Posted on May 17, 2023

US Army Soldier Opens Gate to Let Huge Horde of Migrants Onto Private Texas Property

Hope Sloop, Daily Mail, May 16, 2023

Security footage taken along the US-Mexico border in Texas showed a US soldier opening a gate to let migrants in just days after Joe Biden let Title 42 expire.

The video, shared by FOX LA’s Bill Melugin, showed a large group crossing from the Mexico side of the border into the U.S. as a large white bus appeared to wait for them.

The one-minute clip showed the female Army officer standing by as the horde shuffled onto private property Monday morning.

She’s said to have done so at the direction of the federal government.

The video comes just hours after Biden cheered a drop in border crossings since the end of Title 42 with a swipe at the media.

When asked by reporters about how he believes things were proceeding after Title 42 expired, Biden responded: ‘Much better than you all expected,’ with a chuckle.

When asked by reporters about how he believes things were proceeding after Title 42 expired, Biden responded: ‘Much better than you all expected,’ with a chuckle

According to Melugin, the Texas National Guard confirmed the female seen opening the gate in the video was not a Texas soldier or a Texas National Guard member.

‘I’m told she is a Title 10 soldier from the Missouri ARNG under orders from the federal gov & working w/ BP,’ the FOX reporter wrote.

The video posted online sparked outrage among Twitter users who blasted her actions.

‘I’m not against immigration, our country was built on it, it’s our strength, but I’m not for an out of control invasion of immigrants to serve the nefarious purposes of an illegitimate government,’ one user wrote.

‘Thank God there’s a camera there so we can watch them all come through in a nice orderly fashion,’ another retorted.

‘It’s harder to get into most secure office buildings,’ one added. ‘Ridiculous.’

Since Biden allowed the pandemic-era policy to expire, crossings have been down roughly 50 percent.

Experts say the drop could be represented by migrants and smugglers who prey on their status as they assess the new regulatory regime.

The number of crossings is expected to rise again, some have indicated.

Title 42 allowed the U.S. to deny asylum to migrants who were seeking asylum.

Talking with reporters Monday, Biden said his administration has more work to do as migrants are filling processing centers to capacity.

‘They have gone down my hope is that they’ll continue to go down, and we have a lot more work to do,’ Biden said while biking near his Rehoboth, Delaware beach house.

Many of the migrants are being released onto the streets with immigration court date appearances set far in the future.

One Venezuelan told the Washington Examiner he faces an Oregon court date a year away – and his mother ‘was told to wait 10 years before she can see a judge.’

A 39-year-old Venezuelan man was told to appear in court on March 11, 2027.

‘And we need some more help from the Congress as well in terms of funding and legislative changes,’ Biden said.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas appeared on ABC’s ‘This Week’ to push the message that the Biden administration had succeeded in advertising that the nation’s borders were not open. was at the border in Yuma, Arizona, on Thursday night when hundreds of people raced to cross into the U.S. before Title 42 ended.

But, the following morning, the place was all but deserted. Experts said they believed migrants and people smuggling gangs were trying to get to grips with a new set of immigration policies.

Mayorkas admitted it was still too early to say that numbers had peaked, but he said Washington’s message was getting through.

‘We have communicated very clearly a vitally important message to the individuals who are thinking of arriving at our southern border: There is a lawful, safe and orderly way to arrive in the United States,’ he said.