Posted on November 8, 2023

After Migrant Parent Pressure, Anne Frank Daycare Center to Be Renamed

Zvika Klein, Jerusalem Post, November 6, 2023

Parents in Saxony-Anhalt German State promoted the decision to rename the “Anne Frank” daycare center in Tangerhütte, a small town in the state, according to reports in German media.

The move was driven by parents who found it difficult to explain Frank’s significance to their children. According to Apollo News, a German news site, in a small town in Saxony-Anhalt, a daycare center has become the center of a local scandal.

The “Anne Frank” daycare center in Tangerhütte, which has been operating for generations, is set to undergo a name change. The decision to rename the daycare center, named after the most famous Jewish girl, has sparked controversy.

The idea of changing of name of Frank, who tragically died in a concentration camp at the age of 15, has come from migrant parents, according to the daycare center’s director. “It is reported that parents with migrant backgrounds feel uncertain about the name and find it challenging to explain to their children,” the report said.

However, the Miteinander eV organization, promoting an open society, disagreed with this decision. They argued that there are effective and age-appropriate educational concepts for teaching children and young people about Frank’s life and the historical significance it holds. They emphasized that “renaming the daycare center sends the wrong signal, especially in a time marked by increasing antisemitism.” They said they believed that now, more than ever, there is a need for sensitivity to the impact of symbolic renaming.

Officials are set on name change

City officials, on the other hand, remained steadfast in their decision to change the name. According to the report, the renaming is part of a broader concept that aims to celebrate the diversity of the children attending the daycare center, according to Andreas Brohm, the city’s mayor.

The BILD newspaper added “Ultimately, the parents and employees wanted a name that was more ‘child-friendly’ and ‘better suited to their concept.’ Their needs are more important than the global political situation.”

The daycare center has been called Anne Frank since 1970. “Now parents want to rename it to ‘World Explorers’,” BILD said.

According to the report,  Frank no longer aligned with the “new focus on diversity.” Brohm stated that the desires of many parents to rename the daycare center held more weight than the global political situation.