Posted on November 6, 2022

MSNBC Lets Go of Conspiracy Theorist Tiffany Cross

John Nolte, Breitbart, November 4, 2022

In the same glorious week election-deniers Jake Tapper and Shepard Smith were respectively demoted and left without a show, conspiracy theorist Tiffany Cross was shown the door at MSNBC.

After two years at the far-left outlet, Cross, who hosted a Saturday show called Cross Connection, had become infamous and a running joke for spreading wild-eyed conspiracy theories, most of which were based on what you might call racial paranoia.


This is from April of last year: “I think that the practice of white supremacy is still deeply woven in this country when you have the oppressed adopting the talking points of the oppressors.”

Just a few weeks ago, the Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson (accurately) accused Cross of spreading “race hate.” Here are some of the examples he cited:

“Many of us have seen the dangers. When powerful white people decide they want something, they annex it, and they’ve never had a problem replacing the people who stand in their way.”

“White replacement can strangle culture. So yes, we should all be concerned about white replacement. It is after all, a very threat to our survival here.”

“What do you say about this wing of white women who have been radicalized and are enablers to this very dangerous domestic terrorism movement that we’ve seen increase quite rapidly?”