Posted on January 12, 2024

German Chancellor Threatens Those Who Want to Deport Migrants With Political Police Investigation

Associated Press, January 11, 2024

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Thursday sharply condemned alleged plans by members of far-right groups who supposedly met recently at a mansion outside Berlin to devise a plot to deport millions of immigrants, even those with German citizenship, if the groups take power.


Scholz said Germany will not allow anyone living in the country to be judged based on whether they have foreign roots or not.

“We protect everyone – regardless of origin, skin color or how uncomfortable someone is for fanatics with assimilation fantasies,” the chancellor wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

“Anyone who opposes our free democratic order” is a case for Germany’s domestic intelligence office and the judiciary, he said, adding that learning the lessons from Germany’s history should not just have been lip service.


According to the report by Correctiv, members of the far-right Alternative for Germany party, or AfD, and the extremist Identarian Movement participated in the meeting in November.

At the meeting, a prominent member of the Identitarian Movement, Austrian citizen Martin Sellner, presented his “remigration” vision for the deportation of immigrants, he confirmed to the German press agency dpa.