Posted on February 28, 2023

Germany Starts Importing Economic Migrants Direct from Africa

Chris Tomlinson and Jack Montgomery, Breitbart, February 25, 2023

The German government has announced a new migration scheme in Africa to recruit supposedly qualified migrants to do jobs in Germany – despite its Turkish “guest worker” programme being a historic disaster.

German Employment Minister Hubertus Heil and Development Minister Svenja Schulze, who are both members of the leftist Social Democrats (SPD), announced the programme while on a visit to Ghana, adding that similar programmes would be set up in other African countries.

“Qualified employees are a way of guaranteeing our standard of living into the future,” Minister Heil claimed according to a report by European Union-funded website InfoMigrants.


But previous experiments with using mass migration to beat supposed labour shortages have been a disaster, with hundreds of thousands of Turkish gastarbeiter (guest workers) who began to be imported from the 1960s integrating poorly, so that as of 2017 some three million Turks in German actually had a collective unemployment rate three times higher than the national average, according to Reuters.

The influx also added previously unknown cultural issues to the social mix, such as clashes between ethnic Turks and ethnic Kurds on German streets.