Posted on April 19, 2023

African, Mideastern Migrants Amassing Along Border Wall in San Diego

Salvador Rivera, News Nation, April 14, 2023

About 150 migrants from countries such as Somalia, India, and Pakistan have been gathering on U.S. soil between two border barriers about a mile and a half west of the San Ysidro Port of Entry.

Noor, a migrant from Somalia, said he and fellow migrants had been there for five days, some longer.

“We have no water, no food, it’s cold, but where is the humanitarian help,” he said.

The Border Patrol says it has run out of room at its stations in the San Diego Sector and can’t take in any more migrants for processing.

That means migrants like Noor are having to wait for days at a time to get picked up.


These are the type of scenarios that some, including Pastor Albert Rivera head of the AGAPE Shelter in Tijuana, are predicting when Title 42 goes away.

“Migrants are getting anxious, especially the ones who can’t get an appointment through the CBP One app,” said Rivera. “And if the expedited asylum happens when Title 42 is done, you’re going to see even more migrants rush the border wanting to get arrested.”