Posted on January 12, 2024

Germany: Knife Crime Reaches 10-Year High in Berlin as Immigration Soars

John Cody, Remix, January 11, 2024

The German capital Berlin, often held up as a multicultural oasis, saw knife crime reach a record 10-year high in 2023 in tandem with a nationwide increase in immigration. Overall, violent crime hit a 10-year-high as well in 2023, according to Berlin police data obtained before its official publication in the spring.

“Unfortunately, we will once again reach a 10-year high,” a police spokesperson told dpa.

Knives are a popular weapon of choice in Berlin, where they are mainly used in assaults and robberies. The police recorded a total of 3,550 knife crimes. That means in Berlin alone, there were nearly 10 knife crimes a day. As Remix News has reported in the past, there were approximately 50 knife crimes in Germany on a daily basis as of 2020; however, as the statistics in Berlin show, this number may have already risen.

Although the latest statistics are not broken down according to immigration status, previous crime data from Berlin shows a vast overrepresentation of foreigners in knife attacks, violent crimes, rape, and murder. In 2017, Berliner Morgenpost reported that nearly half of all crime suspects in Berlin were foreigners, a number highly disproportionate to their share of the population. As of 2019, half of all prisoners in Berlin were now foreigners. Meanwhile, Berlin’s immigrant population continues to soar higher, reaching a record high in 2023.

The crime data comes at a time when the left-liberal government is attempting to lobby for an increase in immigration, arguing that it makes society more “diverse” and improves German citizens’ standard of living. However, exploding social welfare costs for immigrantschaos in the German school system, and a stunning increase in violence and rape have led to a strong majority of the German public now telling pollsters that migrants bring more problems than benefits. The same polling shows that Germans want an end to mass immigration.

Violence in the Berlin school system

The police data from Berlin also underlines a worrying trend in the German school system, which includes more violence, with a police spokesperson stating the data shows an increase in violent crimes in schools in particular, with a 10 percent increase compared to 2022.

As Remix News has previously reported, as the German school system becomes more diverse, it has caused serious problems for both teachers and the student body, with German PISA test scores crashing. As educators describe, the increase in diversity has led in many cases to open conflicts between students and more violence directed at teachers and administrators.

Tremendous increase in crimes in refugee shelters

The police also note that violence has risen a whopping 50 percent in refugee shelters, while the number of migrants in these shelters has jumped 21 percent. Berlin has struggled to accommodate an influx of refugees and migrants this year; it is estimated to spend a minimum of €1.5 million a day accommodating migrants in just 12 different buildings, with the total coming to nearly half a billion every year.