Posted on October 6, 2023

Tuberville Says ‘We’ve Lost’ Europe to ‘Immigration’

David Badash, AlterNet, October 5, 2023

U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) says European countries have been “lost” to “immigration” as he praised Christian nationalist authoritarian Viktor Orbán of Hungary. {snip}


“Europe has been overrun by immigration,” Tuberville said on Newsmax Wednesday evening (video below), which he claimed is “noticeable now to everybody across the world.”

“We’ve lost UK, France, Italy, Sweden – they have bombings every day, and it used to be a quiet little country,” Tuberville continued. “But they’ve allowed all these people to come in, and don’t they don’t assimilate. They don’t want to go with our culture. They don’t want to go by anything that they do in terms of their values, they don’t go by the laws.”

“But they’re globalists and that’s what we’ve got here in the Biden administration, they’re all globalists. They want to have no borders. They want everybody to come and be part of what we have. And that’s not what we’re about.”

“And again, you’ve heard the prime minister or president from Hungary,” he said, appearing to refer to Christian nationalist authoritarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who Trump endorsed in 2022.

“I mean, he was exactly right. He is a guy that understands what’s going on. {snip}”