Posted on October 6, 2022

‘White Women’ Book That Calls All White Women Racist Is a Manipulative Sham

Rikki Schlott, New York Post, October 4, 2022

People have long sought forgiveness for their transgressions. In days past, they may have turned to penance, confession or even self-flagellation. Today, white women shell out $2,500 to be told how racist they are.

That’s the business model of Race2Dinner, an organization co-founded by Regina Jackson and Siara Rao in 2019. One white woman volunteers to host a dinner party at her home, and eight to 10 others join for a two-hour session with the founders — one who is black, the other Indian American — to discuss their role in perpetuating white supremacy.

Their dinners are for you if “you want to build a racial identity — a white identity — that is not based on whiteness, white supremacy or the oppression of Black, Indigenous or other people of color,” its website reads.

Seats are reserved solely for liberal white women. According to Jackson and Rao, women who voted for Trump are a lost cause. And men aren’t even worth talking to.

“We don’t even engage with white men at Race2Dinner,” Lisa Bond, the company’s self-proclaimed “resident white woman,” recently told John Stewart on his new Apple TV show. “Because, quite honestly, if white men were going to do something about racism, you had 400 years.”

Now, those who can’t afford the luxury of being scolded in person can be guilted at a discount with Jackson and Rao’s new book, “White Women: Everything You Already Know About Your Own Racism and How to Do Better,” publishing on Nov. 1 by Penguin Books (described by the authors as a “white institution”).

In it, the authors address white women directly:

“If you’re reading this, you are most likely white. Most of what’s here, you already know. You’ve known it your whole life. After all, it’s you — white people — who created white supremacy, who benefit from white supremacy, who uphold white supremacy.

“A critical component of upholding white supremacy is employing a feigned ignorance that brings you here, to these pages, asking a Black woman and a brown woman to explain to you the nuances of this script; a script you wrote, directed, and produced, and from which you’ve amassed dizzying wealth and power. A critical component of our work is radical honesty. On our part, sure, but — more crucially — on yours.


Remember when Martin Luther King dreamed that his children “will not be judged on the color of their skin but by the content of their character?”

Well, any advocacy for “colorblindness,” according to the authors, is actually a sign you’re racist, too. And it’s an “abusive misinterpretation” of King’s words that enables you “to ignore the very real harm of systemic inequalities.”

Think you’re being helpful by calling yourself an ally for racial change? Wrong. The authors define an ally as “a white person who thinks they are doing the right thing, on the right side of history.” But, they chide, “you are so wedded to your good intentions that you are unable to see how your actions are harmful even when we tell you that they are. To your face. Repeatedly.”

Think having a non-white spouse or biracial children means you can’t be a white supremacist? False! “Reality: You can’t f–k your way out of racism.”

Think you’re not a racist? Also wrong. Jackson and Rao say the claim “I am not racist” is “a statement made by white people that we hear as ‘I am very racist.’”


The bottom line here: liberal white women can’t win. No matter what you do, you’re irredeemably racist and part of the problem as a consequence of your skin color.