Posted on November 23, 2022

San Francisco Considers Axing Elections Director for Being a White Man

Aaron Sibarium, Washington Free Beacon, November 22, 2022

The San Francisco Elections Commission is considering terminating its contract with its elections director John Arntz—one of the city’s most highly esteemed civil servants—citing concerns about “racial equity.” Arntz, who is white, will need to reapply next year if he wants to keep his job.

The commission voted 4-2 last week to “open a competitive search” for Arntz’s position, which he has held for two decades, rather than to renew his contract automatically, Cynthia Dai, a member of the commission, told the Washington Free Beacon. That decision, Dai said, was “driven in large part by the city’s plan for racial equity,” which requires all departments and commissions to address internal racial disparities.

“It’s hard to achieve diversity targets if senior roles never open up,” said Dai, who voted in favor of the search process. “This has nothing to do with his performance.”

The vote by the commission, whose members are appointed rather than elected, sparked pushback from elected officials, who credit Arntz with cleaning up a broken system. Before Arntz took the helm, San Francisco’s chief attorney David Chiu (D.) told Mission Local, a San Francisco-based newspaper, the city “had five directors in as many years, ballot boxes floating in the bay, and an intense lack of confidence in city elections.”


The divide between elected officials and the elections commission is a variation on a familiar theme: From discriminatory hiring programs in corporate America to the race-based rationing of COVID drugs, progressive identity politics have advanced faster through unelected bureaucracies than through democratic channels, where the public typically vetoes overt racialism.

That’s true even in liberal bastions like California, where voters have overwhelmingly rejected affirmative action. {snip}