestants. It also includes 38 percent of liberals, 63 percent of “moderates,” and 65 percent of Latino respondents.

In supposedly pro-migration California, 65 percent of likely voters say the nation’s borders are not secure, according to a Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies. GS poll, of 8,199 registered voters.

Sixty-four percent of the respondents who said they have no party preference say the borders are not secure, according to the poll, which was conducted January 4-8. The pollsters noted:

Four in ten [California] registered voters (42%) think that the unauthorized immigrants coming across the border are a major burden to the nation. Another 30% view them as a minor burden, while just 22% do not see them as such. Among likely voters 49% consider unauthorized immigrants a major burden.