Posted on December 26, 2023

November Migrant Encounters on US-Mexico Border Breaks Record

Selim Algar, New York Post, December 22, 2023

Nearly a quarter million migrants tried to cross America’s besieged Southern border in November — the highest November number and the third-highest monthly total on record.

There were 242,418 encounters last month, according to the latest figures released by the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Friday. It was

November’s tally has only been eclipsed twice before — in September when 269,735 migrants were encountered and in December 2022 when 252,315 migrants were encountered.

The startling figures were dumped just days before Christmas, prompting House Homeland Security Chair Mark Green (R-TN) to declare that the Biden administration “wants as few Americans to see them as possible.”


A fresh migrant surge could occur in the coming months as border crossers hustle to reach the US before a new Texas law is set to take effect in March.

Signed by Gov. Greg Abbott Monday, that legislation gives law enforcement officers in the state the power to arrest anyone suspected of entering the country illegally.


In the 2023 fiscal year, more encounters were recorded on the southern border than year than any other since the government began collecting those records in 1960 — with an estimated total of 2.4 million.

The ongoing stampede is toppling prior highs on an almost daily basis, as dazed border agents try in vain to stem the influx in places like Eagle Pass, Texas.

Officials said there were 12,600 encounters at the southern border on Monday alone — a new daily record.