Posted on October 24, 2023

95.8 Percent of Inadmissible Aliens Using CBP One App Released Into America: Homeland Security Committee

Nathan Worcester, Epoch Times, October 23, 2023

Republicans on the House Homeland Security Committee have found that 95.8 percent of aliens who sought appointments through the government’s mobile app for immigrants in recent months were released into the country on parole with a Notice to Appear (NTA).

That’s more than 266,000 otherwise inadmissible individuals out of more than 278,000 who scheduled appointments, according to documents the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) provided the committee covering the period Jan. 12 through Sept. 30 of 2023.

“These numbers are proof that [DHS Sec. Alejandro] Mayorkas’ operation is a smokescreen for the mass release of individuals into this country who would otherwise have zero claim to be admitted,” said committee chair Rep. Mark Green, M.D. (R-Tenn.) in a statement on the release of the Customs and Border Protection One (CBP One) app statistics.

Chair Green received the documents from which those statistics were obtained after he threatened to subpoena Sec. Mayorkas if they were not produced by Oct. 20. His committee set that deadline on Oct. 13, months after an initial deadline for document production lapsed.


The committee statement claims the first documents responsive to their request arrived “just minutes” before that deadline, the end of the business day on a Friday.


The committee is worried in part about the abuse of the app by drug cartels.


The committee majority’s analysis found that 97 percent of Venezuelan nationals who used the app received parole and were permitted to enter the country. Those parole grantees numbered 55,690 during the months in question.

Parole release was granted to 98 percent of Belarusian nationals, 94 percent of Russian nationals, 96 percent of Hondurans, 94 percent of Guatemalans, 93 percent of Afghan nationals, 93 percent of Mexican nationals, 88 percent of Chinese nationals, 88 percent of Iranian nationals, and 82 percent of Uzbek nationals.

Other app users who were released came from as far afield as Yemen, Pakistan, Iraq, and Egypt.