Posted on February 8, 2023

Black Pastor Excoriates White People in the Wake of Tyre Nichols Death: They ‘Gonna Bring You Down!’

Kristine Parks, Fox News, February 4, 2023

Two Black megachurch pastors’ racially charged sermons in response to the brutal death of Tyre Nichols made waves on social media {snip}

James D. Gailliard, Senior Pastor of Word Tabernacle in Rocky Mount, North Carolina framed his sermon on how Nichols’ death was a reminder of the importance of giving for “social justice.”


Rev. Terry K. Anderson of Lilly Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Houston Texas also delivered a sermon on January 29, in response to Nichols’ death, where he criticized both Black and White people.

“We want innocent Black men to be policed like guilty White men,” he demanded, before referring to Kyle Rittenhouse, who was acquitted by a jury in 2021, as a “guilty White man.”

If Tyre Nichols were White, “[t]he Black policemen would’ve politely asked him for his license and registration . . . and courteously set him on his way,” Anderson claimed.

Declaring it “open season on Black men” who were “being hunted down like prey,” the pastor warned about racism from Whites and Blacks.


“But you know what White people call all of us? It rhymes with ‘trigger,'” he declared {snip}

The pastor then warned his congregation to be wary of White people they work with.

“Don’t you think ‘cause you’re in that office you’re one of them. . . . Don’t you think because your name is on the desk or on the door that they’re going to treat you any differently. Any time they get a chance, they’re gonna bring you down! {snip}” he said.


Anderson also decried violent protests that often arise in the wake of these events as examples of “glaring hypocrisy” he saw within the Black community.

“The Black community theoretically would already be setting Memphis on fire, burning down only Black businesses,” if the officers who beat Nichols were White, he claimed.