Posted on November 16, 2022

Ann Coulter ‘84 Vetoed by Hecklers at Wednesday Event

Cullen O'Hara, Cornell Review, November 9, 2022

Hecklers blasted music, blew whistles and shouted over Ann Coulter, ultimately derailing her speech in Myron Taylor Hall this evening.


The Network of enlightened Women (NeW) hosted the event in Landis Auditorium. Anticipating mischief, seats were limited to those who had registered online and the event was packed with security officers.

In the days leading up to the event, the news of Coulter’s imminent visit provoked pushback.  Flyers circulated on campus calling for Cornell to deplatform Coulter, and the Cornell Daily Sun printed an opinion piece titled “Ann Coulter is not Welcome Here,” inviting some pushback from alumnus and former trustee, Robert Platt. {snip}


A small protest outside Cornell’s law school preceded the event. Attendees were ushered inside by security officers. {snip}

Sarah Clark, representing Leadership Institute, then introduced Coulter, who entered from the left-hand side. As she descended the stairs, an individual in the crowd began blaring circus music on a portable speaker. Security approached the individual and, after a warning, he was removed from the event.

Coulter had time for a handful of introductory remarks about the 2022 midterm election results before the hecklers began again. Two individuals on the front left side of the auditorium began making disrupting noises. When a female event organizer approached the students to give a warning, Coulter chimed in: “why is it always girls going and talking to disruptors?” The protestors were subsequently removed.

Coulter remarked that “usually it’s bush league schools where you get the protesters…You go to a place like Harvard and, you know, they’re smart, they want to challenge you, there’s questions and answers, they want to get you.”  Having spoken three times at Cornell, Coulter reflected that she has always “been able to say ‘oh, whew, my alma mater is one of the smart schools. So, if you can leave me with that impression tonight that would be really really solid.’”

Almost immediately after, another heckler stood up and began shouting “your words are violence” and “We don’t want you to speak here.” Coulter attempted to continue her remarks, but the heckler continued, “We’re not gonna listen to you, to converse with you! We don’t want your ideas here! Leave! Leave! We don’t want you here!”  As the heckler was escorted out, Coulter quipped “words aren’t violence, violence is violence.”

Several more protestors stood and began shouting down Coulter. They seemed to be employing a chain tactic, beginning just as soon as the last heckler was removed, so as to continuously speak over Coulter.  {snip}

Coulter then left the room for a few minutes as organizers brought in added security. When she returned, protestors resumed immediately. Two individuals began yelling, “No KKK! No fascist USA!” When they were rushed out, another began yelling about immigration policy.

Finally Coulter waved to the crowd and left the room, saying, “so proud of my alma mater.” The event lasted just a little more than 30 minutes, of which Coulter spoke for less than 7. {snip}