Posted on December 19, 2022

Activists Paid to Call Dinner Guests Racist, Complain ‘White Women Tears’ Derail the ‘Whole Conversation’

Alexander Hall, Fox News, December 16, 2022

A “Karen” was bullied and mocked for her tears on Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil that featured two race activists whose mission it is to get White women to “acknowledge their privilege” and racism.

A woman named Ambrosia, who was featured in a viral video a few years ago for feuding with the staff at a UPS store, partially due to the store’s COVID-19 policy, was one guest.

She was dubbed a “Karen” after the video, a word the Dr. Phil show defined as “alleged obnoxious, angry, entitled, and perceived racist White woman who uses inherent privilege to get their way or police other people’s behaviors.”

Ambrosia cried while describing the incident {snip}


Dr. Phil’s other guests suggested that Ambrosia’s crying was a cynical tactic used specifically by White women to reframe the conversation.

Race activists Saira Rao and Regina Jackson founded an organization called “Race 2 Dinner,” where groups of White women host the activists at dinner to be lectured about race and be told how they may be “racist” without even knowing it. {snip}

Rao, who is Indian American, described their first dinner event as a “White woman Broadway musical, complete with crying, angry, eye rolls” and said as an aside, “We saw some crying just now,” while pointing at Ambrosia as the audience reacted.

Dr. Phil later observed, “So you commented on Ambrosia and essentially mocked her crying.”


Dr. Phil shared a clip from one of their dinners were Jackson lectured the White women around the table, “You know what I expect of White women? Not a damn thing, nothing. I expect nothing of you, because you have never given me anything. I can’t trust you.”

After a woman objected to this rhetoric, Rao barked at her, “Why are your feelings so hurt?”

Back in the studio, Rao said, “We’re not here to put White women on defense. Our whole goal is to get White women to acknowledge their privilege so you can actually start deconstructing the ways that racially informed you.”