Posted on August 31, 2023

Terrifying Moment Young Boy Is Attacked by Huge Swarm of Bullies at California Mall

Kamal Sultan, Daily Mail, August 30, 2023

This is the terrifying moment a young boy was attacked by a huge swarm of bullies at a mall in California before a Good Samaritan jumped in and saved him.

There was a large brawl at Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance on Sunday night and Antonio Munoz was being targeted by the gang.

The incident was caught on video and the group of teenagers are seen chasing the victim through the mall before knocking him to the ground and pummeling him.

Maurice Hardy witnessed the attack and decided to intervene, pushing the teens off and shouting at them to leave the young boy alone.

The fight was part of a disturbance at the mall by the group and it led to a large police presence. There were also reports of gunshots being fired earlier in the day.

Footage of the fight shows the swarm of teenagers chasing Munoz before one person grabs him by his hoodie and drags him to the floor.

The gang then surrounds the young boy and start punching and kicking him while he is on the floor.

‘They pulled my sweater, dropped me to the ground and they just started kicking me in the leg and everywhere they could,’ Munoz told Fox11.

Hardy then decides to jump into the crowd and pushes the group away while shouting at them to leave the area.

‘As I was running up, I just saw a crowd,’ he told local television station KTLA.

‘I didn’t know how many kids. I just jumped right in and started pushing them away.

‘I’ve got two little brothers and if I see something like that happening, I would want somebody to help them.

‘So I thought, “I got to help them.” I don’t like bullies. I don’t like stuff like that.”’

He led the boy away to safety but he does not feel he did anything special and hopes others would make a similar choice.

‘I don’t feel like I’m a hero. It just feels like something I would do,’ he added.

‘It’s always been my instinct to protect. So I just jumped in and worked.’

But Munoz told Hardy he was a ‘true hero’ and said: ‘I’m glad you were there.’

The teenager was bleeding from his nose and his eyes were filled with tears following the incident.

He revealed he was there to watch a movie with his brother when the large brawl broke out.

‘There were a lot of people jumping other people and me and my brother saw that so we were going to get out of there and then they started on my brother and they hit him,’ Munoz added.

Brynner Cardona was at the mall separately and was also attacked.

‘They just walked up to me and asked where are you from,’ he said.

‘Then they were saying stuff about my backpack and were like “that’s a nice backpack” and after that I just saw a whole bunch of fists hitting me.

A clip of the incident went viral on social media and Hardy has revealed he has been offered free jiujitsu training by a local school. has contacted the Torrance Police Department for comment.