Posted on June 14, 2023

Mark Cuban Says ‘Embracing Diversity’ Is ‘Good Business’

Dylan Gwinn, Breitbart, June 12, 2023

Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban says that corporations who embrace the woke ideology are engaging in “good business.” Cuban further emphasized the point by saying, “Call me woke.”

In an address given to business and political leaders at Michigan’s Mackinac Island, Cuban characterized the politicization of corporate America as an embrace of diversity.

“Call me woke—you don’t need to call it DEI, you can call it whatever you want—I call it good business,” Cuban said in a talk to political and business leaders on Michigan’s Mackinac Island. “It means taking the people that you’re selling to and making sure your workforce looks like them, and making sure you can reflect their values and being able to connect to that. That’s what works for me.”

Cuban says he believes that consumer outrage will be short-lived and most customers will return to the brands they’ve traditionally patronized.

“Your constituents wake up in the morning… They don’t think about Bud Light, they don’t think about Target. They don’t think about any of the sh*t on the other side, either,” Cuban explained. “They think about how they’re going to live their lives or what’s gonna get them satisfaction.”