Posted on March 16, 2023

High School Varsity Football Player Pictured for the First Time as It Is Revealed He’ll Be Tried as Adult for Raping LSU Sorority Girl

Emma James, Daily Mail, March 14, 2023

A second teenager accused of raping LSU sorority girl Madi Brooks was a high school Varsity Football player, can reveal.

Desmond Carter, 17, was on the Walker High School Varsity Football team roster for the 2022 season – and posted a series of photographs of himself playing online.

Desmond Carter

Desmond Carter

He is facing life in prison for the attack on Madi Brooks, 19, in East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on January 15.

Madi Brooks

Madi Brooks

Carter can be pictured for the first time after a court ruled that he would be tried as an adult for the alleged rape of the Alpha Phi sorority girl, after he and his friends gave her a ride home from the notorious Reggie’s bar.

The teenager can be seen staring at Madi in video footage, which shows her before she got out of the car and was struck by a ride-share vehicle at 3am.

He is sitting next to her in the 29-second clip, with Madi telling him to ‘get out’ of the car so she can ‘Uber on her own’.

She then says: ‘I’m sorry that I offended you that bad’, before allegedly insulting the driver of the car, Casen Carver, 18 – who played baseball at Walker High School.

Madi can be heard struggling to speak as Kaivon Washington, 18, videos himself and the inside of the car after an argument allegedly broke out.

It was recorded after Carter and Washington both allegedly raped Madi in the back of the car.

Carter has been formally charged with the first-degree rape and third-degree rape of Madi, but a grand jury chose not to indict him on one count of kidnapping.

Casen Carver, 18, and Everett Lee, 28, have both been charged with witnessing the two attacks on the drunk student.

Casen Carver, Kaivon Washington, and Everette Lee

Casen Carver, Kaivon Washington, and Everette Lee

It appears as though Washington, Carver and Carter were all members of the same congregation, Revival Temple, with the three all attending events at the Louisiana church.

Each of the suspects were all tagged in photographs at the Set Apart Conference in 2022, along with several other teenagers.

Defense attorney Ron Haley claims that the video shows that, while Madi was drunk she could consent. Prosecutors say it is a clear case of rape.

Madi was last seen drunkenly stumbling out of Reggie’s bar, which has since had its license revoked, with the group.

Other footage released by authorities shows the student running after the group of men on the night she died.

Fellow Varsity football player Washington has been charged with third-degree rape in Madi’s case – though prosecutors say they are hoping to upgrade the charges.

He has been accused of raping another young woman who claims he attacked her in October last year after targeting her at Reggie’s, the same bar the group met Madi.

The victim in the October case says she was too drunk to go home so asked if she could stay at one of Washington’s friend’s apartments.

According to his arrest affidavit, they all went back to the home together, where she and the friend started having sex in front of Washington.

The friend allegedly became more ‘aggressive’, pinning her down and ignoring her as she pleaded with him to ‘stop’.

Washington was watching but then approached and felt the victim’s breast and vagina, the affidavit claims.

The alleged incident is the third accusation of rape to have been made against Washington.

In addition to Brooks, he is accused of raping a 12-year-old girl in 2020 after following her home from a pool party when he was 15.

The Walker High School Varsity Football player has been charged with first-degree rape in that case, with prosecutors vowing to upgrade the charges in relation to Madi.

Lawyers for Washington previously submitted video footage to the court in an attempt to prove that the drunk sorority girl was able to consent to the acts – but a judge felt it showed ‘criminality’.

A legal expert told that the judge’s ‘inappropriate’ comments could ‘taint the public opinion’ of the defendants.

Washington can reportedly be heard in the footage laughing at Madi as she slurs her words after the alleged anal rape.

He remains in custody in Livingston Parish Jail, just a day after he was released on a $150,000 bond in relation to Madi.

Louisiana’s first-degree rape statute carries a mandatory life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Madi died after being hit by a ride-share car at 3am on January 15, when she was dropped off by the four men.

Two Good Samaritans reportedly stopped to perform CPR on the sophomore LSU student after the collision.

East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner’s Office says they were guided by first responders on the phone in the pouring rain after Madi was hit by the ride-share car.

They confirmed that Madi Brooks died from ‘multiple traumatic injuries’ when she was hit by a car after allegedly being raped.

No further information is being released at this time, and police have confirmed that the driver of the vehicle will not be charged as he was not impaired and contacted emergency services immediately.

A memorial has been created for the ‘amazing young woman’ who had ‘limitless potential’ by her friends on the highway where she died.

The bar where Madi worked, according to several social media posts, has also had its responsibility for the incident called into question.

Surveillance footage surrounding Reggie’s bar, where the group met, shows Madi drunk and stumbling around, according to police documents.

The Louisiana ATC has confirmed that they have suspended the license of Reggie’s following the ‘seriousness of the allegations and potential threat to public safety’.

An attorney for the bar, Kris Perrett, confirmed in a statement that they are ‘fully cooperating with authorities’.

Legal documents seen by reveal that Madi had 0.319g per cent of alcohol in her system – so high that toxicologists said she could have suffered from alcohol poisoning or loss of consciousness.

A lawyer for her family issued a statement saying: ‘She was raped. Rape is rape. It’s just a horrific, terrible situation.

‘And to the extent that those involved with the alleged rapist want to blame the victim and show up at press conferences and say things … we’re standing up for Madi. That’s not right.’