Posted on January 17, 2024

CBS News Analysis: Most Republicans Agree with “Poisoning the Blood” Language

Kabir Khanna, CBS, January 14, 2024

As Donald Trump dominates the GOP nomination race and some of his inflammatory comments find favor with the party faithful, CBS News measured how the public feels about his “poisoning the blood” language. A striking number of voters agree with this description of immigrants who enter the U.S. illegally, and among Republicans, associating the remarks with Trump himself makes them even likelier to agree.

We asked registered voters whether they agreed or disagreed with this statement in two ways. Half of survey respondents were simply asked about “poisoning the blood” without attributing the language to anyone, while the other half were told Trump said it. {snip}


MAGA and Trump voters are also likelier than other Republicans to agree at baseline — without any attribution. The takeaway is that the right wing of the party is inclined to agree to begin with, and that Trump making such statements likely increases their acceptance.