Posted on May 10, 2023

California Reparations Committee Calls for Mandatory ‘Anti-Bias’ Training to Graduate Medical School

Aaron Kliegman, Fox News, May 9, 2023

California’s reparations task force is calling on the state legislature to mandate “anti-bias training” and an assessment based on that training as graduate requirements for medical school across the Golden State.

The task force, which was created by state legislation signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom in 2020, formally approved over the weekend its final recommendations to the California Legislature, which will then decide whether to implement the measures and send them to the governor’s desk to be signed into law.

Much of the public’s attention has been focused on the price tag of the proposed reparations: up to $1.2 million for qualifying Black Californians as initial “down payments” while they wait for the purported full amount of money loss due to slavery and subsequent racism to be calculated.

Economists predicted in a preliminary estimate in March that California’s reparations plan could cost the cash-strapped state more than $800 billion. The task force said at the time that the total didn’t include compensation for property deemed to be taken unjustly or for the devaluation of Black-owned businesses.

However, several aspects of the committee’s recommendations have received little attention, including its proposals regarding health care.

One of the more striking health-related proposals is to mandate anti-bias training in order for medical professionals in California who study at state-funded programs to graduate.

“To address discrimination against African Americans in health care, the task force recommends the legislature add the completion of an evidence-based anti-bias training and an assessment based on such training to the graduation requirements of all medical schools and any other medical care provider programs in California receiving state funding and not already covered, including mental health professional programs (psychologists, Ph.D, or Psy.D), masters-level programs in psychology or therapy (for counselors, clinicians, and therapists), and programs for clinical social workers,” the committee states in its proposal.

The reparations plan also calls for similar training and testing to be “graduation requirements of all dental schools in California receiving state funding” and “requirements for licensure by the Dental Board of California for licensed dentists and registered dental assistants.”

Meanwhile, the task force is pushing another controversial measure that could face backlash in the legislature: a universal, single-payer health care system as a way to achieve health “equity” for Black residents.


It’s unclear whether the task force is recommending the legislature create a government-run health care system that would extend coverage only to California’s Black residents or to everyone in the state. {snip}


To address what the task force describes as systemic racism, the panel recommends the legislature authorize and provide ongoing funding to a “California Health Equity and Racial Justice Fund” within the California Health Department’s Office of Health Equity, which already exists.